Launch Day: Randa Carrabba THE Label is Finally Here!!!

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to finally share a project that I’ve been working on for a very long time.  It’s truly an evolution in my career, especially on the retail side of things.  You can watch an entire video where I explain a lot of the inspiration behind this line and describe the ideal customer.  Plus, there’s lot of behind the scenes photo shoot footage.  I would love if you would subscribe to my Youtube Channel as well!

Proud to say that my label is Made in the USA!  I am a firm believer in supporting and fueling our own economy.  Years ago when I first ever thought of creating this label, the first requirement I set for myself was to make sure that it was going to be made in America!  Not every piece is featured in this blog, but you can shop the entire collection HERE.

I have to start of by bragging on my friend Tim Vigus!  He is the “T” of GT Studio Gallery that I’ve been working with for quite some time.  I told him of this evolution many months ago, actually probably over a year ago.  He was such an encourager and of course wanted to do all the content and product images.  The best part?  The first day of the shoot he shot all of the photos himself.  Usually his husband Glen shoots all the images and Tim helps to style, pose and edit.  I told him I believed in him!  So this full day of photos taken was Tim’s very first time behind the camera all on his own and he did INCREDIBlE!  On Friday we did a little studio action with both Glen and Tim.  I am so thankful for their friendship, their support and all of their hard work on this beautiful content!  I couldn’t have done it without them!

Also a special thank you to The George Hotel owned by The Valencia Group for hosting us.  I have worked with this hotel before and absolutely love the hospitality, Texas heritage and lifestyle feel.  If you’re looking for a new place to try when you stay in College Station, I highly recommend The George Hotel in Century Square!  Please let them know I sent ya!

I would also like to introduce the model who was chosen from my casting call.  I’ve introduced her before on the blog, but what I love about her is she is 28 years old, has been married for 5 years, is a professional and full time model who lives here in Bryan, TX!  Being a fashion and runway model is her full time career and I feel she had the perfect look to make the face of my brand.  The issue is I started catching some grief from some followers when I was posting BTS on my instagram.  Some said she looked just like me and I chose her for that reason.  If you look at her modeling instagram portfolio, you can see that she doesn’t look like me.  I will say that the day we shot we had similar makeup and waves in our hair which did make us look similar, however she is a good 6 inches taller than  me and way thinner!  She is the most gracious, positive, humble professional model I’ve ever worked with and I am PROUD to have her as the face of Randa Carrabba the Label!  I wanted to focus on using only one model for my launch because planning shoots with multiple models only adds more work, prior planning, room for error and even stress.  I do plan to add more variation of hair color and sizes in the future, but this first shoot was so important to the future of the brand and giving my attention solely to one model (besides myself) was a business decision.  After all of the kick back on Thursday, I did ask my friend Breanna Skrhak who has been a Southern Jewlz model for years to join in.  We got to shoot her in one lifestyle look and one studio look so I could have a brunette to add to the mix.  I listened to all of the feedback (both positive and negative) and tried to move forward as best as possible!

Sheers to You Top | Crown for Whatever Pants in Black (also available in burgundy) | Pink Lady Fur Vest

I would also like to thank Stephanie Leatherwood and Dani Kana for allowing me to borrow their beautiful Chanel hand bags for this shoot.  I do not own a Chanel bag, but I loved the idea of having such a classic and timeless purse for these photos.  Thankful for their generosity to help make that vision come to life.  Coco Chanel is a true visionary and mentor when I think of the fashion industry, and I’m proud to have some of her designs captured in these images!  I hope to one day own my own Chanel bag, but I’m gonna have to set a pretty lofty goal and reach it before I  do so!


Hot Wifey For Lifey Jumpsuit

Many pieces in this collection are named in ways that should make you think of my personal brand.  I am such a fan of white, even year round.  I believe winter whites are absolutely elegant and beautiful.  This jumpsuit is a total statement piece!

Empire Shade of Mind Top | Champagne Toast Skirt

This picture is possibly my favorite of the entire shoot!  When Tim showed it to me on the playback feature of the camera I freaked out!!!  Such a Marilyn Monroe moment, but way classier than Marilyn Monroe.  I’m actually an Audrey Hepburn fan over Marilyn Monroe which may come as a surprise to most since I love being blonde!

Married at Miramont Dress

This piece is one of my personal favorites from the entire collection for many reasons! 1) It’s super extra and attention grabbing, so duh! 2) I used inspiration from my mother’s wedding dress (you know those 1980’s puffy long sleeves!) 3) It has even hidden little zipper on the forearms for the absolute PERFECT fit, plus you can unzip them and wave your hands over your head or fix your hair no problem 4) I got to wear my own wedding shoes with this look & 5) It’s named after our wedding.  This dress is called Married at Miramont because I think it would be absolutely perfect for a bride to be!  It might need just a tad more length as an adjustment, but hey this is my beginning and there’s always room for improvement!

It’s the little details that can make a big difference – like these hidden little zippers!

Work Hard Play Harder Top | Crown for Whatever Pants | Dream Lover Faux Fur Jacket (with pockets!)

I predict this to be the best selling top!  It is the perfect work shirt, but it still so chic and stylish for many other events.  It truly feels like silk – even though it’s not!  I couldn’t elevate my brand quite that much to start.  I wanted to still keep things budget friendly.  The basics range from $60-$88 retail and the more statement pieces range from $98-$156.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, strong, full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony

Audrey Hepburn Tee | Working 9-5 Pants

Here’s another great work-friendly outfit!  The top is just a chic and classic little spin on a somewhat basic tee.  You’ll notice all of the pants in my line are a cropped length.  Since I’m not doing custom measurements, this crop allows tall girls to wear them as true crops while the shorter girls will look like they are wearing full length pants.  Best way to accommodate everyone!

This is when Tim would say, “Hey Randa, can you stand like 2 feet in front of Alisha so you look taller!?”

I predict this to be the best selling dress of the entire collection and you can find out why in my youtube video lol!  But seriously, I am very hopeful for a good response from this sweater dress so I can create it in more colors!  I know some of you will want it in a darker color and I totally agree with that, but I loved sticking to lots of blacks, whites and pops of blushes to start!

Having a fun little lavender mimosa moment at Sweet Paris!  This place is seriously one of my favorites of all time!  I love the Paris music, the aesthetics as well as the food!  It’s like Parisian food with a flavorful Texas twist!

Not Just a Pretty Face Dress

I probably should have either modeled a size medium or not had the waist tied up so tight.  It’s not quite as short as it looks here.   It can be tied a multiple of ways, including in the front or back as you’ll see in my youtube video!

Rosé All Day Dress

Ok this little number isn’t work appropriate, but it is special event appropriate!  Off shoulder, blush pink and feminine statement ruffles just screams the Randa Carrabba Label!  You’ll hear me say in my youtube video the reason I didn’t make only work friendly attire is because we work to live.  We do not live to work!  There are plenty occasions worth celebrating and getting dressed up for that shouldn’t all be work related in my mind!

Under the Eiffel Tower Dress

Named after mine and Grant’s Paris photo shoot under the Eiffel Tower when I wore a statement red dress, here’s another NOT work-friendly piece!  However, a fun little flirty red cocktail dress was totally necessary for the launch of my own line!  This dress is the most hugging and shortest one of the entire collection, so if you’re worried about it being too tight or short I do suggest ordering up a size on this piece.  I’ll have a size chart included at the bottom of this blog post, so keep on scrolling sister! I even used matching inspiration for a black and blush skirt.  I do plan on incorporating in some longer pencil type skirts in the future, so if Midi length is more your style then stay tuned!

Empire Shade of Mind Top | Rodeo Drive Pants

This top is one of my personal favorites, but it’s for more of a date night look!  The deep sweetheart neckline is structured and the back is open with a long tie detail!  The sleeves are sheer, breathable and puffy which makes you body elude to be slimmer!  With a high waited pair of pants or skirt, the mid drift will barely show.  PS how cute is my hubby for coming to join in on this shoot?  I wanted to show real lifestyle moments and he was such a champ!  I love getting to promote and showcase my marriage first over business!

Kiss Me In The Rain Dress

This dress is one of my personal favorites because I named it after mine and Grant’s first kiss!  Yes, our first was in the rain under a barn filled with round bales of hay.  I challenged Grant to race me to the top.  He of course won and I was so out of breath.  I then knocked him over and literally made him kiss me.  Our friends were at the bottom in the ranger cheering us on because they wanted us to be in love haha.  I replied,”FINALLY!” after the kiss and told Grant I was worried that he didn’t like me.  He responded with,”Do you think I just wanted to casually walk 15 miles around the neighborhood with you this week if I didn’t like you?”  He reminded me he wanted to take it slow because he saw such a great future for us.  We met on July 18 and didn’t kiss until the end of September!  Well worth the wait! 🙂

You can tell this dress is still plenty long in the back, but the side slit at the front does show a little more leg.  It’s only fitting I picture this dress as a date night look with my hubby!  A true Southern Gentleman always opens the door for his lady.  Thankful that Grant always opens mine, even including the car door when we leave the gym and I look a sweaty mess.  I love this one showcasing his fun personality.  He has really embraced this blogging life and all the photo shoots it requires.  I couldn’t be more thankful that he allows me to share so much of my/our life with all of you!

As Good As Gold Sweater | Crown For Whatever Pants in Burgundy (Also available in Black)

I can’t wait to share more sweaters I have designed with each of you, but for now this will be a good start.  I love the way the cuffs are long enough to fold over because I think that is such a classy detail to all sweaters.  The scallop bottom is super fun and the chest cut out keeps it flirty!

These “Crown For Whatever” pants are just as they are named – good for so many occasions life may throw your way!  Such a great staple of the collection.  I love faux leather as it really elevates and makes an outfit look more high end and fashion forward in my mind.  These are a normal mid waist with loops for a belt.  Even faux pocket details on the back to look like true work pants!  Again, they are the cropped length to really showcase the shoe that is to be worn with them as well as being more accommodating to all body types this way!

My Bulldog Bites Sweater | Crown For Whatever Pants in Black (Also in Burgundy)

Ok so Bucky obviously does NOT bite – he is more likely to lick and cuddle you to death.  He may even put his nub right in your face in hopes that you’ll scratch his sweet spot.  But, I saw a nail polish color that was named “My Chihuahua Bites” and I thought it was the funniest thing ever.  Since this sweater has a slit in the neckline, I thought it was the perfect name and way to tie Bucky into my lifestyle clothing launch.  Again, you’ll notice I made it to where the cuffs can be folded over.  I personally love a half in and half out tuck look, but it can be hard to do with a thick sweater. That’s why I made the fund waistline on this piece have the best of both worlds!

The Sheers to You Top | The Pink Lady Faux Fur Vest | Crown For Whatever Pants

Back details are always so fun to me.  This is a simple twist to a basic work appropriate top, but it still allows a regular bra to be worn!  Super win!

The Bellagio Proposal Dress

This dress is named after mine and Grant’s engagement.  If I had known I was getting engaged I would have worn something more similar to this than the crop top and feather skirt I chose.  But I was in Vegas with all my friends and obviously didn’t know I was about to get asked THE QUESTION!  I’ll also admit this dress is still a little short right in the front and still needs a little length added there to make it super great, but the sides and back are longer.  Please allow me a little grace as this is my first ever personal collection!  I can only get better with time!

Vanity Fantasy Top | Crown For Whatever Pants

This fun little ruffle peplum top is another great go-to work piece.  A simple way to really elevate a good basic.  You can see more views of this top as I wore it during my interview on the youtube video that announced this brand launch!

High Class Affair Top | Crown For Whatever Pants

Here is Bre in her one lifestyle look!  This top is another one of my favorite personal pieces and it also comes in black.  A total statement piece, but it’s still plenty work appropriate even though it shows off one shoulder!  I personally love it when it’s tucked in.

Haute to Trot Midi Dress | Pink Lady Faux Fur Vest

I had to do a midi length piece in the collection launch!  The cut out on the mid drift takes this out of the work appropriate category, but I love how chic and forward this simple ribbed dress is.  A slit on the bottom right side because I always am able to walk and move better in a longer dress when there’s a slit detail!

The Uptown Girl Top (also available in blush pink and white) | Rodeo Drive Pants

This top is the first piece that comes to mind when I think of work basics for my own collection.  I’ve always been a bell sleeve addict, probably because I’m from Texas.  I know these sleeves may not be practical and can sometimes get in the way, but they sure are feminine and attention grabbing!

Rodeo Drive Pants

To say I am obsessed with these pant sis an understatement!  They make my waist look smaller than it actually is and the leather belt tie detail is so fun!  I named these the Rodeo Drive pants because I totally claim them to be 90210 worthy!

The Uptown Girl Top in White (also available in blush pink and black) | Rodeo Drive Pants

The Pretty Woman Dress

I love a good wrap dress and burgundy in near to my heart since I’m in Aggie.  I can’t wait to master the perfect full length maxi version of this dress, but for now here’s the short version!  So feminine, classy and timeless!

PAZ-itively HOT Sweater | Rodeo Drive Pants

This is the wildcard of the whole collection!  A cropped turtle neck sweater with vertical ribbed detail and puff sleeve action in a gray color.  This was the experiment of the whole line as it’s very different, and I personally can’t wait to see it styles many different ways!

The Uptown Girl Top in Blush Pink (also available in white and black) | Tell Me About It Stud Shorts

These paper bag waist leather shorts are such a great fit!  Even on curvy booties and muscular thighs like mine.  Elastic draw string waist band and large pockets!  Perfect to wear with a simple top tucked in.  Named after one of my favorite movies – Grease.  I always think of the movie Grease whenever I see leather.  Plus I LOVE Danny and Sandy’s love story in that movie!  I think it’s so cute he tries to conform to her style, but he ends up getting to just be himself! I have wanted Grant to dress up as them with me for Halloween the past few years, but I think the wig I want him to wear is what turns him off haha.

The Work Hard Play Harder Top | Pinked to Perfection Motto Suede Leggings

How am I gonna launch a clothing label and not have a pair of pink pants?  Motto’s are proving to stay popular over the past few years and these are Grant’s personal favorite pants on me.  I personally wasn’t a big motto pant fan myself, but Grant literally LOVES when I wear them so I decided to switch my mindset.  I love the way suede feels.  Plus, I personally feel it takes something regular to more elevated!  So these are another tribute to my husband!  I love that he loves for me to dress up, but his favorite look on me  is no makeup and a t-shirt on a day off spending together watching football in his man cave!

Here’s another look of the Not Just a Pretty Face Sweater Dress.  More of a fall look styled here with booties!

I used to be self conscious of the pictures when I would be smiling so big that my eyes looked closed.  Now the older I get, those are my favorite types of photos of myself.  The simple reason being that I can see so much JOY inside of myself.  Thank you ALL for continuing to follow along on my journey as I continue to evolve.  I’ve been sharing my creations on the internet for nearly 10 years now!  What a decade!!!  Yes, I’m still currently running Southern Jewlz Boutique online primarily by myself, but it did have to take a little bit of a back burner while making this business come to real life.  I’ll be sharing in the next few months just how I plan to juggle it all moving forward!

Again, not every piece got featured on this blog, but you can shop the entire collection HERE.

“With love, class and a touch of sass, she has the ambition and determination to set the world on fire!!!”

That’s the ending of the motto behind the Southern Jewlz brand I started as a sophomore in college! I would also like to share some words I wrote down 2 weeks before I ever opened my first retail store.  I will never forget my roots or what helped mold and build me into the person I am today.  Crazy how I was only 22 when I wrote these words and now at 31 I look back on them more than ever:

“Be selfless and dedicated and give a compliment to others regularly.  Learn something new every single day.  Say your prayers and count your blessings.  Be a role model, a leader, and an icon of success and hard work.  Think outside the box, push every single boundary, and know that there is NO LIMIT to what you can do or who you can become!”

Much love to you all!  I seriously mean that.  Without readers, customers, encouragers and supporters in this world I wouldn’t have ever been able to create my own clothing line.  Cheers to the future of the Randa Carrabba Label!  If you own a retail store or boutique and would like to see about being approved as a preferred retailer, please leave me a comment below or email [email protected]!

Here’s the sizing chart I spoke about earlier in the post!






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    October 12, 2018

    You were right! I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! Randa. Never have ever thought someone understood my style. This is so on point. Every piece is flawless! Can wait to make a few purchases!

  2. Reply


    October 12, 2018

    You have really outdone yourself, lady!!! Congrats to you on this new line and all of your future endeavors. I love following along with every aspect that you share! Looking forward to more surprises from you in the future.


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    Alysha Robinson

    October 12, 2018

    Beautiful collection!!!!!! You did a fantastic job on the color choices, silhouette and the line! So proud of you chica!!!! 😀 ***insert 100 rainbows and unicorns*** LOL

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    Kristi Nabors

    October 12, 2018

    I am so proud of you. You have done an amazing job with your new line of clothing.
    Love you xoxo

  5. Reply

    Kristi Nabors

    October 12, 2018

    I am so proud of you. You have done an amazing job with your new line of clothing. Xoxo

  6. Reply

    Sarah Stem

    October 12, 2018

    Randa, they are all stunning! I’m completely in love with Empire of Shade top (must have!) The crown leather pants in black and red. The Efile Tower dress. Oh and if I had your cute little body and could pull of the one you designed after your Mom’s wedding dress I would. That was so sweet of you! I’m so very proud of you and your hard work and success to have your own label. Not many get to where you are and you should be oh so proud! ????????

  7. Reply

    Sarah Strain

    October 12, 2018

    Congratulations on your gorgeous collection! I love how you discuss each piece in your post! ???? obviously obsessed with all of them! ☺️ Can’t wait to place my order!

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    October 13, 2018

    These are all so beautiful, Randa! So excited for you!!!

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    October 14, 2018

    Your new line is absolutely stunning! I’ve followed for blog for a few years now and you seem to have the sweetest, girl-next-door personality! Best of luck in your new adventure!!



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