Our Trip to Italy Vlog (Video Blog!)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  In case you missed my previous blogs or any of my social media posts in the month of June – Grant and I spent 2 weeks in Europe.  1 week in Italy and another in Paris!  I’ve promised to put vacation content together and to share with y’all on this blog!

There is SO MUCH to sort through picture and video wise!  We were total tourists!  So I’m going to split them until into a series of 4 blogs.  This blog is our Italy Trip Video, the next blog will be an overview of our Italy Trip in Pictures where I will be sharing all of my outfit details, the 3rd will be our Paris Trip Video, and then I will round out with our Paris Trip in Pictures where again I’ll share all of my outfit details!  Blogging and creating content takes a lot more time than it does to consume/watch/or read it all.  Since blogging is only a side business for me, I’ll say thanks in advance for your patience with me.  I know you would’ve loved to have all the content together in one blog, but I’m at a place in my life where accomplishing a little at a time is still good enough!  No need in stressing myself out with an overload!  Being gone from the PowHer.fit community for 2 weeks, rolling out a new software system and a new fitness program within the app as well as wrapping up my newest Randa Carrabba the Label collection gets more of my time and energy than my blog currently does.

So I hope you enjoy this video and maybe you’ll be excited to see the series of blogs come your way.  Don’t forget to read about the newest program within the PowHer.fit AppPowHer 1.0!  It’s our 3rd program to roll out and you can read all about it HERE and get entered for 3 free months with us!

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