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Living in Gratitude: Reasons I Am Appreciative for My Husband

So apparently a few days ago was #HusbandAppreciationDay on Social Media.  I missed the memo until I saw a post from my wedding planning team a day late lol.  Then I had 2 giveaway posts lined up yesterday, so instead of giving my husband a good ole #MCM crush on insta, I figured I would write a little blog listing some of the reasons why I am so appreciative of him.

The above photo is Grant’s favorite shot from our session we did during our time in Paris.  I did an entire blog overview on that trip and shared so many photos from that photo shoot.  You can read/see it all HERE.

He is the most supportive person in my life.  I take on lots of tasks, have been evolving my direction, and still struggle to slow down.  I am so grateful that my husband encourages and supports of all my projects, hopes and dreams for my personal life, career life, and our life together.  He will clear his evening to help me when needed or restructure his work day to deliver something I need.  I am so lucky for all of his SUPPORT!  In turn, I try to go to as many of his activities as possible to cheer him on!  Marriage is all about give and take!

He makes me laugh.  Grant has all kinds of silly voices and I love all of them (well, there’s one that I don’t love particularly when I’m stressed) because they make me laugh.  We have named most of his voices, so they are kind of like other people that show up occasionally within our relationship.  You can think it’s strange, but it keeps us laughing.  Whether I’m stressed, overwhelmed, or just enjoying time with my husband, his funny voices keep the mood so fun and entertaining.\

He is a man of his word.  If Grant says he’s going to do something, he doesn’t flake.  If he commits, he is going to follow through.  Living in a world where people can be less and less dependable, it’s wonderful to be married to a man who believes that his word is a direct reflection of his character.  I wish there were more people in the world who spoke more of the truth and viewed their words to be so powerful, but at least I married a man who is true to his word.

He is the one person that I want to do “nothing” with more than anybody else, even if this doesn’t get to happen to often.  In addition to all of our activities and travels, I love to have a lazy afternoon, take a long nap or sometimes I’ll sit in his man cave even though I have no idea about the football game, but I just want to be near him.  Bucky is usually almost always involved in these “do nothing” tasks too.

He goes all in on all that he does, and this means he also goes all in on the things I ask him to do for me.  For instance, Grant said if I got my CHL then we could get 2 baby pygmy goats for the backyard for Bucky.  After day one of talking about this, Grant already had he pen designed, the budget set and was all fully prepared for this addition to our life and our family.  I used to shake my head with how much Grant would go “all in” on some things, but I’m learning to appreciate this little quirk about him.  After all, it can have lots of benefits for me too!

He loves me for me!  He loves my energy and creativeness, even though it’s very different from his own.  He loves my hustle and the fact that I work hard to make my own way, rather than expecting someone else to do it for me.  He loves the fact that I’ve gotten really into fitness, however he fell in love with me when I was at my almost heaviest.  It’s not about just looks and physical attraction to Grant, he loves so much more about me.  Even my little quirks that can drive him crazy, I know he loves those too.  (Just maybe in smaller doses than others lol). I love Grant for all of the aspects that make him complete, too!

He holds me accountable and pushes me to be better.  Let me say this aspect of why I’m grateful for my husband isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  If I’m making up an excuse, he will call me on it.  He has helped me to realize so much about myself, and self awareness can be so hard to understand and accept.  But how wonderful to me married to a man who encourages me to constantly be a better person, a better wife, a better friend and a better business owner.  He is a wonderful leader to be the forefront of our marriage.

He cares so deeply about my feelings and how things will affect me.  Sometimes Grant will make some situations a little harder on himself in hopes that it makes them easier on me.  Whenever we communicate or even argue, Grant is so hesitant about the words he chooses because he doesn’t want to intentionally hurt my feelings.  I sometimes need to be more like him in this aspect.  He always thinks before he acts and has my best intentions at heart.  I want to be able to do the same for him in this aspect as the years go by.

He is willing to put in the hard work now at the beginning of our marriage to help make us victorious and incredibly strong couple for our lifetime.  The first year of marriage comes with so many changes in a person’s life.  Grant and I were each very strong and independent people developed in our own ways, but we have been working hard to adjust and to be wonderful spouses to each other.  It isn’t always easy, but it’s so wonderful to know someone is willing to put forth so much work for you!

He loves to eat healthy and cook.  This may seem a little silly to be a reason why I’m grateful for him, but with Grant loving to eat healthy, it makes it easier for me to do the same.  Grant loves home cooking, we love to cook together, and he (almost) always loved the new recipes I bring to life.  Even though he doesn’t like to go to the gym like me, he is still very active and takes great care of himself by doing so.  There have been so many times when I would say, “Do you know how hard it would be for me to be married to a man who only likes meat and potatoes?”  So our eating and cooking at home habits is something that I am grateful for.

He is so proud of me, and if you happen to ever have a conversation about “us” with him, he will tell you that.  I have had mutliple people that I don’t even know tell me how much Grant is so proud of me because has bragged on my fitness results to them, spoken highly about my relationship with Bucky, shown off my business projects or made someone look at our photos or even watch our wedding video.  When we got married, the pastor said he had never met a man who was so into “getting married and having countdown videos until the wedding” and I feel so loved knowing someone is so proud to call me theirs and to spend their life with me.  I remember seeing a friend’s of mine’s husband without her for the first time.  When I asked how she was, he popped out his phone and started showing me so many pictures and just boasting about her to me.  This was back when I was single and I remember thinking to myself, “That’s the kind of husband I want one day.”  Sometimes it really is surreal that I am married to such an incredible man.  He makes me want to always do things to make him proud.

He is the most punctual and dependable person I know.  This used to be one of the biggest stressors in our relationship, and it still isn’t a cakewalk area for us, but it is wonderful to know that Grant won’t ever make me late or be irresponsible on being prepared for any of our events.  Punctuality really does show a level of respect (Grant’s words) and I’m continuing to get better in this area.  He follows through with everything he says, and he does it in a timely manner.

He is proud to call himself my instagram husband.  Since the beginning of “us”, Grant has really opened up and been more present in my social media presence.  He will let me film and include him for my blog and influencing career.  He helps me so much on making this blog happen, and he allows me to publicly share so much about him and us.  How could I not be grateful???

If it wasn’t for Grant, I would have never met Bucky the Bulldog.  Now, I’m the mom to the cutest and sweetest miniature English bulldog around.  Bucky brings so much joy to our life, and I’m thankful that gaining 50% of him was gifted to me from Grant on our wedding weekend.  I take being Bucky’s mom very seriously because Grant loves him probably almost as much as he loves me.  I want Grant to feel I am the best bulldog mom in the whole world!

He really is my unicorn.  The fact that Grant lived just a few streets behind me for years before we ever even knew each other makes me remember the power of God and his timing.  Grant is so respectful of me, and I know he aims to be a wonderful husband and leader of our household.  He is a positive person who truly wants to see others succeed and do well, so I’m lucky to have a fellow cheerleader-type person as my soulmate.  No, he isn’t perfect and we still have our differences and are working through meshing our personalities and lives together, but he is the most perfect person for me to be married to.

I love my husband more and more as the time goes by.  I pray every night thanking God for putting him in my life and asking for us to have a long, healthy and happy marriage together!  Living in gratefulness is such a wonderful place to be.  Even amongst the fights, the disagreements, the miscommunications and the frustrations that our “differences” can present, I am so thankful to have him in my life.  I encourage each of you to tell your spouse or someone special in your life just “why” you appreciate them.  Even if they already know, it’s good for the soul to hear!  Have a wonderful evening everybody!



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    April 25, 2018

    Such a good blog! You should get Grant to write one about why he is grateful for you or his top 10 favorite things about you. It would be cool to see a blogging experience from a mans perspective!

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      April 25, 2018

      Omg what a great idea! I will mention it to him and if he wants to write one to share, I will have you to thank for the idea! I want all my blog content to make me grateful when I look back later in life! Thanks for following along!