Lets Talk #MarriageOverBusiness

Hi, I’m Randa and this is my husband Grant… To be honest, this is what our marriage would look like if I hadn’t given up being an obsessive workaholic.  Grant is the one who deserves the credit for the #MarriageOverBusiness shift. I used to own a retail boutique & shipping warehouse that consumed my life & identity! (I just didn’t realize it 🤪) In ‘17, I made a HUGE change a month before I got married.

I kept saying for YEARS that I wouldn’t be the one working the store the day before & after Christmas and Thanksgiving, yet year after year I was. I remember running into the grocery store that Christmas Eve to see a man with his children last minute shopping.  I could tell he was out of his element as I helped him find an ingredient “on his list”. I had already told my staff the retail doors were closing, but this grocery store trip was such validation.  #1) Retail was changing & #2) I didn’t want to be that wife sending my husband to the grocery store the night before Christmas.  I wanted to host my family for Thanksgiving Dinner & enjoy Christmas without stress of the day-after foot traffic, returns, & sale shoppers.
We can get so “busy” that we don’t stop to re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be.  I’m so grateful for a man who continuously encourages me to find my worth, value & identity from sources other than my career.  Exhausting ourselves for worldly success & approval from others can be so draining.

Something I’ve learned about myself since being married is that I love building things, creating communities & giving people tools to succeed while getting to live my own personal life.  I’m grateful I was able to sell @southernjewlz to another woman who dreamed of owning a boutique.  I’m thankful all of you pushed me to starting @powher.fit so that I can continue to encourage others to be their best selves, while prioritizing my own health & marriage first.

Life is a fabulous journey & I want to express my gratitude to you for supporting me through the evolutions.  Sharing life on the internet can yield judgement & criticism, but with all of you I hardly ever feel that way! #RandaCarrabba #marriedlife



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