Birthday & Pregnancy Life Update Vlog!

Happy Monday Ladies!  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a youtube video – over 3 months!  I’ve been creating so many courses and wrapping up so many work projects before Baby Boy Carrabba arrives that I’ve put my youtube videos on the back burner.  But, I’m back!!!

Watch below for an overview from my birthday this year as well as the story for how Grant & I met 6 years ago.  We also included a home building update and shared a little more about our soon-to-be parent life.  Hope you all enjoy!

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This was the smallest & most intimate birthday party I’ve ever had, which is not usually my style. Let’s not forget I’m the girl who threw herself a retro prom when I turned 30, but I have to say this will go down as one of the most memorable!. . Getting creative for obvious reasons (Covid 😷) was super fun, actually! Private dinner in the living room of our new home (@carrabbacastle) featuring carry out food from where we had our first date along with diet baha blasts from Taco Bell (bc I’m obsessed 😋), all while being 9 months preggo with our first baby was worth the drops of sweat. Grant may or may not have taken his shirt off after we took pics LOL. . The table cloth was actually our wedding backdrop with our custom vows painted on top. Our vows were a surprise so I made @grantlandpart2 promise not to peek when he was at the alter waiting for me to walk down. I love being able to reuse such meaningful pieces for special moments in life!. . Thank you to @bubblelloon_giantballoons for the perfect backdrop addition! Thank you all for the love yesterday and always! It’s been a great life thus far, and will soon be turned upside down by our very own special addition! 💙👶🏼🎂 #RandaDay #BirthdayDinner #Grateful #Thankful #blessed

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    Melissa Cumby

    July 21, 2020

    I just love watching/hearing yalls story it’s so beautiful



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