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Just Why am I so into this Unicorn thing?

I figured a few of you may wonder just why I’m so obsessed with Unicorns and why I call Grant my Unicorn and why the Unicorn has such a meaning in our relationship.   So, I’m gonna give you the run down…

When Grant and I first started dating, there would be multiple days in the week when I would go straight to his house whenever I got off of work.  (95% of the time I work later than Grant: fun fact!)  I remember how I couldn’t wait to see him and little Bucky after a long day.  We would sit on his big wrap around leather couch and talk about our day and/or just share more about ourselves either while dinner was cooking or after we had just finished dinner. I remember it was like a week or two before Grant had officially asked me to be his girlfriend (which was October 4, 2015 btw) and the subject of Halloween got brought up. I had never dressed up for Halloween with a guy, and since I was crazy about Grant from the start, well I wanted so badly for us to dress up together.   I immediately asked Grant what he had been the year before in hopes that he was one of the rare and few grown men who actually dressed up for Halloween.  Instead of getting just A picture, I got to see all kinds of pictures.  In fact, Grant is the kind of guy who will have 2-3 Halloween costumes per year depending upon how many Halloween events he has.  He even to this day has his very own specific Halloween closet in our house.  Reason #4392 why he is perfect for me 🙂 But at that time in the conversation, I didn’t yet wanna spring it on him that I wanted us to get dressed up together.  I figured I needed to try to play it cool and keep my composure, but it sure was hard to do!

Anyways, when he asked me what I was the Halloween before that, I told him I was a unicorn.  I wore solid white leggings and a solid white turtle neck with a white tutu and then had a silver sparkly horn, a silver streamer tail and white high heels covered in Swarovski crystals!  While I was telling him and looking up to find my picture, it was like he couldn’t believe me.  I remember him being like “no way, like you were really a unicorn” so I found the picture to prove it.  Grant then asked me if I had ever heard of the Crazy/Hot Matrix video on Youtube.  I hadn’t, so he was sure to pull it right up for me.  Basically, it’s a guys matrix over women.  Like where they fit on the grid based on their level of crazy and their level of hot.  There’s the danger zone, the fun zone, the dating zone, the marry zone and then the unicorn zone.  The unicorn zone is known to be the lowest amount of crazy, yet the highest amount of hot when it comes to a girl.  Apparently the stats are so low on these type of women that they get the Unicorn status.  So not only did Grant and I learn that each other loved to dress up for Halloween, we then decided to dress up together that year.  And all while this conversation went on, I knew that this was God’s sign to Grant that I had the likelihood to be his unicorn.  And we can go ahead and just say that Grant has been the unicorn in my life ever since I first laid eyes on him.  So that is the real reason as to why I became so obsessed with unicorns and decided to incorporate them into our wedding!

Besides me calling Grant MY Unicorn, I believe we are each other’s. I mean, he won’t publicly (especially social media) call me his unicorn near as often as I will call him mine, but since we fell in love a little later in life than most (especially when you figure we live in a college town) then us finding each other and basically being neighbors all along proves even more that we are each other’s unicorns!

One of my favorite life memories was getting to ride up in a Unicorn horse and carriage with my Dad before my walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams!  

Oh and then there was the time where my best friend’s husband created a huge unicorn graphic canvas with Grant’s face that was then signed by all of our wedding guests.  The “work of art” has its own special place in Grant’s man cave (yes, he is like so legit proud of it).  And currently, Grant and I are playing in a kickball league where our team name is the Unicorn Wranglers (because Grant’s softball team is the Dragon Wranglers).  Our team jerseys even have this art work on the front thanks to our super fun teammates lol.   So as you can tell, the unicorn is deeply rooted into mine and Grant’s marriage lol.

Beautiful photos below by our wedding photographers Luke and Cat.

And so now you know the reason I’m so obsessed with Unicorns!


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    Long Carly

    April 24, 2017

    Love it!