And We’re Off! Bucket List Trip Here we Come!

Vacation time!  Grant and I are SO EXCITED to finally get some travel time together.  We sacrificed our anniversary trip this year (back in February) because launching the company took a lot of extra time, energy, money and dedication!  (You can see our 1st Anniversary Trip Overview HERE).

We just launched our 3rd round of updates and launched an all new software platform that will allow us to bring so many advancements to our community in the future!  I have worked around the clock non-stop (especially these past few days), so Grant has actually been telling everyone today that he is excited to have his wife back as well as some genuine quality time together.  I am officially UNPLUGGING this trip, and honestly that will be a vacation in itself for me!  Keep reading along to find out exactly where we are going.

Here is a preview of what the new website looks like!  Our web app now has a new software system as the base of operations.  We have been working so hard on this for months!  Our foundation is solid as a rock, loading speeds are miles better, new app updates and capabilities (like live chat rooms with instructors and/or other members), and worlds of opportunity to bring our membership as we continue to GROW!  There’s a complete video overview and how-to of the updates on the blog (linked HERE).  I would love for you to take the time to give a look at something we’ve been working endlessly on!  The new system is truly a beauty!  If you have questions about my fitness program, please read all the information we have put together for you on the website!

The May Challenge entries were incredible!  We decided to choose 2 winners instead of just 1.  The grand prize winner was able to choose her prize between $250 cash, a $350 shopping spree to Buff Bunny Collection and Southern Jewlz, or a FREE year membership to  She chose the year membership and said, “I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now. has truly changed my life!”  The runner up received a Southern Jewlz gift card!

There won’t be a June challenge since I’ll be on vacation half the month, plus we want to focus on supporting all of our members as they begin learning and using our new app software!  Stay tuned for more info on the July challenge coming soon.  The results above were obtained in just 4 weeks on the program!  See below for my own personal results!

I will not be answering DM’s, email, or any other messages.  I have auto responses set and all members who need assistance while I’m gone, please email!  Customer support will still be in full effect!  If you are a current member who hasn’t already made the switch to the new software, I’m linking the instructions HERE, but remember you can email if you need additional help. Code “Randa10” to save at Southern Jewlz Boutique!
New Southern Jewlz Arrivals launched yesterday evening!  They are definitely worth viewing!  Remember I always save my video try on session on my instagram story highlights, and you can always shop with my code “Randa10” to save on your online Southern Jewlz purchases!

If you don’t already follow me on instagram, I would love for you to do so! @randacarrabba Code “Randa10” to save at Southern Jewlz Boutique!

Code “Randa10” to save at Southern Jewlz Boutique!

I just started the #R45DayChallenge with Beauty Bio and I cannot wait to share my results and experience in 6 weeks!  I love the Beauty Bio company and absolutely adore the founder/owner Jamie Obanion.  She follows me on instagram and anytime she comments on my stuff, I experience a fan girl moment.  I respect her so much not only for being such a glowing boss babe, but she is a wife and mom first!  I love keeping up with her and her beautiful family and will link her personal instagram page HERE, because I think you may enjoy following along as well!

If you want to learn more about this 45 day glowing skin challenge with Beauty Bio, I am linking the product HERE.  Please read their site for more information!  I do have a code to save you 15% off and that is “RandaR45”.

Peeping in the photo is my Luxury Mink Lashes Book by Reign Lashes!  My friend Kait Davis owns the company and Reign Lashes are all I have worn for almost 3 years now!

Now for the vacation details…

We are going to Italy and Paris!

We will be gone a total of 2 weeks and I cannot wait!  We have been to Paris almost 3 years ago (you can see photos and a recap of that trip HERE), but neither Grant nor I have been to Italy.  We are going to Palermo, Sicily and feel beyond excited to get to experience a bucket-list trip together.  We get a week at each location!  Much needed time off and quality time together is very much needed after all the additional work the past 8 months have required of both of us!

What about the doggies???  I know some of you may be so excited for our trip, but your first question may be about Bucky and Barbie.  Well they are getting the most loving babysitter – my dear friend Bre!  We haven’t even taken off yet and we’ve already gotten plenty loving updates.  I’ll share them below for y’all.  Both Bucky and Barbie Love are doing wonderful with their recoveries from the ruptured tumor surgery (Bucky) and the recent 2nd degree burn (Barbie Love).

While at the airport, here were some of my healthy food/drink options.  I always get asked food questions, so I’m trying to get better about sharing more of this type of content with y’all!

I got the new Dragon Drink (but I ordered it super macro-friendly thanks to the @themacrobarista on instagram – another account you should follow!). Grant got the Macro Friendly S’mores Cold Brew, but then he wanted to add more sweeter and chocolate so this might not be the best recommendation.

To order the Macro Friendly Dragon Drink (10-14 g carbs, 1 G protein and 2 g Fat with only 80 calories), here’s what you do:

  1. Ask for a GRANDE Mango Dragonfruit Refresher
  2. Ask for LIGHT refresher base
  3. Ask for LIGHT water
  4. Ask for LIGHT Coconut Milk

That’s it!  I would love to see how you like this drink, so if you order it please tag me on your instagram story!

For lunch, we ate Panda Express and I got double Teriyaki Chicken (to try to help hit my protein goal early while traveling) and then Broccoli and Kale!

Last thing I have to share are these $15 Target Sandals!  Seriously they are so cute AND comfy!  When I tried them on, they became an instant purchase.  They will go with so many outfits on this trip and they were so affordable!  They run true to size and I’m linking them HERE.

I received some of my Randa Carrabba the Label samples for my next collection just in time to pack them for my trip!  They are absolutely beautiful and turned out even better than I could have ever imagined!  Even though I’m going to be unplugged this trip (like I didn’t even purchase an international phone plan to MAKE me have to stay unplugged), I will still probably share a photo or two occasionally on instagram from Grant’s phone.  Be sure you’re following along to see a peek into our incredible trip and to see so many fun outfits I have planned!

“To Travel is To Live!”

“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times!”

I cannot wait to see more of God’s beautiful creation over the next 2 weeks!  I’ll have so much to update y’all on when I return!





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