New Addition: Empowerment Coaches!

Happy Thursday & the Day after Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry and Blessed day with your loved ones.

I have a very exciting announcement to make today!  We are adding Empowerment Coaches to the company!  We actually have 7 that will be kicking off the new year of 2020 with us, and I want to further explain below what this can mean for each of YOU!

We launched on January 12, 2019.  We have had many, many success stories, host hundreds and hundreds of members during a given month, and actually have had over 3500 people at least TRY our full body strength training program found at! (We are NOT on the App Store)

There are so many benefits to the power of on your cell phone or any other device including nutritional guidance based on YOUR goals, recipes from real time members, monthly meal plan guidance print outs, membership forums, live chat capabilities, and 10 different program options to currently choose from that include videos, voice-over audio coaching commands and standard, advanced and modified training options based on individualized skill set.  So why did we decide to add Empowerment Coaches to the mix?

Over this past year I have seen and felt first hand the feelings that both new and current members feel.  Joining a fitness program is a REALLY BIG THING and can affect your body, mindset and feelings.  While we aim to help each member in all of those aspects and offer a community forum for our members to interact with one another, I started to realize the power of small groups.  I knew that had honestly already grown too big and too fast for some people to feel the love and support of a small group. Think about it, a small group led by an Empowerment Coach is a place where a new member is more likely to ask more questions, not feel like a burden (I have so many people who apologize for things they do not need to apologize for!), be more vulnerable, and create more lasting relationships and friendships amongst the group.  The Empowerment Coach & Small Group option at came to fruition months ago, but everything takes time!  I decided to hire my own business coach and invest in my own educational course to properly learn how to implement this into the company and to be the best leader I can for the Empowerment Coaches, Small Groups, Influencer, and all Members alike!

Now, Empowerment Coaches & Small Groups are NOT MANDATORY for all members.  If you feel the community support amongst our big group of members and you feel successful living the lifestyle on your own, that is wonderful!  Honestly it comes down to different personalities, and I know more independent and naturally goal-driven ladies will probably want to continue on their journeys at WITHOUT Empowerment Coaches & Small Groups.  For those members, nothing will change.  The price for the individual option (obviously members still have email access to me and can engage with our community through the online forum) is still $49/monthly recurring or $507/yearly recurring (meaning over 2 months free).

But, for the members who want extra support, encouragement and community benefits – Empowerment Coaches & their Small Groups were designed with YOU in mind!  You’ll receive everything a normal member would get PLUS your own Empowerment Coach and Small Group!  There is a price increase for this as we take on more expense to provide this option, and it’s on average an extra $10/month. membership WITH Empowerment Coaching & a Small Group will be $59/monthly recurring or $620/yearly recurring.

Our 7 Empowerment Coaches are currently Members, have served in leadership roles as Affiliates for our company, and now are going through a course with 9 different phases with proper training of how to be a successful coach, small group leader, and how to generate more success stories and lasting relationships amongst their group members!

The 7 Empowerment Coaches joining our team in alphabetical order (full bios coming on the website in just a few days) are:

  1. Mariah Casales

  2. Cheyenne Claxton

  3. Madeline Ferretiz (currently in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy!)

  4. Michele Kreft

  5. Erika Manore

  6. Courtney McWhorter

  7. Brooke Puckett

When you set up a profile and checkout at, you’ll have the option to choose your Empowerment Coach which will automatically place you into that Coach’s Small Group.  Our Empowerment Coaches will have a Private and Small Community for their members only, and they will also have the option for you to join their own private facebook group.  Basically you’ll have someone checking in on you/your group at least 5x a week!

If you checkout for the Empowerment Coach & Small Group option and forget to choose your coach, that’s no problem.  We can manually add you into any Coach’s small group that you request.  By January 1 there will be a full write up page about the coaches, their backgrounds, more about them, as well as their photos at

If you’re a current member who wants to upgrade to the Small Group & Empowerment Coaching option, you will have to cancel your current membership and checkout with the new upgraded membership option.  Cancellation is FREE and can be done at anytime – here is the cancellation page.  Unfortunately there’s no way we can manually add on $10/month to your membership without changing the membership in our system.  If you need help doing so, feel free to email me at

If you want to learn more about, please read the FAQ here.  You also still have time to enter our biggest ever transformation challenge starting in January 2020 for a chance to win $5,000!  Entry tickets are HALF OFF through December 27, and become full price on December 28.  To read more about the challenge, read my previous blog post linked HERE.  To purchase an entry ticket for the $5,000 Transformation Challenge, click HERE.

I am sooooo excited that Mariah, Cheyenne, Madeline, Michele, Erika, Courtney and Brooke trust me and believe in the lifestyle to step into further leadership roles as Empowerment Coaches.  I can’t wait to share more about them with y’all in the future.  Adding this Empowerment Coach & Small Group option to should really give us the most solid and secure foundation to round out 2019 and kickstart 2020!  Thank you all for reading along and continuing to follow along my own journey.  I have learned that fulfilling and impacting other’s lives in a positive way is one of the best blessings in the world!  Together, we are excited to help more women reach their own goals in 2020, teach women that making themselves a priority is not selfish, and encouraging life-long relationships and community along the way!




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