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Beautiful Wedding Detail that We Will Forever Cherish – PS it was FREE!

Hey y’all. I have been super busy writing a really long post that I will be sharing soon and shooting lots of
Fall fashion looks, too! So get ready for lots of new coming your way. The Fall collection is live now at Southern Jewlz Boutique in case you haven’t already checked out that project of mine. And if you’re not already following me on instagram and snapchat – those are the best ways to keep up with my day to day!

It’s been a while since I have shared anything about our wedding day, and since it’s Wednesday (hence Wedding Wednesday) I thought today would be perfect! There were so many beautiful moments and details to our big day. The theme was Classic Fairytale meets Victorian Valentine. Today actually marks 3 years since Grant asked me to be his girlfriend and we have been married for 8 months – so even better the reason to blog about our love story and our wedding!

Wedding topics I have currently blogged about previously include the video of us I made for our rehearsal dinner, how to choose your bridesmaids (my most popular blog to date), my wedding glam squad, the reason why I’m so into calling Grant my Unicorn, the best advice I received before taking our engagement photos, the reason we chose to have a first look, and the reason why I did not post a photo of my ring when we got engaged.

Today I’m wanting to share one of the absolute sweetest details on our wedding day! I have to give credit to my lead planner Abby Mejia from the Two Be Wed planning team for making sure this sweet moment was planned.

Right before we left the reception for our grand exit, we cleared the entire ballroom. Nobody was in there except the DJ, the videographers, Abby and us. We stood in the middle of the empty dance floor and ball room and danced to “My Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” by Stoney Larue. It was such a beautiful moment because there was no more itinerary for the day except the sparkler exit. During this time, Grant and I literally wrapped our arms around each other as if it was a super slow romantic song and just laid our heads on each others shoulders. We cried, we kissed, we told each other how much we were in love with each other and how we couldn’t wait to share our lives together. It was a beautiful almost ending moment to our wedding, yet still the very beginning of our lives together. We were totally into each other verses anything else. We weren’t worried about smiling for the camera and I didn’t care if my makeup ran all over my face. The wedding was basically over and the photographers were outside waiting to get our grand exit photo. Now I love photos and I love videos, but I loved not being worried about anything else besides being wrapped up in Grant’s arms and living in that very moment. It was a slow moment that wasn’t rushed or interrupted one single bit. That dance is now one of those memories where I can close my eyes and go right back to that moment in time. And even Grant agrees that our last dance was one of the most intimate moments. It’s the closest we have ever felt to each other at that time in our loves. It was sweet, it was intimate and it was absolutely one of the best memories of my entire life! Better yet? It didn’t add anything to our wedding budget. So technically it wasn’t FREE, but it didn’t cost anything extra either!

The reason why we danced to Stoney Larue “Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” is because while we were on our first date, Grant asked me to DJ on the way home. I searched through his iTunes and this was the first song that I saw in his library that I absolutely loved, so I played it. I fell in love with this song my freshman year at Texas A&M. Whenever it came on Grant asked me why I played that song. Keep in mind we were on our first date so I just timidly responded, “Because I like it???” He went on to tell me it was one of his favorites songs of all time. He later told me he loved that song so much that he would love to dance to it at his wedding, even though it’s not a traditional wedding song. We chose a different first song to dance to that fit our story perfectly, but being able to incorporate “Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” as the very last private dance on our big day made Grant and I both so happy!!! Our first dance was actually to Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud” because we truly did find love right where we were since we were basically neighbors. We had a choreographed ball room dance that actually had two lifts required!!! I had to change out of my princess dress that way I could do all the moves and lifts that the routine required. I will be sharing more about our first dance at a later date. I have not yet shared that video or any wedding videos besides our two different 60 second teaser films on my instagram and youtube. So stay tuned for more wedding video footage coming your way. But believe me when I say the wait is totally worth it!!! I got to view all of the wedding videos that were put together for us recently and they are more than I could have ever dreamed of!

For today, I will share a photo from our first dance, the video of our last dance and one of our exit pictures (that way you can see my incredible Monique Lhuillier Custom Platinum Edition gown one more time). Our photographers were Luke and Cat and our videography team was Reverent Media. We purchased the VIP bundles on each, because footage from our wedding day was a huge emphasis for me when it came to budget. I would personally rather skimp on flowers and have higher quality photos and more video footage to enjoy for the rest of my life. But I’ll save the wedding budget talk for a later post!

I hope y’all enjoy seeing a peak into one of the most beautiful memories that my husband and I share together!

After the Vegas incident this week, I’m even more thankful to get to share my life with my husband. Continuous thoughts and prayers for everyone affected. May God Bless our world and all of humanity!



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    October 4, 2017

    Love me some Stoney ❤️❤️❤️❤️ When my husband walked down the isle we played a red dirt song, wade bowens ” who I am”.