All there is to know about my Husband, Grant!

I posted all about me and the bulldogs smothering Grant last night since he made it home safely from Vegas.  Lots of questions about Grant came through on my DM’s, so I figured I would do one full blog post dedicated to him!  I hope you all enjoy getting to know Grant a little better!

Watch our latest youtube video here: it’s been a whole 5 years since we’ve met, and I got to celebrate another birthday with my husband this month!

A lot of you have been asking me more questions about Grant lately.  He says he is flattered LOL.  When I asked him how I should introduce him on the blog he said, “Tell everyone I’m a Dragon Wrangler.” Haha!

His slow pitch softball team’s name is the Dragon Wranglers.  He said if people seemed confused about the fact that he’s a “Dragon Wrangler” to ask if anyone has ever seen a dragon!?  Then he said, “You’re Welcome!” Lol.

Grant and I dated for exactly 14 months and were engaged for exactly 14 months!  Below is a video I put together for our wedding rehearsal dinner, and it really shows a summary of our dating life!

But seriously, Grant was born and raised here in Bryan, TX.  We were basically neighbors (lived only a few streets away from each other) for over a year before we got set up by some mutual friends.  Grant knew where I lived and who I was, but I had no idea about him.  However, once we met I was actually the one that was more forward about pursuing the other.  You can learn more about how we met HERE.  We did an entire YouTube Video about it.  Who thinks it’s time for another video with Grant?  What should we talk about this time.

Grant is a real estate developer.  He develops residential subdivisions and a commercial industrial park.  Some of his current development projects include Austin’s Colony, Austin’s Estates, Riverstone and Stonebrier as well as Carrabba Industrial Park.  Austin’s Colony alone is a 1,000 acre masterplan subdivision.  (It’s also where the first house I purchased was located!).  Grant serves on the Bryan CPAC Committee.  He has his Master’s Degree from Texas A&M University – so we are both Aggies! Grant went to Sam Houston State for his Undergrad to play baseball!  He was part of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity during his SHSU days.

Bucky actually belonged to Grant first, however many people assume that Bucky started with me.  It’s funny when people ask, “So how do Bucky and Grant get along?”.  I’m always like, “They’re like two peas in a pod, and keep in mind I didn’t even know Bucky until he was around 8 years old.

Grant’s favorite hobbies include slow pitch softball, fantasy football and hunting. His favorite sports teams are the Texas Aggies, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Astros. Grant’s favorite color is red and his favorite food is Chinese. He is very punctual, respectful and extremely handsome if I do say so myself!  Fun fact: He can sing opera and has many funny voices. (If you’re an avid instagram follower, you learned about Grant singing opera on the post below LOL.)

Grant proposed to me in Las Vegas overlooking the Water show at the Bellagio!  I told him I needed fireworks or a water show and he took it literally!  You can read all about the magical proposal HERE, including lots of pics!  To learn more about the design of my wedding ring, that blog is linked HERE.  The things I write in the blog post about my ring are probably not what you would expect!

You can watch lots of fun videos of Grant as I have “Husband Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5” all docked on my instagram highlights!

We get a lot of questions about children, money, jobs and bulldogs, so we sat down to do an entire “Assumptions About Us” video. I’m sharing it below in case you want to give it a view!

Grant and I have been married 2.5 years and we sat down on our 2 year anniversary to talk all about our wedding and marriage. You can watch that video below.

Grant is my most prized possession of all time, and I’m grateful to be able to share about him on all my outlets!
For more wedding blogs, click HERE. To watch our wedding video, click HERE.

To watch Grant helping me work on my most recent IGTV, click HERE.

Grant is... Bulldog Baby Daddy 🐶.  He actually calls Barbie Love “Barbie Love Sepana Angels Carrabba” like a super obsessive fur dad LOL.
Owner of Custom Tiger & Zebra Boots that stress me TF out. 🤪
Re-purchaser of a horrendous fake mullet that I continuously throw away. 🤣
Forever the Hootie to my Blowfish. 🐡
…I’m so happy that y’all seem to love @grantlandpart2 almost as much as I do! He’s becoming so much more comfortable with his “instagram hubby” role as time passes by! 🖤

If you’d like to hear some of my thoughts on marriage and work.. stick around. 

An unfortunate thing about marriage is that when someone loves you unconditionally, you can get to where you EXPECT it. You get so close and comfortable with someone that it can seem as though they get the worst or the leftover of you. I am guilty and need to step up my wife role after a very stressful work week that I let consume me.
To me, success is multi dimensional. It isn’t just about making a lot of money or just building a profitable business, instead it’s about balance. A successful life for me would include health, longevity, capability, new opportunities, financial freedom, experiences, rest, self care, limited stress, confidence, friendships, relationships and building the life I want for myself. Even if it’s a tiny step or improvement every day, I always want to be working towards the best version of myself that I can be.
I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s support, love and encouragement of the new @randacarrabbalabel collection launch yesterday at! We have so much in the works for the future of the company and I’m praying it all continues to come together and grow! However, I’m also super excited for some screen-less time this weekend recharging with the one I love most! Everything I do (and want to do!) in this life wouldn’t hold the same special meaning without my true love @grantlandpart2 by my side! .
Sometimes it takes me an extra day or two to get back to messages, questions, inquiries, or emails, because I’m taking care of myself and my marriage first. It’s what I NEED to do to take some pressure off of my shoulders and to keep my hubby’s love tank full. Neither one of us operates very well when running on fumes!.
Marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s the best season of life I’ve ever lived! Marriage is never making the one you love feel alone, even when you’re right there. I’ve personally let the phone interfere with our quality sometimes, and I try to make a constant effort to be the best I can for my honey!  Cheers to less screens and more LOVE!

Grant is the ying to my yang, and really embraces this whole blogger/instagrammer/fitness app creator life that I like to this.  I thank God every night for giving him to me!


Thanks for reading and learning more about my truest love!




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