My Progress (it even shocks me!!)

I’ve been lifting weights for 3 years and today when I was taking progress photos I thought, “DAMN! I am so proud of myself!” I knew being “skinny” for someone with my natural build was unhealthy, so I started focusing on becoming STRONG! Tomorrow I start week 3 of the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs program with!.
Giving up being lean enough to always have washboard abs was one of the best mindset and training shifts I ever made! Now I’m able to build some REAL muscle! I never knew I could have Glutes like this! Swipe to see when I was 175 lbs+.
I always saw fitness influencers who were naturally tiny (starting around 100lbs) and packed on 20-30 lbs of muscle & looked incredible. I didn’t see many who started at 175 lbs+ like me, so I honestlydidn’t know if it was possible to look like this. I’m here to prove – IT IS! I do not deprive myself! I currently eat over 2000 calories a day & 200+ grams of carbs 7 days a week!.
Accidentally got spray tan on my sports bra by not allowing it long enough to dry 🤦🏼‍♀️, but I left it bc #RealLife. Swipe to the end for a video for proof because we all know someone is going to be mean and say my “results” are “photoshopped!” 😡

Just so you know…

You can’t lose ALL the fat on our body. You’d literally die. For that reason and others, you can’t lose weight forever, and we don’t want you to!

This Fall, we’re going to be recommending our ladies that have been focusing on weightloss all year take advantage of the cooler weather and winter clothing and commit to gaining as much as possible in the form of greater bone density and lean, healthy, sexy muscle growth! (The curves we all want right!?)-
The official trainer & nutritionist @dowhatyoucant.ig and I both (@randacarrabba here) believe in, that life is not best lived in a constant state of deprivation. Your body doesn’t deserve that, & neither does your psyche!

We want our members to gain muscle mass, strength, confidence and curves throughout every week of every program, and Ben’s designed it to do exactly that, but we actually can’t maximize those if we don’t commit to a caloric surplus for a period of time.
For your body to grow, you have to feed it. For that reason, this Fall, we’re going to encourage our members who are at a comfortable weight to consider committing their minds and bodies to becoming StrongHer, PowHerful, HealthiHer and BetHer! DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EAT IN A CALORIC SURPLUS AND INCREASE YOUR WEIGHTS! After I finish the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs program I will be repeating Strength 1.0 with a caloric surplus, increased weights and aiming for more of the advanced movements! I encourage each of you to join me!.
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