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Getting Healthy All The Way Around – Including my Skin! ($300 Giveaway!)

Hey everyone!  I’m sure by now you all know yesterday was my birthday and to help celebrate this week along with me hitting 20K followers on instagram (read that blog post HERE), I have been giving my readers a special giveaway every single day! My Total Nutrition Giveaway ($90 Value) winner was announced today (congrats Maeson Turner), but there’s still time to enter my Enchanted Rock Photo Shoot Giveaway ($650 Value) , my Southern Jewlz & Kopper Zinc Collab Giveaway ($240 Value) , and my Nordstrom $500 Gift Card Giveaway.

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Aggieland Aesthetics!  Becoming brave enough to share so much of my “makeup free” self is thanks to them!  Confidence really is one of the most attractive accessories you can wear!  I always work with Heather, who owns Aggieland Aesthetics.  I have hosted a giveaway with this company before and you can read the Micro Needle FAQ blog post from just a few weeks back HERE.  You can also read my entire skin care routine and favorite makeup products blog post HERE.

As I came close to approaching 30, I decided to put a much stronger emphasis on my skincare regiment.  Believe it or not, I would choose Health/Fitness and Skincare over Fashion and Makeup at this point in my life.  Gosh, that sounds so grown up and mature I can barely stand it haha!  But seriously, I am enjoying focusing on myself and becoming the healthiest and best version I can be on the inside out.  So that includes diet, exercise AND skin care maintenance for me! I mean I even gave up my eyelash extensions after almost 4 years so I could put that maintenance time and money into my skin.  I like things that will benefit me long term now more than ever!

I had already been using Obagi Skincare from Dr. Brown’s office (Kiki actually did my skincare consult there!), but I wanted to start getting more regular facials.  I started seeing Heather Cash (she is now owner of Aggieland Aesthetics) in February of 2017.  Her and I both really wish we had taken a before picture from the first day she worked with my skin because in just a year and a half she has my tone and texture the most even it’s ever been, my redness is far more limited, I have less breakouts, less fine lines, a more full look and far reduced pore size.  I did find a picture from early last summer (2017) to show y’all how bad I use to struggle with redness, breakouts and pore size.  Getting my skin in good shape has taken a lot of time, work, commitment and it does cost money.  I was willing to make the investment, especially since I facing the camera is such a big aspect of how I make my money!  I’m brave and transparent enough to share that photo with y’all below:

I would get a corrective facial once a month from her and I did this up until last November when I started incorporating micro needling to my maintenance program.  I choose Heather because she is a licensed medical esthetician and is beyond passionate about skincare and helping her clients look and feel their best.  She is a results driven esthetician and that’s my favorite kind!  I don’t want to go just enjoy a relaxing facial for an hour once a week, I want to get my skin corrected and see results!  Everyone of her corrective facials is customized to each individual client based upon what facial issues need to be addressed.  Thus, a corrective facial is not a one size fits all.  Heather also keeps my serum regiment on point and helps with my home care routine in addition to the Obagi skincare line that I’ve been using for almost 3 years now!

At Aggieland Aesthetics, you can purchase a VIP membership for $95 a month.  This includes one corrective facial and an additional 10% off additional services and product!  So it’s really a way to get some extra savings on the home care routine products she would recommend you purchasing from her.  Speaking from personal experience, it takes BOTH seeing Heather and me doing my home care routine religiously at home to have gotten my skin in the best shape that it’s currently in!  So if you are interested in seeing Heather for a corrective facial, I highly recommend becoming a VIP member.  I am such an advocate of Aggieland Aesthetics that I am so excited to say we have partnered up to offer another one of my readers a fabulous giveaway!  Heather has gifted me a 3 month VIP membership to give away to one of my readers!  How incredible is that!?

See some photos I took just today to show y’all my skin below.  Please excuse the fact that I’m missing 3 finger nails…lol. I’ve been a little busy and haven’t had the extra time to go get my nails done in the past few weeks.

To Enter The $300 VIP 3 Month Membership at Aggieland Aesthetics, you must to the following:

  1. Be sure that you’re following myself (@randacarrabba) and @aggielandaesthetics on instagram.  Ladies, we check.  The first girl I chose to be the Total Nutrition Giveaway Winner today actually WAS NOT following me on instagram, so I had to draw again.  Be sure you don’t make this mistake on entering this giveaway!
  2. Be sure to like my instagram post that announced this giveaway blog AND tag 2 friends in the comments.
  3. Lastly, I ask that you screen shot ANY of mine OR Aggieland Aesthetic’s instagram posts and SHARE on your instagram story.  You have to be sure to tag BOTH of us (@randacarrabba and @aggielandaesthetics) so that we see you did this requirement.

Winner will be named Sunday July 15 at 8pm CST on both mine and Aggieland Aesthetics instagram stories.  Good luck to everyone who enters and stay tuned for more giveaways coming at ya the next few days!

Thank you Heather for allowing me this gift to share with my incredible and loyal readers!






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    July 11, 2018

    I’ve so enjoyed watching both ur skincare and fitness journey. So inspiring! I love skincare and have been so interested in products and treatments u do. Thank u for sharing and for doing such a great giveaway! Congrats on 20k Too!!