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The Benefits of BCAA & Total Nutrition GIVEAWAY!

Hey everyone!  I am excited to bring another health and fitness blog your way.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about supplements, specifically BCAA’s.  So this will be a blog post to break down why I use them, their benefits and when I use them! Stay tuned until the end because there is a BCAA and Protein Powder Giveaway via Foxy Fit from Total Nutrition at the bottom!

I also visited my chiropractor, Dr. Linne with Cutting Edge Chiro today and did my first ever cupping session. I will keep y’all updated on the results!

Why Do I use BCAA’s?

Taking BCAA’s (branded chain amino acid) helps me to preserve the muscles that I have worked so hard to build.  During dieting, a fasted state or even during certain workouts of specific conditions, our bodies can break down muscle tissue.  This is especially true if we are not intaking enough calories.  Taking BCAA’s basically help protect my muscles from being broken down due to increased protein synthesis and reduced protein breakdown.  I’m no chemist, so if you have questions about this you may have to dig a little deeper for research.  But this would be the WHY I use BCAA’s!

Do BCAA’s have Caffeine?

Some do and some don’t.  I personally take those without caffeine just because I take pre-workout whenever I need the extra push before a workout.  You can get a caffeinated BCAA and it can serve a source similar to a pre workout and can help you have high intensity workouts.  Talking science again: BCAA supplementation reduces the amount of tryptophan that gets through the blood-brain barrier, and therefore reduces the amount of serotonin produced. This might allow you to work harder, longer, and get more gains.

When Should I Take BCAA’s?

I personally take mine before a workout, during a workout, and even after a workout (sometime throughout the day).  You can take them any of these times, or only once a day if you wish.  I like to mix mine with pre-workout (if I’m taking pre-workout on a given day) as well as drinking these to stay hydrated during my workout.  The reason I drink these after a workout and/or throughout the day sometimes is simply because they replenish amino acids to build and maintain muscles and help avoid muscle fatigue.  I’m training pretty hard these days, so I need to help my body out where I can!  I simply mix mine with water!

Are BCAA’s Safe to Take?

he simple answer is yes. They can be used by people of all fitness levels. Supplementing branched-chain amino acids provides our bodies with three of the essential amino acids that the human body can’t produce naturally on its own: leucine, isoleucine and valine. We generally get these three amino acids from food, mainly meat, in particular – red meats; BCAAs are the building blocks of protein.

What is My Favorite BCAA?

Personally it comes down to taste for me.  EXTEND is a great brand of BCAAs that a lot of my program sisters use, but the taste was just never my favorite.  I really like the blue raspberry Hydrate BCAA by Ghost and I’m currently digging the strawberry pineapple by Nutra One and blackberry lemonade by Foxy Fit – both of which I get at Total Nutrition.  You can now use my name as a coupon code online “Randa” to shop for 30% off!  Yes, they brought me on as a brand ambassador for their entire company.  You can also say my name in store – and remember they have 200 locations!

Total Nutrition has so many supplement options, including woman only supplements.  Foxy Fit is a great female brand (plus their packaging is pink) and they are allowing me to do a giveaway for one of my readers.  The giveaway is for one Foxy Fit Protein and one BCAA.  I chose the Mocha Latte Flavor Protein for the fact that I have a lot of coffee lovers in my community.  I personally don’t drink a lot of coffee (it’s not my favorite taste), but this would be a good one to even add into your coffee (keep in mind this will break your fast)!  I absolutely LOVE the blackberry lemonade flavor of the Foxy Fit BCAA, too!

$100 Valued Giveaway Entry Requirements:

  1. Be sure you’re following me on Instagram. (I check!)

  2. Like the insta photo announcing this blog post AND tag 2 friends in the comments.

  3. Screen shot any picture from my profile and post it in your insta story.  You have to tag me (@randacarrabba) for me to see that you did this requirement.

Winner will be named Monday August 13 at 12pm noon on my insta story!  Good luck everyone!

Stay tuned for my first ever fitness meet and greet on August 25 at Tru Fit in College Station!  I will be posting more in the next few days!