What platform is your blog?

I purchased my domain from Go Daddy.  I use wordpress as my blog preference of choice because it was what I used for my Southern Jewlz blog over the years – it’s easy to navigate and super reputable, too!

Do you offer any internships or mentoring?

Yes, I do!  I offer 2 internships at a time through the Mays Business School at Texas A&M.  If you’re a student there, ask your advisor or be on the lookout for my internships through Southern Jewlz Boutique to be posted.  I am open to the idea of adding one more intern to be primarily lifestyle blog based per season, so if you’re interested, send me an email to randacarrabba@gmail.com.

Would you be willing to let me interview you for a class paper or project?

Of course!  I love to give back, spread my story and help the newest generation out!  Depending upon the current projects I am working on will depend upon how much time I will need to help you with your assignment.  Please allow at least 10 days for me as a courtesy to my schedule.  Again, you can email those over to randa@southernjewlz.com if Southern Jewlz is more the avenue you are needing questions answered or randacarrabba@gmail.com if my personal story or lifestyle blog is more fitting for your project.

How often do you workout?

4-5 times a week. I primarily lift weights more now than I did over the past few years. I am focusing more now on toning rather than losing. Cardio is what helped me lose the majority of my weight.  I stay motivated by the pictures, videos and content I am creating.  I feel it helps keep me on track and holds me accountable.  I get inspiration from other fitness bloggers and videos on instagram to switch up and get creative with my workouts!

What would your food diary look like?

Well first thing is I try to not eat out any Monday thru Friday (when I say Friday, I mean only breakfast and lunch).  I buy mainly fresh fruits and vegetables and cook at-home meals to save both money and calories.  I make my own smoothies almost every morning for breakfast – watch that blog here.  Another no-no on Monday through Friday (minus Friday evening) is alcohol.  I do not drink any wine, liquor or beer during the week.  Now on the weekend, I loosen up a little, but I still do not go completely off the grid.  When I do drink, it’s primarily a vodka mixed with flavored or sparkling water or club soda.  Wine is very limited in my diet and I do not enjoy the taste of beer.  Through my lifestyle change over the past few years, I’ve come to learn how much better I feel with a better diet.  So sometimes on the weekends, I’ll now naturally say no to that french toast or those nachos depending on if I have any down time or days to recover.  It really is true, you are what you eat!  I like to keep my body in tip top shape, especially now that I’m no longer 21 years old.

Who does your hair?

My blondetourage hairdresser is Erica Ellis at Catwalk Hair Studio.  She is a blonde goddess I swear.  Please let her know I sent you her way!

What about your tan?

I do not lay in a bed.  I actually haven’t since high school because I am very fair complected and scared of skin cancer.  I also like to look as young and youthful as possible and love to protect my skin!  So I only do spray tans.  And for my 29th birthday, my husband (but fiancé at the time) bought me my very own Norvell Spray Tan machine.  Grant also spray tans me himself here at our home in our outdoor bathroom.  So I save money, keep healthy and have a super convenience factor being at home.  I’m telling you, Grant is a true Unicorn sent from above!

What camera do you use for your pictures?  And who are your favorite photographers to work with?

I use a Canon Powershoot for my day to day pictures or traveling whenever I need a small camera, and when I get real serious I use my Canon 5d.  My favorite photographers are Luke and Cat (my wedding photographers of choice) and I also love to use local Bryan/College Station photographers. My favorite are James Barrett Photography, GT Studios Gallery and Hartt Productions.  Grant also is stepping up his game and beginning to take some of my pictures for me, too!

Who are you favorite makeup artists?

You can read my wedding beauty blog, but my choice was Hey Lovely Makeup from Houston. I am a huge local support, so my Bryan/College Station Favorites are Leanna Duran and Versy Picone. If you wouldn’t mind, let them know I sent you their way!

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