Introducing 6 Year Old Sadie to Her First Unicorn!

Hey y’all! So this will be a very different post than anything you’ve seen published from me thus far. For starters, I’m not even wearing makeup in these pictures or recap video at the end of this blog!

Now before I proceed, let me say that I don’t think all good deeds need to be published for credit. However, this little adventure was just too much fun and honestly was a breath of fresh air from all the middle of the week hustle and bustle. I had forgot just how good it feels to take a break and go make someone else’s day.

So Sadie is a friend of a friend’s little daughter. She loves all things pink, has been wearing a tiara almost since the day she was born, she believes in fairytales and of course that unicorns are real. I knew from the very first picture I ever received of Sadie that her and I were both derived from the same type of stone (obviously a jewl) because she was less than 2 years old in her car seat wearing a crown, a tutu and eating fruit loops on the way to day care! My kind of a little diva in the making!

Sadie wants to be a professional vlogger and have her own store when she grows up, too. So with the help of my sweet Southern Jewlz models Chloe Turner, we got to introduce Sadie to her first unicorn!

Sadie’s parents are realtors, so she thought she was riding along to show a house in the country. She was told there would be horses around and maybe she could ride one, so that’s where the hot pink jeans and flower cowgirl boots came from. Of course her tiara gets put on every day after school haha. But when Sadie showed up and saw just me standing to greet her, it was a different story! Chloe and Boomer (the unicorn) were tucked away in the barn. You’ll see below she was so excited even before knowing there was a suprise waiting for her.

So I gave Sadie a pair of unicorn earrings and then asked her to do an adventure video blog with me! She was a true champion for the camera!

So I apologize for no makeup on, but it had been a super busy work day where I kept running behind. I decided to embrace the adventure without getting all dressed up, and I thought that would even be good to share with each of you. Sometimes social media and beautiful images of others can make us feel less of ourselves. The truth it, life is a beautiful adventure to live. Sometimes the most meaningful moments and memories happen when we aren’t prepped for the camera, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be documented and shared in my opinion. So I hope you enjoy re-living the excitement that little Sadie had when she got to meet her first real life unicorn! Thank you so much again to Chloe for helping to make it all happen!

May we all stay young and happy enough in our hearts to never stop believing!


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    October 27, 2017

    This was the sweetest thing ever! Sadie was so excited she even said “I will never forget this day for the rest of my life” Thank you for making her magical day happen!!



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