Pre Workout & Sleep It Off with WM Nutrition

Hey everyone!  Many of y’all have been craving for me to share some health supplements and today is the first day I am going to on my blog!  If you’ve watched some of my previous live videos, you’ll know that Ghost is my favorite protein powder and a pre-workout I like to use!  I love the Warhead Sour Watermelon flavor pre-workout, but it can give me a little of the jitters.  I know that scares some of y’all, and it does have a lot of caffeine in it, so my fitness coach Lindsay and I started searching to find a good fit before we shared one with y’all.  She is very particular about ingredients and keeps her client’s long term health and trust in mind when deciding on what to endorse, so I am proud to say BOTH Lindsay and I have started using some of these products and even endorsing them too!

Let me start off with my least favorite flavor, and that would be the Sleep It Off.  It has a bit of a spice flavor (and I prefer sweeter and fruitier), but it isn’t horrible and it truly works!  With me lifting more and growing more muscles, I can tell my body needs more sleep time to repair and rejuvenate from all the work I am doing.  Once I’m asleep, I’m out for the night, but since I’m a night owl and usually still on a phone or laptop past 5 or 6pm, this can be hard to wind down.  Plus sometimes it’s just hard to turn my mind off.  This has 3 mg of melatonin and other ingredients that you can see on their website HERE.  I even take half of a serving each night and still see plenty benefit!  That way I get more supply and don’t knock myself out too much.  You can get 50% off with my coupon code “Carrabba50” at checkout!

Now as far as pre-workouts go, I do enjoy their taste!  Not quite as much as Ghost, but I would say 2nd best to the others I have recently tried.  Now keep in mind using supplements is still a fairly new thing, so there are still a lot that I haven’t tried.

They have an All Natural Pre workout that comes in 2 flavors – blueberry and limeade.  But in my mind, I like the Sour Strawberry best of the regular pre workout.  If you’re very reactive to these types of products, then it can’t hurt to try the all natural one first, but I think the regular pre workout is still a low enough dose and I still see energy benefits and really enjoy the taste.  I haven’t experienced any jitters or crash on this brand! I purchased the pre workout variety flavor pack to try them all out, and I will say that green apple and my 2nd favorite afters sour strawberry.  Lindsay (my FAST Track to FIT coach) takes hers just like a pixie stix.  I do like to mix mine in a little bit of water.  I’ll show you some photos and link them below.  Remember to use my code “Carrabba50” for 50% off at checkout!

They also have more options like Protein Powder (I’m wanting to try the Cookies and Cream) and Advantra Slim (which I have not tried and do not use) and bundle options where you can save even more when you purchase multiple products in a set.  My 50% off code for my followers is Carrabba50!  Thank you to WM Nutrition for allowing me the opportunity to give my followers a code to save some money on a product I believe in and use myself!  If you watched my live video last night, this is what I was showing you and talking about!

Now I’m off to my first ever hip hop cardio class!  Video evidence will surface later, but be sure you’re following along on my instagram story!  If I like it, you know I’ll be sure to share and recommend it with each of you!

In case you missed my last fitness blog, I did a video and told you where you can get a PROFESSIONAL BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS done for FREE!  Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already!  I would also love if you would subscribe to my youtube channel as video blogs are becoming more and more of “my thing!’