The Reason Why I Love Sharing My Life

Hey y’all! I just did the funnest little Friday Follow series of videos on some adorable other bloggers I have gotten to meet on my instagram! That little project has me feeling super reflective – which if you’re an avid follower, you know I love some reflection time!

This post is just an update of my blogging career. I’m a newbie who created and developed every aspect of this website to launch after my recent wedding. Before I launched my blog I had to think who I was wanting to target and what the purpose of my blog would be. I would hear that I needed to focus on something more narrow rather than broad, but the fact of the matter is my life is broad. And I wanted to share my lifestyle! My current posts are full of newlywed life, recaps from our Wedding, the outfits I choose to wear, my fitness and health journey, my random though that I hope are inspirational, traveling and seeing the world, styling and designing our home, the victories and struggles I feel, and embracing new seasons and challenges that life presents. I’m basically cultivating and styling my life in so many aspects, so I couldn’t focus on a specific avenue. I could however focus on being positive, brave, real and finding the way to live the happiest life possible. So instead of targeting just the fashion enthusiast or the newlywed, I wanted to share all the aspects of my life in hopes of targeting readers who strive to be the best versions of themselves, always raising the bar to live their happiest and fullest life possible without regrets. I truly believe that I can make the world a little bit more beautiful, and I want readers who think the same about themselves. While I love being selfless to others, I have learned the importance of serving myself without feeling guilty and I hope to encourage others to do the same. I believe in being honest and transparent with my readers and I hope that my joy can infect them and together we can spread more love and happiness around the world. Because even when life brings us pain and struggles, remember it takes both rain and sunshine for a flower to grow and blossom. I believe that the intent of this blog can be more powerful than the reach. I would rather have less people who allow me to truly empower and help better their thoughts and feelings, rather than a much larger number of people who only like my outfit of the day. I want to go deeper than surface level with my followers. I am so thankful that I braved sharing my life with all of you – so thank YOU for following along!

I got the sweetest message from a reader this morning after she read my “Lessons Learned in my 20’s” blog post that I published right after I celebrated the big 3-0.

From the anonymous reader: “I was reading through your blogs and this one was God sent for me. I needed to hear all of that more than I can express to you. I just wanted to say that you really impacted me today when I needed it more than ever. Depression has been my demon lately, worse than ever and this made me feel uplifted and gave me some guidance I was searching for.”

Throughout my 30 years, I have taken on many projects, held multiple titles and have recently transitioned into a new season of life. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the hustle or the to-do of our day to day lives that we forget why we do what we do or how we can impact others. I have been guilty of this myself as I have been working so much running my company by myself and building this blog. But I want to be a shining light with my life, my words and my mindset to others. I love working hard, however, my body is still needing a little more down and unplugged time than I’ve been allowing it.

So I am making my focus to stay on task, do all that I can do without expecting more from myself and to stay joyful through it all! Y’all know I believe that a positive mindset is one of the most vital aspects to any human being, but I think besides focusing on being positive, joy and happiness needs to be a major focus as well. So I’m releasing the extra and unnecessary pressure I’ve been putting on my shoulder and trying to enjoy my life! God blessed me with a good one, and I don’t want to let it pass by! I want to be that kind of a person that others can just look at and automatically feel the joyful infectious energy. We all have so much to be grateful and thankful for, even through the struggles and hard times.

So the point of this blog is to encourage you to think about why do you do what you do? And don’t think just day to day or task to task – think the big picture. Even if you’re not working the job you want or you’re not receiving all that you want from your current relationships – how can you adjust your ways or habits to improve your life? Our thoughts and feelings are so important! And since I’m sharing mine with you, I wanna hear from you below. I really do. Leave an anonymous name and email if you want to – I actually encourage that if it would make you feel more comfortable.

Now here’s a picture of me that I believe anyone can look at and think “Wow, she looks so infectiously happy!” Now I know I had a beautiful wedding dress and a real life unicorn which helps, but I really want to be able to feel more of this feeling in my life and for it to show through in all of my work. I hope I can encourage you to feel and embrace more happiness in your life too! Thank you Luke and Cat for this timeless photo I will forever cherish.




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