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Updated Fitness Challenge Journey

Hey y’all! It’s been over a week since I’ve launched a blog post because I have been so busy with my business – Southern Jewlz! If you’re an SJ fan, you’ll want to set an alarm for this Wednesday, March 7 at 8pm for lots of cute new arrivals to launch and for me to make an exciting career announcement.

A lot of you have really been very engaging with my fitness journey. I started almost 4 years ago. It took me 2 1/2 years to lose 40 pounds and since then I have continued to lift and workout to further tone and define my body. Working out has become a part of my daily routine and I really see a difference in so many avenues besides just on the scale and my body definition changes. I believe my body is a blessing from God and so I want to fuel it and train it to be a proud representation of what I have been given.

I did all of my fitness journey all on my own with no personal training or supplements up until January 8, 2018. That was the start of my very first 6 weeks fitness challenge. I learned ways where I at times wasn’t eating enough, nor getting the macro content I always needed. This is the first time I had someone else coaching or helping direct my path. The fitness challenge leader is a BSN/RN from Dallas. She is around my age and is absolutely adorable. I wanted to obtain a 6 pack for our 1 year anniversary trip to Cabo. I got super close and had my stomach far more defined that ever before. While I haven’t lost any weight, there’s without a doubt a super noticeable difference in my body and the way I feel.

I decided to push through to my 2nd round of 6 weeks with no break in between. I love the accountability of the group and having to check in to someone with my food diary. To my surprise there were multiple ladies who stayed for round 2, which makes me feel they were seeing results and also feeling that the challenge wasn’t too hard (which is how I felt). Yes there are times my body is super sore or I feel like I can’t quite finish through all of the workout that is written for me, but that’s why it’s called a “challenge”. I am now in my 2nd week of my 2nd round. While this time around is more intense for me (Lindsay didn’t just have me start fresh, she made this round more challenging from the beginning for me), I must say I am still super motivated and not feeling hungry or like I go really without too much of anything in my diet. I cannot wait to see my results in the next few weeks.

I went live on my instagram and facebook pages a little over a week ago to just show my face to all of you and answer a lot of the questions I had been receiving. Up until that point I had never even used any supplements, so there was no sales pitch or catch. I am now 3 days in on working out with supplements and will keep all of you updated with my true thoughts and feelings after I get at least a week in. Keeping my blog super honest and reflective of my own thoughts and trials is super important to me, plus I feel workout supplements should be taken very seriously. That’s why I haven’t been posting or sharing just yet what I am using.

A lot of you have been asking to join in on the 6 week challenge, however the next one doesn’t start until April 9. I know some of you are asking if there is anything else you can do until it starts. Feel free to search through my workout hashtag on Instagram (#GrantsHotWifey4Lifey) for workout inspo or read my old fitness and diet blog posts from earlier in my journey.

Lindsay does have a 4 week program that you can join. It is not quite as intense and obviously doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, but it is only $50 compared to the $199 of the 6 week. I have not tried the 4 week program, so I am obviously someone who would encourage you to do the 6 week one over the 4 week, but if you don’t want to wait until April 9 or if you’re needing to watch your spending a little more, I wanted to be sure to let each of you know of the 4 week program for $50. I followed Lindsay on insta for over a year and felt her core was the strongest and most toned feature of her body. Since that is where I was needing help, I decided to join her program. I’m so glad I did. My intern Chloe has been doing the challenge alongside me as well as all the other ladies who are killing it. It’s a very honest non judgmental group setting, so don’t feel overwhelmed. I know some members also like to report directly to Lindsay instead of the group, which is totally fine! If you’re wanting to get in better shape, I suggest doing whatever it is that will keep you accountable and feeling motivated. I just wanted to share since this program is working for me! I really am going to get that 6 pack because I feel I already am almost there!

Unfortunately there is no short cut or magic pill to truly getting healthy and in shape. I’m in it for the long term. I have so many followers who reach out and tell me their results are coming super slow. I remind them that’s a good thing! The slower it comes off, the longer it will stay off and the easier it will be the keep that lifestyle maintained!

You can see some photo results below that are in chronological order from before I started the challenge until the end. I still need to launch my Cabo trip overview for y’all. Once I get my Wednesday Southern Jewlz launch underway, I promise I will then give more of my energy to getting that together for y’all.

I currently have a blog giveaway happening right now where 1 lucky reader will win a stay cation to The George Hotel in College Station as well as a round of drinks and appetizers at Poppy Restaurant along with a chance to meet me! If you’re interested in that opportunity, you can get entered at the bottom of this blog post.

Happy Monday everybody! I think you’re all going to really like all that I’ve been working on!