My #SheJustShines Confidence & Mindset Course: FAQ’s


This course is officially LIVE! So excited to share it with all of you!  I listened to feedback from my readers and followers to come up with the concept and creation of this course.  I cannot wait to hear and witness the success stories that come from it!

“Confidence – a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities and qualities.”

I’m so excited to unveil one of my biggest projects I’ve been working on over the past 6 months!  Continue reading to learn more about this one-of-a-kind course totally different from anything else I’ve ever created!

Background behind the evolution and creation leading to the #SheJustShines Confidence and Mindset Course:

My personal self development journey became a high priority in 2016, as this year was my hardest year in business that ended in me closing the retail doors to my first ever business.  Then at the beginning of 2017 I was learning to balance a new marriage (between two very independent people with strong personalities who had lived single lives for 29 and 32 years) along with moving my career solely online.  Big life changes to say the least were hitting me all at once!

Many don’t know that the start of my fitness journey was actually by accident.  I was working 14-16 hours a day to save my business that was struggling on the storefront side.  With limited time to eat, wearing all the hats of the business after an employee wide lay off (including me learning to be my own clothing model), the stress melted away 40 pounds.

After my storefront closed, I had exactly one month from moving out until our wedding day.  I lifted weights every single day as I felt it was a true luxury to be able to finally make time for myself at the gym rather than spending such long and extended hours at my store front location.  After Grant and I arrived back home from the honeymoon, I didn’t want to stop the fitness routine I had started because I was feeling so good both physically and emotionally!  Let’s just say that the positive power of endorphins is REAL!

Growing my Own Confidence:

Did I gain confidence from my body transformation?  A TON!  Is that as deep as my confidence goes?  NO WAY!  I had to learn how to love myself and allow others to love me for who I am rathe than the successes I created.  Yes, I’m a recovering workaholic enneagram 3 who at my core cares tremendously about how successful I appear to others.  I’ve learned this is an unhealthy and fruitless journey and had to spend time learning more about the real me to become a mentally healthier version of myself.  If you have followed me on social media for some time, you’ll know that I have been able to show up unfiltered every single day during pregnancy on social media as well as with my daily strength training workouts to show my weight gain and body changes. (I’m currently 35.5 weeks pregnant as I type this blog post)  I’ve had to dig deeper than just allowing my “abs” to help me feel confident in my own skin and to allow who I am (just being without doing) to be worthy of unconditional love.

Since the beginning of February 2020, I have been diligently curating this new confidence and mindset course!  6 months later, now all the content is complete and I am soon to launch this new-to-me type of course to be virtually coaching!  I am not a licensed therapist and mention that many times in this course, but I am an average woman who has walked my own self-development journey the past few years.  I’m ready to help break the negative stigma of therapy and encourage more people to spend time investing in themselves and their own self development journeys!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 12.5 years now and have worked with many young women as team members, fashion models, content creators, simply customers whose stories I have listened to during my retail days.  Now owning an online fitness program, I lead our Empowerment Coaches, Affiliates and stay closely connected to many of our members.  Wanna know the biggest road block that FAR TOO MANY WOMEN allow to get in the way of their true happiness, success and elevating into their higher self?  1. The fear of what others think and 2. Quitting before they give themselves a fighting chance.  Both of these problems can better be solved with a stronger mindset, a deeper understanding of their core self and an improved confidence level!

So cheers to a new path: the #SheJustShines Confidence and Mindset Course where the only validation needed comes from within!  Read below for some FAQ’s to get a better understanding of this course.

What Is the She Just Shines Confidence and Mindset Course?

An online virtual program where I am with you every step of the way.  The goal time frame of this course is self paced between 30-60 days, but can be completed in less than 30 days if desired.  If you choose to take longer than 60 days to complete this course, that is ok too!  It’s totally self paced based on YOU.  The goal for the student is to better understand their core self, strengthen their mindset and boost their overall confidence with my J.O.Y. Technique.  This course takes work and effort on the students part while being guided along the way with me.  While the results are all positive, please understand there will be hard lessons and some painful self reflection required in order for this course to work.

What Is My J.O.Y. Technique?

The J.O.Y. Technique represents the 3 phases of the She Just Shines Confidence and Mindset Course.

The J stands for “Jumping Into Self Awareness”

The O stands for “Opening Your Heart to Self Love and Positive Relationships”

and the Y stands for “Yielding Into Your Higher Self”

How Long is This Course? 

The goal time frame of this course is self paced between 30-60 days, but can be completed in less than 30 days if desired.  If you choose to take longer than 60 days to complete this course, that is ok too!  It’s totally self paced based on YOU.

I Understand There are 3 Main Phases within This Course (J.O.Y. Technique), but how many total lessons are there?

There are a total of 30 lessons in this course with an additional overview video at the very beginning.

How Interactive Is This Course?  Will I Be Doing More Than Just Watching Videos?

This course is interactive in multiple ways.  Yes, you will be watching videos, however the course is not just made up of videos to watch. There’s some video-only content, some video and presentation together type content, downloadable forms to work on, questionnaires to fill out and even a guided meditation lesson.

How Much Is the She Just Shines Confidence and Mindset Course?

A one time charge of $299.  That gives you indefinite access to the course.

What All is Included with the Purchase Price of $299?

Full access to the She Just Shines Confidence and Mindset Course and a 20 minute private zoom call with me (Randa) to be set up after you’ve worked your way through the entire course.

How Will This Course Be Accessed?

To purchase this course, click HERE.  Then to continually access the course, you will log in HERE.  Even though the platform is provided through the website, you do not have to be a current member to access this course, but you will have to create a free login through the site.  As long as you purchase this course, it will be accessible indefinitely for you to use.

Why Did I Make This Course Separate from a Membership?

Multiple reasons, really.  First being that I spent over $15,000 in professional coaching to help me create a course like this.  Plus I’ve spent a great lump sum on my own therapy journey to get to the place where I’m comfortable sharing more of my journey and what I personally have learned in therapy.  I want people who are very serious about their self development.  Putting a larger price point on this course will help to hold someone accountable to go through and complete every lesson of this course and will show those who are serious about diving deeper into their own journey.  On top of all this expense, I spent countless hours of my own time over the past 6 weeks creating all the content and lessons in this course.  Even though I had coaching guidance, you’ll see when you go through the course that everything minus 2 collab lessons were created by me alone.  This is part of my full time job and how I help provide my part for our family.  Plus every student that goes through this course will get personalized one-on-one zoom time with me after to course, so I do have and will continue to have time invested in this course and those who go through it!

The worst thing I think someone can do is start personal development or therapy and only go to 2-3 sessions (put in 2-3 hours worth of the time and work).  Why?  Because it’s like ripping off a bandaid and leaving blood everywhere without taking the time to clean up the mess or heal the wound.  While I am not a licensed therapist, my goal with this course is to serve as a strong foundation in your self development journey so that you may continue maintenance in the future with a professional therapist.

Another reason is I know there will be women who want to take this course who either are not interested in a fitness program, or not YET interested in a fitness program.  Thus, a membership is not required to purchase and access this course, but a free login on the website is how you will login.

Who Is the Ideal Client for the She Just Shines Confidence and Mindset Course?

The ideal client is a woman who is willing to read, listen and watch all of the course content provided to better help her understand her true self at her core.  She is willing to dive into painful situations from her past that may be holding her back from true happiness or personal growth and wants to implement strategies and lessons taught in this course to strengthen her mindset, the self love she has for herself as well as her overall confidence from within.  This woman is willing to do the proper steps of work and self education provided to yield into a higher version of herself.

If you have any additional questions about my new course, feel free to email me at [email protected]  This course came to fruition based on feedback from all of you.  It was never part of my original plan, but I love listening to feedback for what each of you want to see more of from me.  I’m actually very excited about this course and the lives it will improve for the better!

I truly believe that Investing in yourself will be the one of the best projects you ever spend time on!  Thanks so much for reading and learning more about my newest course!




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    Amanda Walker

    July 9, 2020

    I am so excited to start this course!!

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      July 9, 2020

      Thanks for purchasing!!! You were the first one! It’s available and completed and we will do a big social media launch push next week! This week just got away. I hope you enjoy all the content and lessons. You can do them at your own pace! Let me know if I can assist you along the way 🙂

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    July 18, 2020

    Hey Randa! What’s the easiest way to contact you?



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