A Look Back over the 1st 15 Weeks of my Pregnancy!

Officially 4 months this weekend! I’ll take my 16 week pic tomorrow. Do y’all want me to continue to take & post weekly progress pics during this entire pregnancy? If so, tell me below in the comments!

I am SO GLAD we waited so long to announce we were pregnant. It hasn’t even been a week & the “pregnancy police” have been at it with the misconceptions about strength training while pregnant. The rule of thumb is, as long as you’re healthy, deemed low-risk & cleared by your doctor (all of which I am!), it is ENCOURAGED to continue training the way you were BEFORE pregnancy. I plan to continue to do full body @powher.fit strength training workouts up until the day I deliver this baby, as long as my body allows. I’m not trying to hit any PR’s or max out records during this season, but I am going to try to stay as strong for both myself AND baby!

A highly educated “pregnancy policemen” yesterday said, “Dude you’re pregnant. That’s too much for your baby. You’ll have plenty time after delivery to prove yourself.” 🤣 I have multiple redundant messages every day asking, “Are you sure that’s safe for the baby?”. LIKE WHY WOULD I BE WORKING OUT IF IT WASN’T? I love my body & my baby more than anybody else – I would NEVER harm either! Hoping I can help break the misconception that pregnancy does not have to be a disability, nor is it a time to be lazy if you’re capable to move, nor just eat unlimited junk food bc you’re “going to gain weight anyways”

I’m eating 300 surplus cals over my current maintenance intake, focusing on Whole Foods to nourish both me & baby! Nutrition guidance at www.powher.fit.

Of course every journey is different & there are high-risk pregnancies who are not cleared by their doctor to work out. That, however, is not the case for me, & I personally give credit to the fact that I’ve lifted & gotten in the healthiest shape of my life over the past 3.5 years! I have not been sick one single time, no nausea & I haven’t missed a single workout. I promise if I’m tired or my body needs a break, I will listen to it. For now, I’m BLESSED to continue to ROCK this pregnancy! Currently weighing 149lbs – up 5lbs the last time I weighed pre-pregnancy!



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