Reminiscing on Our First Kiss


Since I haven’t been out of the house in 6 days for #SocialDistancing we took our active recovery day to Grant’s isolated ranch to walk 3 miles!

Half way in we got to the hay barn where our first kiss was! We met July 18 and didn’t kiss until the 3rd Friday in September. I really started to doubt if he even liked me, but he said he was taking it slow like a gentleman bc he saw such a bright future for us! 💖

So after going on a date every single night one week, Grant hosted a Friday evening for me out at his ranch with some friends. While out riding the rangers in the rain, we got to the hay barn and I challenged him to race to the top of the hay bales.

He won by a landslide (I really thought I would smoke him LOL😝#confidence) but when I finally made it to the top I knocked him down to kiss him. He is dramatic to this day and says I “form tackled him” haha. Anyways he kissed back, I said “Thank God bc I was starting to doubt that you even liked me”, and then we kept making out with the rain falling on top of the tin roof barn with our friends cheering us on below! My friend Ashleigh Krause has a video of it somewhere in her life files!

Anyways, just because a guy takes his time doesn’t mean a woman should self destruct and think he doesn’t like her 🤦🏼‍♀️ A lesson I learned 5.5 years ago! There actually ARE still gentlemen in our world!

The positive of #coronavirus is we got creative with our workout and relived a special moment in our journey together!



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