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The PowHer.fit Fitness App Launch Date!

Beautiful photo from the PowHer.fit company launch photo shoot with GT Studios and my Glam Artist Versy Picone!  The location is the TruFit gym that I work out at!  My pants are Lululemon, sports bra is from Amazon , shoes are from Poshmark and earrings are by St. Raine Jewelry!

Wow!  It’s been 2.5 weeks since I’ve shared a blog post on my site!  That has to be the longest I’ve been away EVER!  I have a very valid excuse though!  I’ve been super busy building the PowHer.fit fitness app!  In case you missed when I announced I would be developing and launching my own fitness app, you can read that post HERE!  That post has more details including the price point for membership!

Let me start off by saying app development has been a little stressful.  It’s kind of like building a home or remodeling a business.  Things take longer than you’re told and the budget is maxed out before you realize it!  I will take fault that a lot of the delays have been because of changes and/or improvements requested by me.  I want to really provide an incredible and interactive product to help others succeed!  Anyways, let’s just say I’m super excited that the app development process is ALMOST DONE!

Now this morning I did make an executive decision that would require an additional 2-3 days of work, but I made that decision to make the workout experience faster and easier for the user.  I cut out a couple extra clicks and additional navigation that the user would have originally had to do themselves.  At this point, what’s a few more days of work to make the experience better for the future PowHer.fit members???  I am helping tackle the change order with my developer and my husband!  Yes, today over lunch break I gave Grant some puppy dog eyes and asked him to help me re-upload lots of workout videos to the site in an all new way that would make navigation easier in the future.  All I can say is I have ONE HELL OF A HUSBAND!  He has listened to me, helped me and supported me through a lot of this process, and I must say it hasn’t always been pretty.  I am beyond grateful!

So without further ado, I am proud to say that the launch date of the PowHer.fit interactive fitness app will be Monday January 14 at 9am!  Set your alarms because I’m starting to set all my future marketing content alarms as well!  I’m also working on putting together a prize package giveaway to one lucky member who joins on launch day, so stay tuned on my instagram as I will be dropping hints up until the 14th!  So be sure to turn on notifications for both my personal instagram account (@randacarrabba) and the PowHer.fit business account (@powher.fit) to stay up to date!

On Monday the 7th my pilot group will be granted access to the app!  I wanted to have a small test group to try out the app before I release it to all of you.  I will be listening to their feedback and making final adjustments next week before the big launch in January 14!!!

Thank you all for continuing to follow my blog, my life, and my fitness journey.  All of you were so helpful yesterday on my instagram stories as we nailed down the company’s mission & vision statement and slogan!  I have loved including all of you in some of the business projects because I truly believe in the power of community!  This app is going to focus on how much stronger and more accountable we are TOGETHER!  I’ll share the mission and vision statement below!

Ben (the professional trainer, nutritionist and creator of the workouts) and I want to plan an evening to go LIVE on social media to do an interactive Q&A Session!  We will have a very detailed FAQ page within the web app, but we figured this might be a little more fun for some of you.  If you like this idea, please tell me below as well as a day of the week and time that works best for you!!!



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    Katie Hollis

    January 4, 2019

    Yay!! So excited! I know this will all pay off! Can’t wait to get this started! ????????????????????

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    January 4, 2019

    Alarm is set!!! I am so so excited to try this new app, and I’ve been anticipating this day. So proud of you! You’re seriously such a huge inspiration.

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    Caylee W.

    January 4, 2019

    GIRL! I’m beyond excited for this!! Alarm is set and I’m so ready to try it out!! ???? ????????

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    January 10, 2019

    Thank you so much for mentioning my jewels ☺️. I can’t wait for your app and to see what all 2019 has in store for you! ????

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      January 12, 2019

      Always girly! Love giving you all the credit you deserve!



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