4 Years Ago Today I Blindly Went to Meet my Future Husband!

Hey everyone!  A little bit of a personal post today, but I am a big believer of celebrating anniversaries of big things that happen in our lives!  Today is one of those days for me.  Exactly 4 years ago I went to blindly (and when I say blind, I mean TRULY BLIND) meet my future husband!  Grant didn’t have any of his social media active at the time we met, so I knew NOTHING about him and also I didn’t even know what he looked like!  In a world that is so virtually connected, I must say I feel very lucky to have truly blindly met my future husband.  There were no preconceived notions or expectations, I just finally listened to a few of our mutual friends in town who wanted so desperately for us to meet!

2 days before I went to meet Grant, I had just wrapped up working the Southern Jewlz Booth at the Texas FFA Convention.  It was a thunderstorm day and the brakes went out in my truck and the jacks out in my trailer.  I was stranded in Fort Worth in the rain with no way to load up my business and make it home.  I called a girlfriend who lived in Waxahachie and asked her to come save me!  (Side note, I knew she had a dodge dually truck because she rodeo’d)  So I left the truck in FW to get serviced and we had some nice men who were also vendors at the show who helped us jack lift the trailer onto her truck.  By the time we made it home and got some sleep, I woke up to a call from my dad telling me to take the trailer straight into Gooseneck and have them fix it for me.  Leading up to this point, I would say 3 mutual friends had been trying to get me to meet Grant for about 2 months.  I was stubborn and also was mending from getting my heart broken a few months before. I knew it hadn’t been the right time to meet Mr. Right.  (I am a firm believer of timing!)  So when my friends were trying to get me to meet “this guy”, I didn’t even know his name for a few weeks.  Then I learned of his first name and finally of his last name.  So the only thing I knew was that the Carrabba family owned and operated Gooseneck Trailers in Bryan!  So now back to when my friend Audra and I were driving her truck and my trailer to Gooseneck, I got a text from my friend Tiffany (she owns the hair studio I have gone to for years and she also went to high school with Grant!).  She told me she had just cut Grant’s hair and he still really wanted to meet me.  I told her that I was actually on my way to Gooseneck and actually needed help, so I allowed her to give him my number.

Ok, I need to interrupt the story one more time and say that I had on NO MAKEUP, WET HAIR, SWEATS AND A BALL CAP  and had been through 24 hours of hell and looked like it!  Seriously, I didn’t take near as good of care of my skin back then so I had multiple bright red breakouts and I was also 40 pounds heavier and not near as confident in my looks and appearance at that time.  I remember literally PRAYING that Grant didn’t actually work at Gooseneck or that he at least wouldn’t see me for the first time looking so ratchet! (Honest talk, y’all!)

So when Audra and I arrived at Gooseneck, the manager came out to us and said that Grant had already text him and told him of my troubles.  They got a fork lift and took the trailer off of my friend’s truck and I felt so relieved I told them they could just HAVE the trailer hahahaha. (Obviously, I wasn’t serious and that was a joke!)  Grant then texted me that evening and told me they would take good care of me and he was sorry to hear of my troubles the trailer was giving me.  This was on a Friday afternoon.

Fast forward to Saturday evening, Grant texted Tiffany and wanted her to bring me out to meet him and some of his friends.  I was at my married friend Katie’s house (who was actually the very first person to ever tell me about this so called “Mr. Right”) and she told me that I did not need to go unless Grant texted me himself inviting me.  She told me I needed to set the precedent from the very beginning for how I wanted to be treated.  So as soon as I declined to Tiffany and told her why, well within just a few moments I had a text from Grant himself asking me to come meet him.  So there sat Katie, Audra and I debating what to do.  I told Tiffany to tell him “maybe” even though we decided I should go, but I asked both Tiffany and Audra to join me for back up!  I told Katie I didn’t even know what he looked like and she assured me that “I would be attracted to him”, and boy was she right!?  I still think Grant is so incredibly handsome, and I think every wife should be very attracted to her husband 🙂

To wrap this up, I’ll just say that I showed up in a long maxi leopard print dress that Grant finally told me months later that he HATED lol.  He said it was not my best look nor flattering on me compared to so many other things he had seen me wear after that.  God love a man who is honest, and thank God he didn’t tell me THAT night how much he didn’t like it.  Meanwhile, Grant and his whole softball team were in camo jerseys, shorts and tall socks celebrating just winning a state championship.  Oh, and Grant also told me that he knew where I lived that night and I told him he came across a little like a stalker lol!  He then went on to explain that he developed the neighborhood that I lived in, that we were basically neighbors and he had received 33 email violation complaints about me parking my 30 foot trailer and taking up the whole culdesac that I lived on by myself.  He told me never wrote me up or enforced any of the violations because he knew I was a young female business owner who was working hard and not bothering any direct neighbors (since I didn’t have any at the time).  After about a month of playing cat and mouse after our initial meeting, the rest was history!  I even decided to put that dress on for Grant about a year later when I was cleaning out my closet.  He said it looked better than he remembered, but it still wasn’t his favorite, so I donated it.

Moral of the story, don’t be too scared to go and “truly” blindly meet somebody.  It just may end up being your Prince Charming!

…And she lived happily ever after and never bought another leopard maxi dress again haha!

Below are some images from a photoshoot we recently did with our wedding photographers Luke and Cat at their finale Life and Craft Photography Workshop!  You can see more images and the full credited vendor list on their blog HERE!  I have also linked all of the photos below to their blog, so you can simply click on any of the photos as well! I love Luke and Cat’s wedding photography style and they really focus on people over things and truly showcase true feelings/emotions within their images!  If you’re in the market for a wedding photographer, I highly recommend them or their sister company Our Little Ranch Photography.

You can see more blog posts of our actual wedding and wedding images by Luke and Cat HERE!  I’m also linking our engagement photos and the best advice Cat taught me before we took those photos HERE.

Never give up on true love!  It might not yet be your time!  But if you’re already married to your soulmate (like I am!), never stop falling further in love!  It’s one of God’s biggest blessings of all time!






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