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Bucky’s National Dog Day Pics & a Few Important Announcements

Hey everyone! I have a couple of important announcements I wanted to make to everyone and figured I would just make an entire blog post devoted to it!  I am also only a bulldog mom of one (no human babies) who is still a day late on National Dog Day.  I am the worst at all the national holidays on social media lol.

1. I am taking another break from answering DM’s on instagram.

This is for a couple of reasons. 1) I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed, so I have to take care of myself first so I can wholely serve my community. 2) I am going to start going LIVE on Wednesdays at 6pm CST to answer all of your questions then and to interact that way with y’all. 3) I want all of my followers to really start asking questions and engaging on my actual public posts. Think about it, you may have the same question that 20 other people have, so when I answer a question you have, I may also be answeeing a lot more questions for others too. I truly want to create a community within my community so I want people who follow me to engage with each other. Don’t be intimidated or worried about asking a question on a public post because we are all in this together and I truly want to create an uplifting and encouraging environment and conversations on on my posts. I feel I have the best quality of followers who are true cheerleaders! I know social media can be scary, but I feel my little space is a much safer spot than others. Plus I spend so much time on content creation, it also helps me to get my content to perform better .

I am working on a big fashion project this week & the Southern Jewlz site is 75% off (minus unicorn lashes).

I have been hitting it pretty hard on the fitness side of things lately, but I wanted to let y’all know I’m working on a really fun fashion project this week.  I don’t get to share for a little while, but I know so many of you started following me because of my boutique (Southern Jewlz) so I wanted everyone to know some fun fashion content will be coming to the blog soon.  And until then, shop the entire Southern Jewlz site at 75% off.  All the swim suits and old styles are literally 75% off with code “GottaGo”.  My outfit in the pic above is from Southern Jewlz and the earrings are by St. Reign Jewelry.  I will also be restocking the Unicorn Lash collab I did with Reign Lashes tomorrow.  They will not be on sale though.

3. There is a chance we may get a little girl bulldog!

So I drafted my first ever fantasy football team yesterday, and I’m on league where I am playing against Grant.  I asked him after the draft if we could make a bet.  He agreed that if I win we could get a little girl bulldog!  He has never given into this anytime I have asked him.  Now he is like really really good at fantasy football, so the chance that I beat him if very slim, but there is now at least a chance!  I am now so excited about playing fantasy football!

So those are my big announcements along with my photos showcasing Bucky the Bulldog.  He is almost 12 and starting to lose his hearing, so we are cherishing every single moment we get with him.  He is the best little assistant around.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a blog for the chocolate lover!  I’ll be sharing lots of ways to eat protein packed and healthy chocolate options.  I am also working on all of our video and photos from our family trip to Big Bear, California.  So stay tuned for lots of fun stuff coming to RandaCarrabba.com!