What Married Life is Really Like for Us!!!

Hey everyone!  As you all probably know by now, Grant and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary!  I enjoyed year 2 even more than year 1, and that’s because we have more of this whole “married life groove” down!  Year 1 is all about molding 2 lives into one and that can come with a lot of changes!  Making each other top priority is a choice that we each have to wake up and make every single day.  You can read the 1 year anniversary blog post I wrote for Grant HERE.  It also includes our official wedding video.  I know I blow up the internet on our anniversaries, but my marriage is the most precious thing in my life!  Before I got married I thought that worldly success was so much more important than it really is.  Not to take away from worldly success (which I still strive for every single day!), but having a soulmate and a life partner who loves me unconditionally is the best thing in my life!  I love being able to love, encourage and cherish Grant right back!

Anyways, Grant and I sat down to tell you more about us.  Why we chose certain aspects of our wedding, our favorite memories from our big day, how we continue to adjust to married life, WHY I publicly post about our marriage, an update from the bulldogs, and we even catch you up-to-date on our newest business ventures!  Marriage has definitely taught me to say more of “we” “our” and “us” instead of “me” “mine” and “my”.  I hope you all enjoy!

In case you haven’t seen our newest business venture, I would love for you to check out www.powher.fit.  Grant has helped me so much to get this business up and running!




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