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PowHer.fit GIVEAWAY!!!

The day is finally here!  The PowHer.fit app is LIVE!  Now this fitness app is a web based app,  not an app that you’ll download through the app store.  So you’ll actually join our community at the PowHer.fit website and that site will host our educational blog (which is viewable by even non-paid members), as well as the interactive community forum, the home program workouts, the gym program workouts and our nutrition guide all which are accessible only by paid members!  If you have questions or want to read more about the program, check out the PowHer.fit site, specifically the About page as well as the FAQ!

The membership price is $49/month or $550/year.  It is a monthly subscription based service that can be cancelled at anytime.  If you want to read more about our billing guidelines, you can on our Billing Page.

If you follow me personally on instagram, then you’ll know I went LIVE a few times last week to introduce everyone to Ben Crane!  He is the professional strength trainer and nutritionist that I teamed up with to bring PowHer.fit to all of you!  He created all of the workouts and movements based upon my personal goals, and then he made the program tailorable for all of my community’s personal goals.  The main mission of the PowHer.fit workouts is to burn fat and build lean muscle mass through resistance training.  Every movement has a standard option, an advanced option and a modified option based upon the client’s experience/skill set.  The program can be tailorable to EVERYONE’S specific goals, whether that is to burn more fat, gain more muscle or do a combination of both!

Within 1 week there are 4 strength training days, 1 HIIT day (high intensity interval training), an active recovery day and a true rest day!

I also leaked a little info last week that I would be doing a big giveaway on launch day!  There will actually be a total of 3 winners.  2 of the 3 will be true giveaway winners, and the grand prize winner will be required to become a PowHer.fit member to win.  The reason why is because the grand prize winner gets a lot of quality time with me personally, and I want to invest my time into someone who is willing to invest in my program.

3rd place winner will win one month FREE in the PowHer.fit community.  2nd place winner will receive TWO months free!  To qualify to win either of these giveaways, you just have to LIKE my instagram post (linked here), tag 2 friends in the comments, and be sure to follow both myself (@randacarrabba) and @powher.fit on instagram.

Now the Grand Prize winner will receive the following prize package valued over $1,000!  The Grand Prize Giveaway includes:

  1. 3 months FREE at PowHer.fit.
  2. Paid travel to College Station for their weekend of choice.
  3. A night’s stay at The George Hotel in Century Square – it’s one of my favorites in town!
  4. One of my favorite pre-workout supplements from Ghost Lifestyle.
  5. My favorite vanilla flavored collagen protein from Ancient Nutrition (my discount code is Randa20).
  6. Their favorite product from my clothing line (Randa Carrabba the Label) which you can shop online HERE.
  7. Dinner at Sweet Paris with me (because it’s my FAVORITE!).
  8. Brunch at Clean Juice College Station with me.
  9. Two workout sessions (2 consecutive days) with me at Tru Fit!  The winner gets to choose which workouts to complete! (Side note, you can join Tru Fit for only $10 and get your first month FREE when you say my name at the front desk!)

I am going to require quite a bit more work to be entered to win the GRAND prize giveaway!  Here are the entry guidelines:

  1. Like my Instagram Post (linked here) and tag 2 friends in the comments.
  2. Make sure you’re following both me (@randacarrabba) and @powher.fit on instagram.
  3. Join the PowHer.fit community (the Free 5 day trial does NOT count for entry of this giveaway).
  4. Share the image below (you can save it by holding it down on your phone and clicking save image) on your instagram story or any of your social media outlets.  Be sure to tag me (@randacarrabba) and @powher.fit so I can see you did this entry requirement!
  5. Everyone who joins the Powher.fit community on launch day (Monday January 14) will receive an EXTRA entry towards winning the grand prize giveaway package.




I would also love to hear below from you (in the blog comments) WHY you want to win the grand prize giveaway.  This step is NOT REQUIRED to win, but it will make it a little more personal and will allow me to get to know each of you a little better.

Giveaway entries will close on Monday January 21 (the official last day to enter).  Winner will be announced during a LIVE DRAWING on Tuesday January 22 on my social media!  I will announce the time closer to this date as it will depend on how many entries I have to sort through!

I cannot wait to help many of you accomplish your own personal goals for 2019 through the PowHer.fit community!  Thank you for continuing to follow along on my personal journey and good luck to all those who enter the giveaways!



  1. Reply

    Stacy Tompkins

    January 14, 2019

    I would love to win this contest because I am so clueless when it comes to just being healthy. As a mom of 4 I try my best but I feel like everywhere I look they are saying different things! I have been following you for a while and I am so inspired by your passion and drive to be a healthier better you everyday! I can not wait to get started with your program and have direction on my journey to be a better me. Not to mention going into a gym can be so overwhelming these days it will be nice to know exactly what to do once inside! Good luck on this next journey of yours I know it will be a success!

  2. Reply

    Lynnea Harred

    January 14, 2019

    I would love to win this giveaway mainly just to meet you, although in some ways I feel that I already have because of your transparency on social media! You are so inspiring and have been a huge motivator for me. I can’t wait to start this program and become the best version of myself that I can be. Also trying out your favorite places in college station would be so fun. I am always so envious when you post about sweet Paris or clean juice, it looks so delicious!
    Another benefit would be that my husbands construction company is renovating a building at TAMU this summer. It would be nice to become familiar with the area before we move there.
    And although I know there is no way I could keep up with you working out it would be fun(maybe a little embarrassing????) to get to experience that with you as well!

  3. Reply

    Jenna Morgan

    January 14, 2019

    I would love to win this contest because I know it will hold me to be accountable and stay motivated. I have gained quite a bit of weight these past couple of years and haven’t been able to find a program that works for me. I love that you have designed this for beginners as well as advanced. I am going to be MOH this year in my best friends wedding and need to get in shape. I am excited to start this program and can’t wait to see results!

  4. Reply


    January 14, 2019

    I would like to win this because ever since I quit playing volleyball my first year of college, I’ve been looking for a clear & consistent program to achieve my goals & stay healthy. Since then, I’ve graduated from A&M and moved homeless San Antonio to attend law school in the fall so I’m looking to make some major positive lifestyle changes in my time off from school.

  5. Reply

    Amanda Gentry

    January 14, 2019

    I want to win because I have spent the last 2 years in school which wrecked all the progress I had previously made in my fitness. I am a mom of 2 and a wife to an amazing man who has his own business. I finished school and took my licensing exam last Wednesday and PASSED!! I’m so ready to get back on track. I need something that gets me to my goals while also allowing the occasional celebration with my littles. I believe your program can give me this and I have been waiting for this day since I first suspected this is what you were up to!! ????????????????????????????

  6. Reply

    Kristin Northcutt

    January 14, 2019

    I would love to win this giveaway to finally get to meet you in person! I would totally pick your brain, get to know you and gain more knowledge on not only fitness but nutrition as well. No matter what, I am so incredibly proud of your hard work with PowHer Fit. I know it will be a great program!! Congratulations on your launch today!!

  7. Reply

    Amy C

    January 14, 2019

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! You are such an inspirational person in not just fitness but the way you approach your goals, your marriage, your faith, and your community of women. I hope to win this giveaway for multiple reasons. 1 being to meet you in person as you have positively impacted my life already. 2 to give me that much more inspiration to make a lifestyle change in my health and fitness. 3 to help me get back my self confidence and get healthier for my son. I know the majority of women have self image issues and I am no different especially since having my son. I hope to learn more from you and I thank you for following your dreams and being such a great role model for women.

  8. Reply

    Angela M

    January 14, 2019

    First off I want to say I’m super excited that you launched this!! I can’t wait to see where this takes you!!

    I’ve been following you since you started your health journey and I’m truly inspired.
    I would love to be able to win the giveaway. I’m finally really ready to take my health and weight loss to the next step. I’m ready to do better for myself, because I deserve it and so does my hubby and kiddos.

    I think your program and having you as a motivator will help me achieve the goals I have!

    Either way I’m ready to get started!! Doing workout 1 this evening!!

  9. Reply

    Elizabeth Atteberry

    January 14, 2019

    First of all, CONGRATS on your launch day! I know if anyone could pull this off for us, it would be YOU! So super proud of you for staying true to WHO you are, for each of us. Your transparency is one of the main reasons I’ve followed you for 10+ years now. This giveaway is amazing and I love how it’s a TRUE giveaway and the bous-to meet you!!! I would love to win this simply to be able to come to CSTAT to not only FINALLY meet you, but also to workout together, visit, sneak in a hopeful meet-n-greet with Bucky & Barbie Love and catch up on ALL things faith, family, fitness & fashion!!! You’ve inspired me in so many ways, and I absolutely love how your goals align with God’s word. It’s not always easy to do especially when you put yourself out there for so many to criticize & scrutinize BUT you do it for not only yourself but to help all of us—your community, and that’s such a awesome thing to watch. I love that my daughter’s have someone like you on social media that they can look to as a role model as well, not just myself. I think it’s so cute to hear my 13 year old y’all about you, or one of your posts and refer to you as “mom, you know your friend who’s a unicorn” ???? ???? Though we’ve never met you’re referred to as a friend, and I love that, because you are—a great one & a very real one! You help women such as myself who struggle at times with self image, or doubt when it’s most needed. I have traveled this journey watching you, and even the fitness journey with you so it would be an honor to win this just to hug your neck & say THANK YOU in person for all you do for me, and for so many other women/girls alike ???????? Ready to crush 2019 with PowHer Fit ????????????

  10. Reply

    Meghan Brown

    January 15, 2019

    First of all congrats!!!! I am so excited for you. You have come such a long way since the days of FFA days, but you have always stayed true to who you are and that is amazing!
    I would love to win this for nothing more than one on one conversations about fitness with you. I have made huge adjustments in my life since high school and college but baby number 2 has been more difficult to get my body back! I’m excited for this program and after day 1, I am already sore! ????????????????????????

  11. Reply

    Allie Lancaster

    January 15, 2019

    Howdy, Randa!

    I have been a loyal follower of yours since I was a freshman in college (August 2012)! As much as I want to look good, I want to feel good and be proud of my body. I am a nurse, and I want to be as healthy as I can be for my patients, my husband, and our future kids (way down the line). With my college graduation coming up and a possible trip to the Dominican Republic, I am so ready to get myself into shape and work my hardest to gain more confidence in myself. So proud of you, Randa! I’ll be renewing my PowHer Fit membership when my five day trial is up.

  12. Reply

    Brittany H

    January 20, 2019

    I would really really like to win the grand prize!!! I have been hyper focused on being extremely fit the pass couple of years, it’s a very very long story but it got to the point that it began to be very unhealthy….I have since stop doing as much cardio, gained weight per
    Doctors orders and began lifting more. Randa has been such a huge influence, coach and positive role model! Either way I feel like a winner with PowHer Fit program but I would LOVE to win!!!



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