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My Bridal Party Photo Spotted in a Royal Wedding Video!

Hey everyone!  So a few weeks ago one of my instagram followers sent me a message to let me know that she saw a picture from our wedding while watching videos about the upcoming Royal Wedding.  I thought that maybe she just ended up on one of our wedding videos after scrolling through multiple, but she seemed way more excited to share the news with me than that!  So I asked her if she minded sending me a link and she wasn’t lying!

The video below put together by The Talko covering Rules that Meghan Has to Follow for the Royal Wedding features a picture of my bridal party whenever the video starts to mention her bridal party rules.  If you don’t want to watch the entire video, the clip where we are featured starts around 4:57.  I’m not sure how they got ahold of a photo from our wedding, but I’m so glad they did.  Our wedding photographers Luke and Cat were pretty excited about this news too!  This is the photo that was featured and you can see it in the video at the bottom of this blog post!  They chose the perfect image because we all have our shocked “We Just Won Miss America” faces!  Our glam squad that day was Hey Lovely Makeup out of Houston!

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Remember, if you don’t want to watch the entire video, our photo is shown around 4:57 if you want to fast forward through.  I actually encouraging watching the video because there was a lot that I learned about The Royal Family and the rules they have to follow leading up to the Big Wedding Day!

I am so excited for Meghan Markle and the wonderful lives she will change with her own life. She is such a beautiful and selfless soul! So excited for her to join the Royal family!!!


I am headed out to spend the weekend at the Lake for one of my dearest friend’s birthdays.  Katie requested we watch the Royal Wedding wearing tiaras, so like how could I even think about turning that down? Be sure you’re following along on my life’s journey on my instagram because I’m sure we’ll have to have a mini photo shoot haha!

On Monday I’m headed to Shreveport with my friend Ashleigh to cheer on the beautiful Logan Lester (our current Miss Texas) as she competes for Miss USA!  If you would like to help Logan secure. semifinal spot, you can do so by voting HERE!  Logan modeled for my boutique business (Southern Jewlz) for many years.  She is even more beautiful on the inside!

Remember, you must always hold your head high or else the crown will fall.  Confidence is key!