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Our Rehearsal Dinner Video

Hey there.  So I hesitated on sharing something with the entire world that I made for our closest family and friends to see at our rehearsal dinner, but then I re-evaluated and told myself, “Randa, if you’re going to be a Lifestyle Blogger, you’ve gotta get used to sharing a lot about you”, so here we are.

For those of you that kept up with my wedding planning process, you will know I went for a storybook/fairytale theme.  The official theme would be said as “Classic Fairytale meets Victorian Valentine”.  So creating a video to tell mine and Grant’s stories growing up and beginning to date and through our engagement to share at our rehearsal dinner was a project I was super excited to work on.  I even had a custom Disney opening animation created to add to the film. I’ll share more from our big weekend along my blogging journey, so I hope you look forward to more!

So without further adue, here you go.  I hope you enjoy seeing more into my life and love I have for Grant!  Cheers to learning a little more about us!