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Sunday Reflection – We are Weak but HE is Strong!

It’s Sunday evening around 7pm as I write this post.  Today has been a much different day than usual and it started from some heartbreaking news this morning.

I went to the gym and then met my friend Bre for a Sunday run.  I have a big meeting tomorrow with a potential retailer of my Randa Carrabba Label so I wanted to work out on Sunday to take tomorrow to focus only on work.  While we were out running my friend Ashleigh called and I ignored it as I planned on calling her back after I was done with my run. She then sent me a text letting me know about a tragedy that happened to some distant friends last night.  There was a beautiful young couple who got married last night (I’m friends with the groom’s older sister) and when they left the reception in the family’s helicopter they got in an accident and were killed.  I was at the groom’s oldest sister’s wedding just 5 years ago and they exited their wedding in the family helicopter as well. My Facebook memories just reminded me of Brenna’s special wedding and I just told her Happy Anniversary a few days ago. I just couldn’t believe what I read as I knew this young couple just got married last night. They just celebrated one of the best nights of their lives with all their families and friends and were killed just soon after. I am so heartbroken for everyone affected.

Our run stopped.  I called Ashleigh back and soon got on the phone with more friends.  My friend Bre is so strong in her faith and honestly she was probably the best person I could have been with when receiving such tragic news.  I cannot imagine both families celebrating a marriage last night and waking up to a tragedy and having to plan funerals today.  Life is short and we never know when it’s going to be our time. My sincerest condolences are sent to the Byler and Ackerman families, as this is just truly heartbreaking for so many!

I spent more of my day in prayer than usual.  My friend Bre has also started going to my church, so we sat with each other again this evening.  Today’s sermon at Declaration Church was too good for me not to share on my blog.  Even though my blog is a lifestyle blog and not a Christian blog, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and do believe it is our duty to serve others and spread his word.  So here is just a small act of me trying to do so:

I enjoy our preacher Blake Chilton so much.  He has a way to keep you entertained, yet focused and involved  all the way through his sermons.  Today we talked about our weaknesses as humans but finding strength in God.  God is strong whenever we are weak, and we aren’t meant to always have our lives together.  There is so much to be learned and ways to grow during times of struggle and hardship.

Preacher Blake reminded us to come low and humbly to God when we pray.  There is nothing greater than we can ask from God than to save us, be our deliverance and come to the throne of grace with confidence.  He encouraged us to keep a prayer journal (which I have already been doing a gratitude journal these past few weeks) because a  prayer journal can help us to see when God has saved or healed  us in the past.  A prayer journal can help you to remember and visually see the good deeds God is doing in our lives and others.

Preacher Blake then went on to remind us that we don’t have to do anything, performa any work or earn God’s favor to be loved by him.  He loves us for us, not some future version of us that’s more cleaned up or put together than we currently are.  This can be proven in Ephesians 1!  We don’t work FOR God’s approvals or acceptance, we work FROM God’s grace.

Acceptance from others will NEVER be enough because it will have to continuously be sought for each day.  We need to look to God instead of trying to find our worth from others as HE loves us unconditionally each day.  The blessing that we need is only what God can give, not what we ourselves can generate.  We have become such a performance and success driven society who masks any sign of struggles or weakness.  When in all reality, we have to struggle and show our weaknesses to God.  The greatest deliverance we can receive is one form an encounter or struggle with God.  It’s in sickness, pain and suffering that we sometimes learn and grow the most.

Sorry for the much different than normal blog post and I hope my notes that I wrote down at church make sense.  I know there is so much hurt and confusion with what happened last night to such a young and beautiful couple, but my prayer is that God wraps his arms around everyone who is affected and that they lean on him as well as each other during these days of darkness and grieving.  I always feel better after an evening at Church with a sermon from Blake, so I hope this post maybe helps someone else out who may be struggling.  It is ok to struggle!!!  And it’s ok to admit weakness!!!  We are all human!

The picture above was taken today of me and my sweet little Barbie Love.  Sorry for the photo overload of her, but I know she is only going to be little for a short while.  I never saw such a small bulldog puppy as her, so life with her still seems kind of surreal.  She brings me so much joy and happiness, plus she’s my favorite little fashion accessory.  If you aren’t already, be sure to follow her on instagram @littlebarbielove, where my husband is a wonderful social media manager for her haha.  In case you missed our newest family video where we introduced you to Barbie Love, you can watch it HERE.

You’ll notice the brick in the background is 2 different colors and that’s because I white washed a wall for product pics a few months back. Now I’m thinking of doing the whole house that way. What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned for Tuesday as I’ll be launching a new video and hosting a new giveaway that I think you all will be very interested in!  Let’s just say I’m going over giving up carb cycling, doing limited intermittent fasting, the advantages of collagen peptides and giving away from flavorful ones from Ancient Nutrition’s new launch!