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My Current Most Asked Fitness Question Answered

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is gearing up for the 4th of July!  I just finished up my 4th round this weekend, and to answer my most asked fitness related question I’ve been getting lately.

If you’re new to following me, I started the program this January 8, 2018 and have now been through 4 rounds.  It is honestly just my way of life now, as it truly is an attainable lifestyle.  It’s not a quick fix or a keto type of diet by any means!  It’s a balanced, healthy and active way of life.

I’ll actually start by sharing a few other progress pics that are from some of the members who were brave enough to allow Lindsay to share on the social media accounts.  We have women of all ages as well as beginners, intermediates and even advanced members (like I would now consider myself!)  Progress pictures and testimonials are not required, and actually far more members do not turn them in which is A-ok!  So don’t feel intimidated like you have to share pictures of yourself or you journey if you decide to join us.

The results and testimonials below were all from our May & June 7 week round.  There are still 24 spots avilable for the newest round that starts next Monday, July 9.  We actually have one girl who has been doing the program since January with me that has already lost over 50 pounds, but we actually focus on non-scale victories rather than letting the scale measure our personal success.

And for my own results from this round, see below!

Here is the photo I took the day I started the program:

Yes, this program takes work, planning, accountability and a learning curve, but I have gained so much physical, mental and even emotional strength.  I only wish I would have started sooner.  Yes, this program does cost $200, but if you’re anything like me, I know I’m far more likely to stay committed and get results when I am financially invested.


I had a call from a dear friend’s mom this morning asking if she was too old or too behind in her fitness journey to start.  Neither of these are the case!  We have women up into their 60’s do the program and women who have never lifted a weight before!  I told her that I correlate this program to taking an online class, but being in an active group with all the class members to help encourage, hold each other accountable and learn more together!

Thank you all for continuing to follow along on my fitness journey.  I feel very brave to share my real results consistently with the world wide web, especially since I’ve become even more open with becoming the ambassador.  Sharing and leading helps hold me accountable in my own journey, and I get so much fulfillment from helping others to live healthier and more active lifestyles.  Helping others reach their goals makes me feel like I helped serve my purpose!