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My Recipe for Happiness!

To see our Paris trip from 2 year ago today, click HERE!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I must say I’m in a better than normal mood during a busy work week and I think it’s cause I’ve been sleeping so well.  I am loving the Sleep It Off by WM Nutrition and am truly falling asleep faster and getting a deeper steady sleep!  I’m linking it HERE and if you decide you want to purchase it, use code Carrabba50 for 50% off!

2 years ago today Grant and I had just landed in Paris with our friends Katie and Luke.  It was a 3 day layover on our way to Africa, but I loved Paris so much more!  Besides the food it was hands down my favorite place to travel.  The scenery, landscaping and architecture alone won me over!  Thinking of this memory brought so much happiness to me this morning that I wanted to share another blog post about happiness.

I’ve obviously been trying to live very healthy on my fitness program, which has made me incorporate some healthier recipes into my life.  It dawned on me this morning in the gym that I needed to come up with my own recipe for happiness.  It came to me rather quickly, so I figured I would share with each of you!  Everyone’s recipe might look a little different, but here is what I believe mine to be!  I believe it’s very important to think about and realize the things that help make you happy – even if it’s something you never expected. For instance, I would never have said just a few short years ago that “Keeping an Open Mind” would allow me to be happier.

If you know or come up with your own recipe for happiness, I would love to hear it below!  Also feel free to share your favorite travel spot you’ve even visited with me!  Paris was mine!


My Recipe for Happiness:


  • Keeping an Open Mind

    • This has been a huge change for me in the recent years, but one that I accredit a lot of my happiness to!  The truth is none of us “know it all” and there is always another perspective besides our own!
  • Laughter

    • Thanks to my husband for all of his silly voices and verbiage that keeps me laughing every day!
  • A Kind Heart

    • When You think of how to be kind and help make others happy, it usually fulfills your own happiness!
  • Optimism

    • Mindset can legit be a MAKE OR BREAK for some people!  Train yourself to learn to see the positive!
  • Quality Time and Occasional Adventures with Loved Ones

    • I know Paris isn’t a typical trip most people can make, but scheduling quality time and taking small little adventures like on a nature walk or even a local staycation counts!

If you want to take a walk with me down memory lane on our trip to Paris and see our beautiful photos by L’amour de Paris, I am linking that blog post HERE!!!

Last thing for today, a song that came on while I was lifting this morning gave me another important love reminder! “Life’s a game made for everyone, and LOVE is the prize!”  Just a little reminder to cherish and value your loved ones more than success, fame, money or materialistic valuables.

In case you really like my “happy vibe” kind of blogs, I wrote one a week and a half ago titled “10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness” and I’m linking that HERE.