Reasons to Dress up for College Game Day – SEC Style!

Hey y’all! I have to be honest that I feel very guilty for being in a dry office being able to get a little of my normal work done when so many have lost everything due to Hurricane Harvey. Continuous prayers and helpful efforts will be needed from so many to put back together the damage that is not even yet complete. My heart breaks for everyone involved. I know it’s only a small bit compared to what some are able to give, but 20% of all sales (not just proceeds or profits, ALL sales) will be donated towards Hurricane relief. Right now I am feeling I should give it to one of the small towns or communities on the outskirts of Houston that may not be getting as much help. Help is needed in so many areas! I am located 90 miles from Houston and have not personally been affected, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for many others. May God continue to look over and protect those in danger and bring all of us together in unity to help each other.

But in my normal life without the Hurricane, this weekend kicks off college football season. My husband and I will be traveling to LA for the first Aggie Football game and I love this time of year! I have worked super hard to put together a great collection at super budget friendly prices over at my boutique – Southern Jewlz. You can see our entire game day collection here. I am currently giving away one of my favorite styles to one lucky winner to be announced Sunday at kick off time. You can get entered by sharing this post on Facebook.

Remember we ship all orders for FREE over at SJ, however we are a few days backed up because of Hurricane Harvey. I have added tons of new styles to the sale collection (up to 80% off), and you can check that out here. There’s also a Southern Jewlz blog showcasing some style inspiration for game day season that you can see here.

Now for my look, this skirt is new at Southern Jewlz. I will say that I could actually get away wearing this to a game because we don’t tailgate anymore, we go straight to the club level. But if I were to be tailgating, there is nooooo way I could get away wearing a pair of heels. And this purse is too big to get into the stadium, but I still have one of the cutest clear ones in stock at SJ here. I’ve actually been carrying it around already, not even waiting for a game day because I like it so much. When it comes to dressing for game day season, I say be a little braver and bolder than you would normally think. I feel like since we joined the SEC, it is completely ok and actually more encouraged to be more dressed up. The later the season goes, you’ll see me wearing a maroon lip. During this shoot, it was still over 100 degrees and I had lots of blush looks to picture, but once it cools down I love a deep maroon lip for game day. Now my husband prefers the nude color whenever we kiss after touchdowns, so I usually meet him in the middle and wear his choice for half of the games!

I’m all about being the “too dressed up one” at events and football season is no different. As long as I don’t get put in a situation where my feet are going to hurt, I may not be able to walk, or I’m not super sweating or super shivering, then I’ll wear anything cute and even a little over the top! Life is too short not to in my eyes. Joining the SEC a few years ago truly elevated the way I dress for college game days and I love it!!!

I have to share with y’all that the first time Grant came over to my house, it was to watch a football game and we chatted to learn more about each other. He asked me if I liked football and I proclaimed “Yes!!!” and then followed that up with “for fashion and fellowship!” lol Anyways, football season is a big deal in our house because Grant is the biggest Texas A&M Football fan around, last year he had 9 of his own fantasy football leagues, and he built an entire man cave room for his football obsession in our house! We even have the same beautiful maroon granite from the Kyle Field renovation for the bar top and wet bar in his man cave – so you can see the obsession is serious. Needless to say, I don’t ask him to hop in SJ or blog pictures with me regularly, but I know if Aggie Football or Kyle Field is involved, then I can count on him to come ready and with a cheerful attitude!

Anyways, I will link the rest of my outfit below, but you can order the skirt here. (It’s only $40!)

You can grab the skirt (Only $40) here and the top is under $30, y’all! The rest of the outfit deetz below!

Praying everyone stays safe and dry through the end of Hurricane Harvey. May we all continue pray, help, donate and come together until there is one big beautiful rainbow glowing over a recovered South Texas.

Here are my favorite family pics from the Southern Jewlz game day shoot that I promised to share, too!