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Learning to say “No” or “Not Right Now”

Hey y’all. This is a very different type of a post than my usual, but I hope you enjoy and/or can relate!

I’ve been working away since we returned from Cabo on my online boutique business and have a new exciting announcement to make soon. To be honest, I thought I would have already made that announcement. Sometimes work gets busier than expected, life happens, interruptions come up, the weather may delay us, etc. I swear sometimes at the end of a work day I can feel so worn out like I did nothing but hustle, but by the looks of my to-do list you would not even think I had gotten anything done at all. I’m focusing so much more on not putting extra pressure or stress on myself, so that’s why I’m going with the flow and waiting a little longer before I share.

In years past, I was always a yes person. I wanted a chance at every single opportunity. I sure did experience and live a lot with my business. I’ve met so many wonderful people, joined in on so many collaborations, and brought some incredible visions to life. But at this new stage of my life where I am now 30 and focusing my married life to be the priority over my business, I am having to learn not to say yes near as often. I used to think if I let an opportunity pass me by, then I would be missing out. I’m learning taking time to focus on myself, the things I love most, and finishing up my previous commitments is crucial before taking on anything else. I love all of the opportunities that come my way, but it’s a very peaceful place to know that either 1) now is not my time or 2) let someone else have a “go” at it for this time being. I am learning to say the word “no” or “not right now” so much more. I must admit, it gives me much more peace and less pressure inside.

This blog alone has opened up so many opportunities, the majority of which I do still take on. However I’m learning to book requests out months in advance to where I used to feel I needed to jump right on the opportunity. In a world that seems to be thriving off of instant gratification more than ever, I enjoy taking my time to evolve and create the path that I want for myself. Learning to book people out months in advance allows me to follow through on the current projects I am trying to finalize, plus it allows me to see who is really willing to wait on me. I must admit being honest with every request also allows a sense of peace within me to resonate. Instead of an anticipated disappointment, I am usually greeted with a very understanding response by someone who is very complimentary of me trying to balance my life and prioritize what is best for me. As the world continues to turn faster and faster, I sure am trying to slow down and enjoy every moment I am given. I’ve said it before, but my goal is to burn brightly without burning out.

So these are my Monday evening ramblings from the parking lot of the hockey arena. I’m gonna log off and go inside to cheer my hubby on. We watched the movie called “Miracle” last night about the 1980 USA Olympic Team that beat Russia. I highly recommend watching it even if you aren’t a sports fan!

My bathing suit below is from by online boutique – Southern Jewlz. You can shop the style I am wearing here and see all the other newest arrivals here. I’m so proud of the ab definition you can see in this photo. Today started my 6th week of my first ever 6 week fitness challenge, where I am seeing lots of results and will continue on to another 6 weeks that begins next Monday. If you’re interested in joining me and some other goal digging women, you can sign up here as the new group’s prep week is just beginning!