The Newest Randa Carrabba Label Collection is HERE!

Happy Thursday everyone!  I am so excited to unveil my newest Randa Carrabba the Label collection to all of you.  We have been working on content creation since July, the new designs since January, and now I am finally able to share with all of you!!

Linking My Retail Online Store Here so You Can Shop!

Starting off, I want to tell you a little more about my label and how it came to fruition!  The “about the label” is written with my name in 3rd person.  So just pretend that I’m not writing about myself in this blog post LOL.

Randa Carrabba the Label is an Evolution brand designed and created personally by Randa. After 10+ years of building the lifestyle boutique Southern Jewlz, she wanted to design a high quality collection made in the USA that would allow for sizing consistency and would mature appropriately with her clients. A wife and woman who understands, Randa has made the focus of the label timeless, stylish and luxurious, each piece with her personal touch.  

Focused on being environment friendly, as less is better for the planet, each quality and classic piece is created from recycled polyester and other fabrics.  The recycled emphasis diverts used plastic from landfills and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.  A reflection of the retail price, every person involved in the production of Randa Carrabba designs, from the beginning idea to the customer receiving the finalized product, are paid and treated fairly. Designed for longevity, Randa’s focus on quality gives each piece a longer usable life that will have to be replaced less frequently.

This line is specifically for the busy but fashionable girl boss. It seamlessly transitions from the office to happy hour to date night. Some pieces are conservative, others flirty, all are versatile to suit every woman’s on-the-go lifestyle. Randa’s designs are rooted in the beauty of marriage and she wholeheartedly designed and selected each piece with her own husband’s tastes and preferences in mind.  

Whether a woman is single, dating, married, or a busy mom, she deserves that timeless piece in her closet that makes her feel like a million dollars, the kind of couture that isn’t focused on trends and that can’t go out of style. Randa also kept monumental moments of her own life in mind, designing pieces for memorable events so that no woman will have trouble remembering exactly what she wore whenever it happened, no matter what “it” is.

Randa believes in and actively promotes women empowerment. The primary focus of each collection is for other retail stores and boutique owners to succeed. She believes that when the tide is high, everyone rises, and when women support each other, true magic happens.

A strong emphasis on profit, margins are set for the retailers to succeed. Retail price points are set fair across the board so store owners will not be able to cut prices or discount the line, keeping an even playing field for all stores without discrediting the brand. If for some reason a product does not sell in any given store, the items can be exchanged bi-yearly to further ensure retailer’s success.

So if you are a retail store owner and would like to receive a line sheet, please email to request more info!

To shop the entire new collection – that’s linked HERE.  To shop my first ever collection as there are a few leftover pieces that have now been marked on sale – that’s linked HERE.

Most everything in my new collection is made to order (in the USA!) and please allow 8 weeks production and delivery time.  There are sale pieces and a few new pieces that are in stock and ready to ship, so please read the product description to learn more about each piece.

Now let me take you through a look at some of my personal favorites!

My absolute favorite is the Palais Royale Jumpsuit.  I decided to name most of the collection with a Parisian twist.  Paris served as a big inspiration for all of my designs in this collection, and I was even able to shoot a few looks earlier this Summer while we were in the City of Love!

The jumpsuit, like most everything in my collection, comes in 3 color options!

Another one of my favorites is the Chateau de Chambord Cape.  I really think the jumpsuit and this cape are both tied as my all time favorites of this collection!

Moving on, I obviously love the pinks, black and neutral of this line.  Another statement piece is the Anastasia wrap maxi dress.  Again, available in size XS-XL for pre order (8 week made to order production time) and comes in 3 beautiful colors.  The bow can be tied in the front (either side) or even in the back.

I love the We’ll Always Have Paris Blouse, and I predict this to be the best seller of the entire collection.  The structure of the bow in the neckline is such a stunning and statement feature!  I’m wearing it here with the Call Me a Cab Skirt.  This skirt can also be paired with the Bella Amour Dainty Top, and I’ll show you images of that styling below!

The champagne color was the first sample we produced, so you won’t see the structure in the neck tie of that piece, however all pieces moving forward with have the structured bow!  Here’s a photo below of me wearing it while in the Louis Vuitton Store in Paris.  My Mother in Law bought me my very own perfume in that store as a memory for our trip!  Something I will forever cherish!


Here’s a wowza editorial shot of the We’ll Always Have Paris Blouse!

A fabulous dress from the collection that will work well for so many body types is the Champs Elysees Dress.  Lots of room everywhere in this piece, but the structured bow tie belt helps to make it fit perfectly to you!  Available also in 3 color options.