Surprise Pregnancy Responses from our Family and Friends!

Reality Update: Pregnancy and the beyond hectic schedule of the past few weeks has me EXHAUSTED!

A few days ago we laid to rest a family member and this weekend we will finally learn the gender of our baby! We did the test over 6 weeks ago, but I had a full work schedule up until this past weekend. Now I’m thinking the timing and even the unexpected pregnancy came from God knowing this would be the perfect joyful event to follow up such a sad and grieving one.

I’m gonna take it a little easier this week to try to recover from how crazy work life has been recently! Monday is usually my busiest day, and with being out for a full family day, tomorrow’s first task will be getting all caught up on emails. This week I’m just trying to stay afloat while getting rested as well as all my workouts in! So many people say the 2nd trimester comes with more energy, but I feel I had way more energy during the first!

We wanted to share the fun video responses of us telling all our family and friends that we were pregnant.  Some didn’t believe us, some were more dramatic than others, and some made us cry!  We hope you enjoy watching below.  Remember to like the video and subscribe to my youtube channel.


This sunset heart hands cheesy pose was my Mom’s request.  Then she said it was her favorite.  Only fitting that she’s crashing the photo in the kitchen mirror LOL.



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