Our Dream Home

So, I still remember that literally the second time Grant ever came to my house, I caught him taking really big dramatic steps in my closet. So I ask, “What are you doing?” And he was like it’s my builder walk. He said he had to make sure that he would be able to build me a closet big enough. Keep in mind this was his second time to ever come to my house, so I just kind of heard it and closed my ears towards any more talk.

So if you don’t already know, when Grant and I met and started dating we were basically neighbors. Grant lived .6 miles behind me and he helped develop the neighborhood that I lived in. He actually told me the night he met me that he knew where I lived because he had complaint letters that he never delivered my way. 34 emails to be exact now that I have asked him more recently. So anyways, I would see Grant working on house plans. At first I was real weird and din’t want any part of it, because I did not want us to be moving too fast in our dating life. Then I figured well he is for sure either going to build his next bachelor house and/or a married life house. I figured if maybe, just maybe, that I would get to be the one to marry him then I should start dropping little hints towards my requests and/or house style. He would gladly take any bit I would give him, so I soon said that I did not want us to start building until we were at least engaged or married. I mean I feel he was so excited and ready to get going on the house and married life both, if you ask me!

So Grant surprised me with a proposal in Las Vegas (you can read the whole story on my Southern Jewlz blog) on a Friday night. The date was December 4, 2015 which was exactly 14 months since Grant asked me to be his girlfriend on October 4, 2014. (And since we got married on February 4, 2017 that means we were also engaged for EXACTLY 14 months). Anyways, Grant started building the house on Saturday while we were still in Las Vegas! I didn’t get to see until we returned from our trip on the following Tuesday and I couldn’t believe it. I mean I hadn’t finalized any plans, I didn’t even know we were getting engaged, etc., but I was so excited! Grant took on the majority of the building as I had to work a lot of hours at my retail location, so I mainly stepped in on some finish outs. But the house is all 100% our design and style created by the 2 of us. I am like 95% done with everything and will be getting professional photos taken soon, but I at least had to give y’all a teaser blog.

Here is one of my favorite pictures while we were building. My handsome man standing out front!

I can’t wait to share more!




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