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My Fave Low Carb Pink Drink from Starbucks & Gift Card Giveaway!

Hey everyone!  So I have been listening to y’all wanting to see and hear more of what I eat and tips and tricks on healthy eating!  I love hearing your requests, as it allows me the opportunity to better serve each of you.  Today I actually was a basic white girl who went to Starbuck’s not only once, but TWICE!  I bet I haven’t been to Starbucks in 2-3 months, but today I went on repeat cause it’s the perfect meeting spot!

This morning I tried out a new drink that I am def going to continue to order (and I’ll probably even try to find a way to make it at home, too) and it is called the Low Carb Pink Drink!  Y’all probably already know I don’t do low carb or anything like the KETO diet, but I do still like to save my carbs so I can have more pizza, spaghetti or strawberry bread! I found this and many other special Starbucks menu options from The Macro Barista on Instagram.  One of my Tribe sisters gave me the recommendation to follow him, so I couldn’t wait to try out one of his special ways to order at Starbucks!  I’m so impressed, I’m probably going to make this a more regular meeting place and try out more of his recommendations, too!  I love all the tips and tricks I learn from our group!

So to order this special low carb pink drink, you’re gonna have to accept that you’re gonna sound super extra and maybe even a little needy when it comes time to order.  My friend Amy ordered 5 waters (for the construction workers in the parking lot), a cold caramel macchiato and a hot tea.  Then there was me to round out the order……

Me: Yes, I would like a low carb pink drink!

Friendly Starbucks Waiter: What’s That?

Me: It’s this special drink from a guy I follow on instagram who tracks his macros like I do!  I need you to know this may seem a little dramatic for one drink, but let’s start with a a Venti Passion Tango Iced Tea Unsweetened.

Waiter: Is that it?

Me: Of course not.  Now I’m supposed to ask for Strawberry Infusion.

Waiter: I don’t know how to add that on the computer, so let me get the manager.

*Brings Manager and Learns how to Add Strawberry Infusion to an Order! *

Me: Now I need to continue to be needy and ask for LIGHT coconut milk.

Waiter WITH manager: Ok, will that be it?

Me: Nope LOL!  I would like to add a scoop of strawberries.

Waiter STILL WITH manager by her side: Ok we got it!

Me: Last thing, I promise and I’ll stop!  I need 2 Stevia or any other “no cal” sweeteners that you have.

Them: We have Stevia.  All is good!  Thank you for choosing Starbucks, we will have your drinks right out.

THIS DRINK ONLY HAS 35 CALORIES!!!  Only 1 gram of sugar (add 5 grams if you consume the strawberries), <1 gram protein, 6 grams carbs and 1 grab fats.  Be sure to check out The Macro Barista for more tips on macro friendly Starbucks drinks!

HEALTH AND FITNESS UPDATE: CURRENTLY TRYING TO LIVE WHERE I AM ALWAYS “READY!” 💪🏼🦄. . 👑 Last minute invite to the lake? I’m in! There’s no extra anxiety about having to be in a bathing suit without “prep” time! 👑 Scheduling a photo shoot after a family lunch where I eat hot dogs, chips AND banana pudding? I’m ready to pose and smile for that camera before my food even has time to digest! 👑 Planning fun adventures with my hubby over the next year without having to “crash” diet or starve myself before any of them? Now that’s a language I like to speak! 👑 Not feeling like I have to be in control of all the photos that get posted of me on social media! Not having to do the “lean forward” pose or “hide behind people” pose that makes me look skinnier than I really am! Not having to “edit” every photo of me to ensure that I liked it 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve been there, but didn’t want to stay there! I GOT YOU GIRL! I UNDERSTAND! I mean I still do it when the photog does the upward angle that makes me look 50 pounds more lol!. . Set your alarms for tomorrow at 8pm (Wednesday) when I go LIVE to talk more about my success with the program! I’ll be answering your questions with my coach and sharing that I eat pizza, spaghetti and cookies every single week! (In case you don’t already catch glimpses on my story!) Leave me a 🍕 below if I should expect you to show up!. . Yes, it’s a learning curve. Yes, it’s a lifestyle adjustment. Yes, it’s takes some planning to stay successful. And yes, it takes discipline to see results, but it’s a program where we focus on all that you CAN have and CAN do, rather then what you CANNOT!. . #GrantsHotWifey4Lifey #LiftWeights #YouCanDoItToo  #QueenTeam #FitGirlTribe #GirlsWhoLift #Fitspo #LiftHeavy #GirlsWhoWorkout #FitnessBlogger #EatCarbs #FoodFreedom #ILikeFood #IEatALot #AWholeLot #FuelYourBody #CollegeStationFitness #PaigeHathaway #BuffBunny #InspiredMe #Strong #FitChicks #CarbLover #SayYesToPizza #GimmeChips #AndGuacamole #SixPackSquad #Accountability

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I typed it all out like that so you can fully process it before you feel brave and then walk up to order and realize it’s going to be a little time consuming and dramatic.  I’m just prepping my readers and also letting y’all know that Starbucks staff are also so cheery and friendly to me, so it shouldn’t be a problem!  I recently realized I am a little needier than I have liked to admit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still independent AF!  Even my husband agrees and says he likes it more when I just own when I am being needy, so here is me sharing with the world that I can sometimes be a little needy and I really don’t “want to” be that way.  But  hey, sometimes we just have to own it rather than fight it, right!?

Here is my dear friend Amy and I on our Starbuck’s date.  She is such a sweet and kind soul who thought of the construction workers in the parking lot and took them waters and an iced coffee because it was already so hot outside.  Small acts of kindness really do go a long way in this world and I’m grateful for friends who lead by example like Amy!

In case you missed it last week, I blogged a full day’s worth of eating in a video HERE.  Another one of my most popular blogs to date is my Healthy Grocery List. I’m currently working on another very informative fitness video for y’all AND I will be going LIVE on my instagram and my Facebook blog fan page tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8pm with my Trainer to answer all kinds of program questions and to give y’all and update on how my fitness journey is going.  I know it’s the season Premiere of Big Brother (thanks to your messages), but you will be able to watch our video for 24 hours so do not worry!

The next round starts on July 9 which is the day before my birthday!  Registration is open!


There’s a chance to WIN a $25 Starbucks Gift Card so you can get yourself a few drinks (either regular or super extra/maybe even difficult for some waiters) haha!

All you need to do is LIKE my instagram post announcing this blog post and TAG a friend in the comments.  I’ll announce the winner on my Instagram Story on Thursday at 12pm CST!

GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY AND SHARING A LOW CAL/LOW CARB PINK DRINK FROM STARBUCKS 💖🥤💖☕️💖. . This yummy drink only has 35 calories, 6 grams of carbs and 1 gram of sugar, protein and fat! Head to my blog to get the 411 on how to order this master piece and to find out a great source of macro friendly Starbucks makeshift menu options!. . CHANCE TO WIN A $25 @starbucks gift card! All you have to do is: 1. Like this post. 2. Tag a friend! I’ll announce the winner (must be following me!!!) in my insta story this Thursday at 12pm noon CST! And don’t forget to set your alarm and watch me LIVE tomorrow at 8pm! Swipe to see one of my dearest friends who took waters and iced coffee to the construction workers in the parking lot! Small acts of kindness can make this world a better place! #OnTuesdaysWeDrinkPink 💖

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I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!









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    June 29, 2018

    I can’t wait to try out this drink even if it makes me seem EXTRA!!! 😂

    Thank you again for the gift card! 💕 XO