Paid Influencer Opportunity!

Happy Monday everyone!  Grant and I spent a weekend in, got lots of rest, and did lots of cleaning and organizing around the house.  This helped me to feel super rested and ready to tackle the day today!  I personally don’t like to organize, but I always feel so accomplished and love the finished product once it’s done!  The fitness photo above was taken for the company launch by GT Studio Gallery and my girl Versy did my hair and makeup!

Today on the blog I am announcing that I am looking to bring on a small group of paid influencers for the community!  Keep reading to learn more about WHO I’m looking for, the benefits in it for YOU, as well as an application below.

First off – I do not want anyone to feel like this opportunity is limited.  No fitness experience, no blog, don’t have a million follows or maybe not even technically an “influencer”?  None of those are requirements, so keep reading!

I want women of all shapes and sizes, colors and background, ages, as well as a multitude of fitness experience.  I want the overweight busy mom who hasn’t been able to make time for her own health and fitness journey.  On the opposite spectrum, I want the naturally thin girl who has a hard time building/keeping muscle.  I also want the busy boss-babe who is on a work-out time crunch.  Maybe you’re scared of indulging at the dinner table or feel you have to eat below 1200 calories – I want you too! (Because we EAT over at – my current maintenance daily caloric intake is 2531!) I encourage beginners who are new to their own fitness journey as well as the retired athlete or gym-rat who has become a little stale.  Maybe you’re just an average sized women with a normal life, but you want to see what your body could be capable of with strength training!  Yes, I want you too!  If you already have been following another fitness program and feel you have hit a plateau, I want you to see for yourself and show others just what results my program can yield for you.  Literally I don’t want anyone to feel that they don’t have enough experience or requirements to enter because I want REAL LIFE PEOPLE living live’s of all sorts!  Keep in mind the program has standard, advanced and modified movements for BOTH home and gym workouts.  I want influencers who are going to cover all 3 movement levels (standard, advanced and modified) as well as both the home and gym based programs.

I have about 10 years experience of managing young women and brand reps from my first business (Southern Jewlz Boutique) so I can say that I am very accustomed to a large response of people who want the position, but then the follow through is much more limited.  What I’m really looking for is someone who has drive, determination, is willing to follow through on their commitment, will take and share progress pictures along their journey, will be willing to learn about influencing from me, and ultimately will inspire and encourage others to live a more active/healthier lifestyle.  If you’re on social media and have at least ONE follower, you technically could be considered an influencer.  Please do not feel intimated if you do not have a large following.  I know bloggers and social media “influencers” can sometimes come with smoke and mirrors.  A lot of large accounts have paid followers and paid likes.  I’m not interested in how popular you are, but I am interested in how impactful and committed you are!

Now that I’ve told you what I’m looking for, let me share what I am NOT looking for.   I do not want to work with anyone who is entitled, is not willing to put in the WORK, has with a sour or negative attitude, or will not follow through on the responsibilities that come with the role of being a influencer.

Responsibilities include following and engaging in the program as well as taking and sharing REAL/TRANSPARENT progress pics.  Influencers will get their memberships at a discounted rate – not FREE.  I personally do not promote or influence for any product or company that I do not/am not willing to spend my own money on.  Trust and authenticity is of the highest importance to me, as well as my community and future team of influencers.  Influencers will be paid a monthly commission based upon the sales that they bring to the community.  Another requirement will be sharing your own fitness journey on your own social platforms.

If you are interested, please see the application below.  If you have questions that I have not previously answered, feel free to type them in the comments below or send me an email to  Please take your time to carefully read over everything that I have laid out in this post and only submit questions that I have not already addressed.

So if you’re ready to take a leap – go ahead and apply for this position.  I will do everything on my part to help you reach your best potential in both your own personal fitness journey as well as your influencing journey.  I can’t wait to select and work with a small team of driven ladies who see the value of learning from me.  My influencing team will be in close communication with me through social, text, email and phone.

Application deadline is Monday March 11 at 8pm CST.  You must email a high resolution photo of yourself and  the application below (but filled out/completed) to  Photo choice can be up to you.  It can be a glamorous selfie or a full body image with no makeup.  I’m only requiring one because not everyone has multiple high resolution photos of themselves and the turnaround time of this application process is only a week.  Good luck to everyone who applies!

If you need to re-type that application – that is A-OK!  My blog wouldn’t allow me to upload a PDF that was viewable without clicking.

In case you missed my last blog post, it was a video covering what a full day of eating with me looks like.  You can watch it HERE.  I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, too!

I’ll end with this teamwork quote that I absolutely love! “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success!”




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    Alexandria Hernandez

    March 9, 2019

    I was curious to know if I was able to do the paid influencer program even though I am 16 and still in high school?

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      March 17, 2019

      Hey girl, we do require at least being 18 years of age! You will have the opportunity in the future!



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