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Wedding Glam Squad

When it came to choosing my beauty team for my wedding there were multiple things I considered.  1) I didn’t want it to be any of my friends.  Even though I am a huge advocate for supporting all of my friend’s businesses, I know that wedding day beauty between being a bride and having a full crew of girls to get ready can be a lot of emotions and a lot of estrogen flying around.  So, if emotions became involved during any of the get-ready process, I didn’t want to hinder a friendship.  2) I wanted something that photographed very well and matched the light and airy pink princess look I was going for, without sacrificing the little drama details that can truly take a girl from pretty to stunning. 3) I decided to ask my favorite photographer who also happened to me my wedding photographer – Cat Neumayr of Luke and Cat Photography.  Cat is very particular about her makeup and she always looks like a porcelain doll in her pictures, plus I know she was sure to recommend me to what she truly thought would be the best fit for me.  So let me formally introduce my beauty glam squad to you – Hey Lovely Makeup from Houston, Texas.  And since I was a Two Be Wed Bride, I got to have the owner herself (the fabulous Erica) work on me!  Now I was super excited about this because I love quality time from one Girl Boss to another, and that is exactly what Erica is!  Her vision, her skill and her follow through are all truly incredible!

And are you ready for the cherry on top?  Erica had her entire Hey Lovely team wear Unicorn Horns and Glittery Gold crowns while they worked on getting all of my girls, my mom and myself ready on the most beautiful day of my life.  Talk about making every detail count!

Anyways, if any of you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding glam squad, I highly recommend Hey Lovely Makeup!  Be sure to give them a follow on insta (@heylovelymakeup) and let them know I sent you their way!

Here is a beautiful photo by Luke and Cat of me when I’m almost hair and make-up ready for my wedding!  I love the fun attitude and confidence that radiates through this picture.  Because EVERY girl should look and feel like a princess on her big day!