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New Influencer Applications are LIVE! (July 2020)

Happy Monday everybody! I’m so excited to offer the second round of influencer applications for 2020! This is a commission based paid position, but serious inquiries only should apply. This position takes dedication, commitment, consistency and is by no means a get rich quick scheme! Now more than ever with Corona Virus quarantine time

Which Burns More Calories Overall? Weight Lifting or Cardio

Cardiovascular workouts and weightlifting are two types of exercise that differ in intensity, duration, and the groups of muscles that they use. They also burn calories in different ways. While cardiovascular exercise helps the body burn more calories per session, lifting weights allows the body to burn more calories in the long run. One question

All About Kait X Collab Program!

To purchase either of Kait’s PowHer Collab Programs (Nutrition or Fitness Home/Gym), you must FIRST be an active member! First Purchase an active Membership HERE! 2. THEN Purchase Either (or both) of Kait’s Programs (Nutrition or Fitness Home/Gym) HERE! 3. If you have more questions about, read our general FAQ HERE. I’m

Louis Vuitton Purse (or Diaper Bag) GIVEAWAY!

💖 LOUIS VUITTON MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY 💖 I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  This is officially my last Mother’s Day as only a fur dog momma to Bucky and Barbie Love.  Grant and I hosted both our families for lunch yesterday, and I’m sharing more photos below.  You’ll see photos from our

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