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How I Was able to Help A Business Grow 40%!

Hey everyone, I wanted to write a blog post to share how I’ve been able to help other businesses grow!  I love curating and building my community of readers and followers, but I also love helping others to grow their businesses!

If you’re an avid follower of mind, you’ll know I started my own business almost 10 years ago (Southern Jewlz Boutique – which just launched its 50% off end of Summer Sale!), and then I’ve also become the ambassador for a fitness program (which I have helped grow this company tremendously!).  I have really been diving into what makes me feel fulfilled as a human being, and helping others to achieve their own fitness and business goals is definitely something that makes me feel super valuable!

Since launching this blog, I have really focused on curating my own personal lifestyle brand, defining my own style, and engaging with my followers.  I have been very picky about which businesses I would work with and feature on my blog.  You see, I feel I’ve kind of been an influencer since before that was really “a thing”.  If you know me, I love to sing the praises and refer my friends to the businesses I believe in.  For instance, I have gone to the same hair salon for 10 years! My hairstylist (Erica at Catwalk Hair Studio) will tell you I have referred more clients to her than anyone else.  My real estate team of choice (The Cherry Ruffino Team) will tell you that I refer them to everyone I know who is looking for a realtor in town.  They have told me I am always near the top of their list of “referral clients”.  So I became an influencer to help out my own business, to create basically a new business of blogging and influencing AND to help other businesses grow!

I definately have a “Promoter” and “Cheerleader” type of personality, but I recently was texted by a business owner who I worked with to feature on my blog about her services along with a giveaway for my readers.  I almost couldn’t believe it when she told me that the month after my blog her profits grew 40% alone as compared to the month before!  All from clients who entrusted my recommendation and results to book with her! The business owner in me thought, “Wow, that is huge!” and the influencer in me felt very fulfilled to truly being able to help another business to grow!    I have helped them to grow far more than 40% 🙂

I figured I should share this on my blog for my other small business owner friends and followers.  Now I will continue to stay very strict on which businesses I choose to work with, but those that I believe in and do business with myself, match my personal brand and aesthetic have the best chance of getting to collaborate with me!  I’m not just looking to get something for free so I can post and show off about it.  No, I’m looking for long term relationships with businesses owners and organizations who really want to invest with me and vice versa!  I want to truly help in the marketing aspect long term rather than just a short term “popular” social media post.

Influencer marketing is such a valuable asset to businesses these days, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.  I love getting to come up with the creative content and contests to run to help another business and reward my readers!  No, I may not have a million followers on instagram, but I do know that I am proud micro-influencer who is making a real impact on real people and real businesses.  Plus, I really enjoy doing it!

If you or your company is interested in hearing more about how a collaboration with me would work, feel free to leave me a comment below or send me an email to randacarrabba@gmail.com.

In case you didn’t know, most bloggers only blog as a part time job as a side hustle.  Blogging takes a lot of consistent work and is not always just as “glamorous” as it looks, but there are so many valuable benefits to blogging!  If you are interested in starting or growing your own blog, you can also reach out to me as I would love to help you with your own business!  This blogging gig is starting to take over more and more of my time and I’m not complaining about all the opportunities it has brought my way.

I would like to end with a simple THANK YOU for following along here at RandaCarrabba.com.  I have some incredible things I am working on for the near future, and none of it would be possible without the support of each of YOU!

Now, go and shop my boutique site (Southern Jewlz) for 50% off!  I’m gonna go cuddle up with my husband and bulldog.  As you can tell, Bucky is ready to call it a day!