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Anniversary Trip to One & Only Palmilla in Cabo Overview

Hello everyone!

Sorry that my Cabo blog overview took me a few weeks to get gathered. I have been super busy not only running the online side of my boutique business, but I’ve been setting up a small storefront inside of the new Beauty Market in College Station, TX for my local customers to shop in person. You can read all about that announcement I made earlier this month in this blog post.

Our first anniversary actually fell on Super Bowl Sunday, and I wanted to stay in town to make sure Grant could attend a football party. I couldn’t risk being at a resort where the Super Bowl wouldn’t be on because Grant is such an avid football fan.

Grant actually booked the trip and our resort months before I even knew where we were staying. We wanted somewhere warm and tropical vibe because we had gone to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, and wanted to kind of relive that trip. We agreed on Cabo because it’s less than a 3 hour flight from Houston and neither of us had ever been. My friend Amber who has been to Cabo multiple times asked me where we were staying, so I decided to ask Grant so I would know where. He booked us at the One & Only Palmilla based on a recommendation from one of our travel agents, Taylor of The Simple Sol. This resort is hands down the nicest, most peaceful and secluded resort. This is def the place to go if you want to feel like and be treated like royalty!  It is definitely a splurge, but this was such a special and monumental trip to us.  Lots of celebrities stay there, so paparazzi is not allowed in any way. Even though I received a ton of recommendations from y’all on my instagram post when we were leaving, we actually decided to enjoy more of a relaxing trip and enjoy more resort time since we were staying at such an incredible place. We love Cabo so much now that we will go back and try to do more of the tourist-y stuff and try some of the restaurants that everyone suggested to us.

Swimsuit is from Target |  I linked the Top Here | Bottoms are Here

I was almost 5 weeks into my first 6 week fitness program called FASTer Way With Lindsay. I really did almost get those abs I was wanting for the trip. I am now almost done with week 3 of my second round and have even more noticeable results than these photos from our Cabo trip! There’s also a 4 week program that she hosts that’s cheaper and not quite as difficult. I’ll link the 4 week program here and the 6 week one here in case you’re looking for some accountability in the health and fitness category! The reason I’m talking about that in this blog is because as soon as we got there, even though we wanted to relax, eat and drink, I asked Grant if I could please take a photo on the beach of the hard work I had put into my body. I knew I wanted to not be strict on my diet, which meant by the end of the trip my ab definition might be gone. I swear you can work months on growing and defining abs and they can be gone from one weekend of bad eating. Def not fair haha!

Grant’s Hot Pink Swim Trunks Linked Here | My Swimsuit is from Target | My Bikini Top is Here | My Bottoms are Here

This was the sunrise view from our private porch.

This was the sunset view from our private porch.  Grant and I loved enjoying quiet evenings watching the sunset or even sitting outside after it was dark.  Our housekeepers would light lanterns and candles and it was so peaceful, quiet and romantic.  One evening we didn’t even go out for dinner, we just ordered delivery for our private porch.

This was desert we had delivered to our pack porch one night!

Breakfast in a bikini was my favorite!  I did it 2 different mornings!  This bikini has been the best selling style at Southern Jewlz and also comes in melon.  I’m wearing the medium here, but when I modeled the melon color, I wore the small with no problem because of the tie detail on both the top and the back.

This was probably one of my fave photos that showcased the ab definition I had worked so hard to obtain.  The bikini is from Southern Jewlz and also comes in melon!

The One & Only Palmilla did a wonderful job of making us feel like they were sharing in on our anniversary with us.  We received chocolate covered strawberries with a sweet letter our first night and then this complimentary desert after dinner on night 1.

This photo is super blurry and dark, but it’s a very special “document worthy” memory to me.

Our favorite resort food at Palmilla was the salmon salad and the guacamole.  How about this view!?  The beach wasn’t bad to look at either haha.

This little striped short set (Under $15!!!) was perfect to wear into town for an hour or two of adventuring before we got to swim with dolphins!  I’m wearing a size small and it’s linked here.

Cabo has tons of rock formations!  Also lots of cacti, so I made Grant pose for a pic!

This is actually the tip of the very Southern part of California right behind us, so obvi another photo opportunity!  Right after this we got to witness a whale jump out of the ocean 2 times.  It was sooooooo cool!

More of Cabo in the background.  I loved the pink buildings obviously!  This photo makes me feel like I’m a legit blogger!

This is what I changed into when we got to Cabo Adventures to swim with dolphins!  We booked direct through them rather than with anyone at the airport or at our resort.  This bikini is from my boutique (Southern Jewlz) and I’m wearing a medium, but probably could have felt a little more secure up top with a small.  I obvi used vacation as a reason to showcase lots of cute outfits and change multiple times! #JustBeingHonest

Don’t worry, I got cold and had to put on a bodysuit.  The outfit changes were obviously still not complete!

Grant and I LOVED swimming with dolphins.  I have video footage, too, but I’ll be putting an entire Cabo video together to share later.  I told y’all this blog would have A LOT of content!  But seriously, they are so smart and happy and loved to be cheered on.  We were like two little kids getting to swim with 2 of them all by ourselves.  We even went under water swimming with them!

Grant’s personal favorite activity was getting to golf at the beautiful course at One & Only Palmilla!  I only made it through 4 bk,es because there were 2 backed up groups in front of us, but I was able to cheer him on in the beginning.  He even ended up switching courses for the last 9 holes so he didn’t have to keep waiting behind 2 groups when he was an individual.

I clearly had to take his picture by the bright pink blooms!

When I left Grant golfing, I went to get cute for the pool.  I couldn’t wait to wear my “unicorn” bikini.  It’s actually a mix matched set from 2 different old Forever 21 styles.  The top isn’t even technically a swim top, but I made it one!  Our sweet butler Alan took my photo since my insta hubby was finishing up golfing.

This is one of my favorite photos of the whole trip.  You’ll see again that we have the guac and chips along with the salmon salad.  We ordered it a total of 3 times!  This time we added in a club sandwich to split.  Grant loves to drink a mudslide on vacation!  I enjoy them too, but try to not order too many since they are full of calories and sugar.  I had a low cal banana shake in this photo.

Walking back to our room after Grant joined me at the pool showcased this rainbow sunset.  Grant handled all the picture taking like a champ!  Probably because I took lots of photos and videos of him while he was golfing as trade out!

The other activity we did with Cabo Adventures was riding camels at sunset on the beach.  We hadn’t planned on this, and I didn’t even realize you could do this in Cabo.  It’s one of my dreams to ride Camels in Dubai, but since that is such an expensive trip Grant was ready to sign up and give me my fill in hopes that it would extend the time before Dubai haha.  I will say this took longer than I had expected with travel time, and I was beyond ready to get back to the resort.  However, I’m still super thankful we did it and it’s such a fun memory to share!

We got to feed the camels out of our mouths!  We both loved it – especially me!

I also didn’t realize we would actually get to ride a camel together, but that was actually really that we did did.  I called dibs on the front seat though!  Grant and I both said the camels were smaller than we had anticipated.  Maybe if we get to go to Dubai one year in the future I can request a real big and tall camel!

We hated to miss the sunset from our back porch at the resort this evening, but the camel really was a fun experience!

The resort had multiple pools, amazing views and many bars and restaurants to choose from.  You’ll see Grant had another mudslide here, and I went for a spicy skinny margarita on the rocks with chili pepper on the rim.  Yummy!  This is another swimsuit from my boutique (Southern Jewlz) and it also comes in black and royal blue.  The hot pink was a total statement, and it’s linked here.  I’m wearing the medium and would say this was a perfect sizing for me.  The small would have exposed my chest a little too much.  Grant maybe wouldn’t have minded lol, but I felt more secure in a medium verses the small I tried on.

My insta hubby was showing off his photo skills here and I used his mudslide to add in!  Swimsuit is a size medium from Southern Jewlz.  (Also in black and royal blue under $60!)

This short set is currently sold out, but was super affordable from Shein. This is a place I like to vacation shop for pieces that I won’t wear very often.  I do prefer higher quality on my solids, staples, jeans, shoes and obvi purses.

Here was another super cute resort look that I wore.  Props to our butler again for snapping this pic.  Grant was napping and I actually started getting ready early so he wouldn’t have to wait on me.  Punctuality is a big priority to my husband, so it’s something I’m continually trying to improve on.  This set is now sold out.

This was our sweet Butler Alan!

Here was another look I wore to enjoy a few drinks.  The swimsuit is now on super sale (under $15) but it does run small.  I should have sized up.

The last morning I was #TeamExtra and got up super early to workout (which I did every single morning there!) and was dressed before sunrise.  It was too beautiful and I had the perfect dress for rainbow sunrise photos.  I politely asked my husband the evening before if I woke him up all dressed and ready if he would snap some photos of me.  So he did!  This sequin dress is sooooo me and is from Hello Molly.  I’m wearing an XS.  It’s a tad on the short side, so if you need more length definitely size up!

I’m so thankful for my insta hubby for helping me to share more of my life with each of you!  I pretty much run this blog all on my own, with his help in photography at times!  While I love using professional photographers, it just isn’t practical for me to have one with me everywhere I go.

I love the champagne in hand on this one.  I wish I had this beach and view in my own backyard to enjoy more often, especially in the mornings!

This was on the morning of our last breakfast.  How handsome is my husband’s little smirk? We stayed only Friday thru Tuesday (we flew out Tuesday afternoon, so we still got to enjoy our morning)

A view from our last meal.  I had the prettiest pink muffin and totally splurged on this Chile Relleno.  I was in a bikini from my store, so had to ask Grant to take a picture after.  There were no abs hardly left and I didn’t even care.

Just another blogger worthy photo.  These little boots were at the Mexican Restaurant at the Palmilla.  The back of them is all greenery and floral.  Super dreamy!

Here was my last bikini pic.  The red suit is almost sold out (like only 2 left) at Southern Jewlz.  I’m in a size medium, but probably could have also done a small since both the bottoms and the back of the top tie, and the straps have adjustable sizing options, too!

One year down, forever to go with my love.  The left koozie was for the night we got engaged and the right was from our wedding.  I keep one of each with me at all times.  Marriage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever committed myself to.  You can read the very special blog post I wrote for my husband on our actual 1 year anniversary on February 4, 2018 here.  You will find our custom vows to each other and our wedding video in that post, too!

I traveled home looking a little cuter than I usually fly because I was already all made up from wanting to be cute for our last morning.  This dress is on sale under $30 and I’m wearing a small.  It’s a cute and comfy fit with a little bit that I like to allow while traveling!


Grant’s Hot Pink Swim Trunks Linked Here | My Swimsuit is from Target | My Bikini Top is Here | My Bottoms are Here

How cute are Grant’s matching hot pink swim trunks!?  As soon as I saw them I gave him the sweet eyes that meant “Please” and since he had picked out this pink bikini for me, he said he would match me!  I loved this outfit combo of the both of us the best of the whole trip!

I hope y’all enjoyed hearing and seeing all about our trip!  My family is planning a trip to Charleston, South Carolina in a few months.  I have never been and am sooooo excited, so feel free to leave me your recommendations if you’ve been!