How To Recreate My Fall Mantle Design

Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having a good week.  I’ve been hard at work getting 2 new programs together to launch next week – a postpartum one and a booty/abs specialty one.  You can join in by helping me name these new programs on my Instagram (exact post below).  I will have more info to share about these programs once they are LIVE.


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Do I wear makeup & fix my hair to film workouts for the app? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Here’s why…⬇️. . My approach on fitness for myself and my community is very realistic and sustainable! Burn out and exhaustion is REAL. So instead of deprivation or quick and immediate results that fade, we focus on properly fueling our bodies, long term benefits and success that lasts!. . So if I’m preaching a realistic approach and I never wear makeup or have my own hair fixed for my (usually morning) workouts, why would I film anything other than my reality? Let’s be honest, unless it’s a social media picture day for me and I have to get my workout in the evening after photos – there’s no makeup or perfectly curated ponytail here! I do always wear black on black to keep it looking uniform and professional!. . We are working hard on creating, filming and editing 2 new programs that launch NEXT WEEK! A Postpartum program and a booty/abs specialty! Here are some name options you’ve all given me. Please vote for your favorite(s) below! More info on each of these programs will be released NEXT WEEK! ⬇️⬇️⬇️. . Postpartum: Mom Bod Mom Strong PowHerful After Pregnancy Post PowHer Post Partum Pt 1 Rebound Renew HealHer MILF Bod MILF in Training (I personally think these send these 2 give off the wrong vibe, but I wanted to include all options sent my way) Point One Mommy Makeover Baby Steps Booty/Abs: ABSolute ASSets ABSolutely BOOTYful Guns & Buns 6 Packs and PHAT Backs PowHer Pair PowHer Duo Ab & Booty Burn Abs & Booty Boost Achieve Abs & Glutes Tush & Tone Apple Bottom Bombshell Booty Camp

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I’ve also been doing a closet clean out, and it has been WILD.  You can join the group to shop (linked in my insta story) and read more about it below.  The caption just may shock you LOL. Let’s just say some people can seem so “concerned” when that’s not really the case – AMIRIGHT???

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Doing my first ever closet clean out on my friend @kait.davis’s “Kait’s Kloset” FB group and it is WILD! Gonna be up late sending invoices! It’s a lot of work hosting it all, but I’m becoming the exact opposite of a hoarder and a lot of you have been requesting me to do so! Head to my story to get in on the action!. . I donate clothes multiple times a year locally to Hope’s Locker from both mine and Grant’s closets! If you’re looking for a good local spot, I highly suggest it!. . And for my haters (LOL you know who you are), don’t “worry” about my financial state. I actually had my self employed record month last month of the past few years! Sometimes people just like to clean out or resell stuff! If you wanna be successful or happy in life (especially with an online presence), you’ve got to learn to not care what the haters say or think. So I’m here to squash it before any hater goes a step further than an eye roll LOL. No Betty, I’m not going Bankrupt – do you want my sequin jacket I’ve only worn one time or not??? No need to tell someone you’re “concerned for me”. #BecauseAreYouReally 🤷🏼‍♀️. . Fun fact, about 2 years ago Grant and I decided to clean out our garage that had some piled up stuff we never used. He posted our extra things on FB market place and sold them immediately. The internet is really a beautiful, fast and powerful tool! Even up to a year later, he had people who were “worried about us” reaching out. LOL I just got tired of the old golf clubs falling over. They never got used, so why not find them a new home?. . Nothing brings a group of assholes together faster than something that’s not their business and that makes them “assume” the worst 🤣🤣🤣 Head to my story for the closet purge info! A lot of stuff is new with tags! #HonestAF #WeAllKnowABetty 😜😜😜

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There’s also a $600 PayPal cash giveaway happening in my insta story right now.  The winner will be announced on Monday September 30!  Be sure to get entered because it’s super easy and I’m sharing some of my fave insta girlfriends with all of you.

Now for my Fall Mantle Design.  I wanted all greenery, gold, silver, glass, white and champagnes.  Basically I wanted it to go with the vibe of the interior design of the rest of our home.  I like for Holiday decor to be very glam and neutral.  I think it looks more high end, and this allows many of the decor pieces to be used for other times of the year.  You can see last year’s Christmas Decor post (2018) here, and the year before (2017) Christmas Decor (I think this design is my favorite to date) is linked here.  You can see the exterior before and after of our house design linked here.

This year I got all of my Fall Mantle Decor stuff from At Home for under $200.  I’ll show you exactly what I purchased and how I put it altogether in case you want to recreate it for yourself!

I purchased 2 of these.  I can use these year round!  With all the greenery and our TV being so low and close to the mantle, I figured these were much safer than regular candles.  I’ll actually let these “light” to where with regular candles I would be too scared of the wax melting and making a mess.  Not to mention the greenery could catch on fire! These were less than $15 each from At Home.

I purchased 2 of these.  They are super light weight and were the perfect color to add to our home!

I purchased 2 of these to frame the outside of the mantle design with some height.  I have lots of mercury glass (metallic silver similar to this gold) candle holders that I use to lift and elevate many design pieces around our home. I’m excited to have this gold/champagne color to mix in, and I can use them year round.  Mixing metallics, gold/silver/champagnes and naturals is my favorite!

I purchased 4 of each of these.  If you wanted to save on budget, you could probably get away with just purchasing 2 of each and only using the greenery on the left and right side of your mantle.  Be sure to spread the stems out on these so that you really make the greenery look fuller!  I purchased the smaller, shorter and more shimmery greenery to layer on the inside of the bigger greenery.  It gives it more thickness, which I like!

I purchased 2 of these because they are open at the bottom, allowing me to put the pretty metallic candles on the inside!  I’ll have to take a picture once I have everything all lit up in the dark so you can see how pretty and elegant it looks.  I can’t use this piece besides Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I love the timeless look of the glass that it adds to the mix!

Here’s Grant being my light test for the photo LOL.  I hadn’t yet cut off the price tags of the candle sticks (I wanted to make sure I liked everything before I discarded the tags in case I wanted to exchange anything), and I hadn’t yet added the 2 white/gold light weight pumpkins to the mix.  You can see the final product again below.  Everything is from At Home!

In case you’ve never seen what the exterior design of our home looks like, see below!  I love the classic and timeless feel with a touch of castle vibes!  Grant and I designed this home ourselves.  He surprised me and started building it the day after he proposed to me.  He was the builder, and I am the designer/stylist.  We save so much money doing things ourselves.  Smart investing to build our equity!

In case you missed the white wash blog on the exterior of our home, it is linked here.  It’s one of my most trafficked blog posts to date – so thank you all for that!

In case you missed last week’s blog, it was a Life Update post including my hormonal skin acne update and one of my favorite dinner recipes.  That blog post in linked here in case you need to get caught up!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed this post!




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