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I’m so excited to share with y’all about the new upcoming Kait X program that will be launching in June.  We are aiming for the first part of the month, but will have an official launch date soon.  There’s a lot of work that goes into creating these courses and having everything all set and ready to launch for everyone!  There have been so many questions about this upcoming collab program that I decided to write and share a blog post overview & FAQ about this program BEFORE it launches that way we can focus on finishing the course while still having a resource to better answer everyone’s questions in a more time efficient manner!

Who is Kait?  Kaitlyn Davis (as I’m sure many of you already follow her on insta) is a friend of mine as well as a true rockstar!  I actually met Kait when her and her husband Coop (a PBR bull rider) had just started dating.  Over the years from following her on social media, we created a friendship and she has truly been an incredible form of advertisement for the company with her impressive consistency.  I mean look at her newest fitness pics – she has worked her booty off!  I have truly never met someone more goal-oriented, driven, determined and as hard working as Kait.  She owns and operates her own luxury mink eyelash company (Reign Lashes), she is a social media influencer (an incredible one who actually helps other businesses to grow), and she is currently building a wedding venue to launch in August of 2020 (Reign Hills).  Did I mention she’s a mom, a wife, and truly someone who successfully balances so many roles in life!  Her “before” pictures that you’ll see her share show that she used to weigh 175 lbs, and now she is more in shape and shredded than the majority of fitness models who have been in the industry for many, many years.  Her journey is beyond incredible and inspiring, thus we hope to help touch many more lives with her new Collab course!

Before I dive into the FAQ about the program, I want to share that Kait has been working out with since the Fall of 2018 before our website even launched.  She has been strength training for over 2.5 years, so even though her course is only a 12 week course, please understand that results like this that lots of time and consistency.  She followed our programs in order that we recommend (Strength 1.0, Bikini Body, PowHer 1.0, Booty & Abs and then we encourage Strength 1.0 again but in a caloric surplus while doing more of the advanced movements with heavier weight).  If you’re someone who is pregnant or postpartum, we do have a pregnancy and postpartum program, too!

Starting January 2020 Kait kicked it into high gear!  Ready to shred and uncover all the muscles she had worked so hard to grow for a long time, she hired a separate nutritionist from and was very vocal about that. Any nutritionist we have had with us at does not work one-on-one with clients, but does help advise member’s nutrition questions when they arise.  Kait started working with April, started limiting her amount of meals that were consumed at restaurants, and she began preparing the majority of her own food at home.  This fit in perfectly with the quarantine life we all had to follow!  Training wise, Kait has also been adding in extra Kardio (cardio with a K, duh) to her routine, so we decided to come together to make a program that features her favorite movements, her preferred weekly training cycle of choice, her favorite body parts to build (back, booty & legs), along with her additional Kardio to create a Kait specific program.  Kait’s collab will actually be 2 SEPARATE PROGRAMS – one for nutrition and one for home & gym fitness training.  Kait’s nutritionist April did join us for a meeting at the beginning stages of her course creation and she will overlook the final nutrition portion of the program, but due to her job with another company we are not able to publicly promote her with this program.  We also have 2 other nutritionists on staff (Jeff as you learned about in my Pump Your Bump Pregnancy program blog HERE and now my husband Grant!).  Yes, Grant became an officially certified personal trainer through ISSA and his elite training covered personal training, nutrition and rehab/recovery movement education!

As far as the training side, we will now be double covered with personal trainers to help give credentials to this program.  This fitness program is not going to be EASY.  I actually do not encourage a beginner to start with this Kait x collab program because it took Kait years before she was training at the level of this program we will soon be releasing.  Ultimately everybody’s individual journey is their own and we will still have standard, advanced and modified options for every training movement as well as a gym and home version, but I would highly recommend starting with at least Strength 1.0 at first.  I actually would prefer a member go through Strength 1.0, Bikini Body, PowHer 1.0 and PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs programs FIRST, but I know many people will want to start training like Kait sooner than later.  I just want everyone to understand it won’t be for the faint of heart and also we do encourage the gym program over the home option based on more equipment and weights readily available to help build and do progressive overloads.  You will still get great results on the home program and can follow her nutrition favorites at home, but we do encourage the gym for more muscle building!

How Much Is the Kait x Collab Program?

The Kait x Nutrition Guide is a one time charge of $49.  The Kait x Gym & Home Fitness Program is a one time charge of $49.  You must be an active member to be able to purchase either of these programs.  To become an active member and to choose from our regular monthly membership, regular yearly membership (almost 3 months free), empowerment coaching monthly membership or empowerment coaching yearly membership (almost 3 months free) – click HERE.  You can read the company FAQ HERE.

Are Discount Codes Available?

Discount Codes (if you have one) can be applied to any membership, but no discount code can be applied to Kait’s nutrition or fitness program course.

Will this program be included to those who purchase an annual membership?


Can I switch back and forth between home and gym training with this program?

Yes!  You will gain access to both the gym and home workouts of Kait’s Fitness Program when or if you purchase it, and you can switch in between gym and home to better fit your busy lifestyle.

How long is this fitness program?

It is a 12 week fitness program.  It can be finished at your own self pace if you need to.

Can I modify the movements in the fitness program to fit my own skill set?

Yes!  We offer standard, advanced and modified options for all training movements!  Each movement comes with an instructional video that shows all 3 options along with voice over coaching commands to walk you through the proper technique and form.

What Body Parts does the Kait X focus on building?

Primarily focusing on building back, booty & legs while leaning everywhere else.  The focus for Kait is to have an X shape!  The goal is to make the waist appear smaller from building the back and booty/legs!

How long are the workouts?  

Based on your skill set, your rest time, your execute time, etc. these workouts will be anywhere from 30 minutes to 75 minutes.

How Many Days a Week will I Be Working Out on Kait’s Program?

5 Training Days, 1 Active Recovery Day & 1 True Rest Day just like all the other programs!

Can I get Kait’s Exact Macro Split in Grams and her exact caloric intake?

No.  The reason is because everyone’s body type and base maintenance level is different.  We will be sharing Kait’s macro split and her caloric deficit amount so that each of you can implement that to your own current nutrition overview!

How Many of Kait’s Recipes will I Receive?

Kait has listed out recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for multiple full days of eating.  You will receive a total of 30+ recipes from Kait x Nutrition Guide.

Will Kait Be Releasing Her Grocery List in the Nutrition Overview?

Yes, she will!  Anyone who purchases Kait X Nutrition Course will have access to it!

What Home Equipment Will I need?

That’s based on your skill set.  Modified movements will need the least equipment and advanced movements will need the most equipment.  We encourage a pair of weights (could be water bottles, water jugs, or dumbbells), a bench (but could also use a coffee table, chair, sofa or stairs), a booty band and resistance band.  This will be officially finalized when the program is launched.

What is the mental/physical mindset we should be in before entering this program?

As I stated earlier in the blog, I do not encourage this program for someone just beginning their fitness program.  This program is for someone who is ready to take fitness training and smart nutritional choices very seriously.  This program is for someone who will be dedicated and consistent.  This program is for someone who is comfortable being in a caloric deficit and sticking to it.  Full body weight training, HIIT, progressive overloads & Kardio takes time, work and determination!

Will this program be available all the time if I don’t buy it in June?

Absolutely!  June is just the launch month, but it will be available of course at whatever time you want to make the purchase!

To purchase either of Kait’s PowHer Collab Programs (Nutrition or Fitness Home/Gym), you must FIRST be an active member!

  1. First Purchase an active Membership HERE!

2. THEN Purchase Either (or both) of Kait’s Programs (Nutrition or Fitness Home/Gym) HERE!

3. If you have more questions about, read our general FAQ HERE.



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    Can’t wait, Kait is inspo X 1,000,000🤗

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