My Grandparent’s 62nd Wedding Anniversary

62 years of marriage 💖 These are the kind of highlight reels I like to see in the world and on the internet!.

We spent the afternoon a few weeks ago full of quality time with my grandparents who have now been married for 62 years as of yesterday! They had never been to my younger brother Jacob’s new restaurant (Fajita Pete’s in College Station at the bottom of the Aspire building on University Drive, so that’s where they chose! Then we went for frozen custards at Freddy’s! (Turtle concrete for me and Dirty & Worms for Grant 🐢🍦).

My grandparents were so involved in my childhood, and even after that! We would spend the night with them before we were in school, and I would wake up to help Nana in her garden before a break to watch The Price is Right. (Usually while shelling peas, snapping beans, or shucking corn) Jacob would spend his morning helping Popo feed the cows.

When we were in elementary school, Nana would pick us up from school at 3 (both my parents worked full time) and we would stop by Groholski’s Grocery Store for an afternoon treat on Nana’s tab. (My mom never gave us a tab allowance, so this was a real treat!). Nana taught me how to cook and we would have dinner prepared by 4:30/5 whenever she needed to leave and our parents came home from work.

Nana and Popo taught us to clean fence lines, mow grass, do laundry, hang clothes on the clothes line, work cows, try every single vegetable in existence; and to finish all the food I put on my plate for each meal. They would tell us not to let our eyes be bigger than our stomachs when it came time to dish up, because there were many children not as fortunate as us to have plenty of food for every meal. They were raised before air conditioner, electricity, and especially the internet. They don’t own a dish washer (that’s what Popo says we are for 🤪) and their garden is bigger than the slab of their home.

To say I’m simply grateful for the example of committed love and hard work they’ve taught me my entire life would be an understatement. They truly have helped mold me into the person I am, and I’m so thankful I was raised in a small town with guidance from them to appreciate every blessing I had rather then being spoiled and ungrateful with instant gratification and all the fancy things in life.

I wish them many more Happy Anniversaries! For a trip down memory lane, here’s their big 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration that I hosted at our home for them just 2 years ago! My Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary Pictures & Blog Post HERE.




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