Meet My Valentine – Q&A Video with my Hubs

So being a lifestyle blogger is a pretty broad topic.  I share fitness, fashion, wellness, beauty, skincare, home decor, travel, advice and even parts of my marriage and home life with all of you!  One of the rising popular topics that I share seems to be Grant (my husband) and our marriage!

I’ve been lucky to only get one blog a week up since we recently launched a new business ( and sold another (Southern Jewlz), so I was starting to stress about what I would share on my blog with y’all for Valentine’s.  My work time and hours are finally starting to calm down, but these past few weeks have really limited me getting to be super planned out with my blog content.  After I shared on my instagram what Grant got me for our 2 year Anniversary (you can find that out HERE), I noticed so many questions that y’all had for Grant!  He really is the most supportive “instagram husband” and real life husband I could have ever asked for!  Our marriage truly is the most precious gift in my life, and I like that y’all are able to see that from the content that I post.  No, we aren’t perfect.  Yes, we fight and struggle.  So I decided to listen to all the questions y’all had about Grant and do a Q&A “interview-style” video with him!

If you want to watch the video about How We Met, I am linking it HERE!  And in case you missed our 2 year anniversary video (from last week) that talked about WHY I post about our marriage, that video is linked HERE.  I would love for you to subscribe to my youtube channel that way you never miss a video from me! SUBSCRIBE!

I would love for you to watch along and learn more about my forever Valentine!  I hope you all have a fabulous day that is full of love!!!




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