Get Blogger Worthy iPhone Photos! Sharing My Fave Editing App!

Hey y’all!

So I’m working on my a blog overview post from our 1 year anniversary trip to Cabo from last month.  I’ve got quite a bit of content to compile into one post, and I just now started writing it all today.  In case you didn’t know, I opened a new storefront location for Southern Jewlz Boutique inside of the new Beauty Market in College Station.  That project has kept me pretty busy, so I apologize that I have only been blogging 1-2 times a week since then.  You can read all about the SJ storefront collaboration here.

I also named by Staycation giveaway winner with The George Hotel and Poppy Restaurant yesterday evening on my insta story.  Congrats to Katie Hollis and thank you to everyone who entered.

I wanted to share my current favorite iPhone Photo Editing App that I’ve been using the past couple of months.  It’s called A Color Story.  Once I launched my blog last April, it took me a little bit to really gather the look and aesthetic feel I would want all my photos to have.  I’m not one of those bloggers where my feed has to look absolutely perfect at all times.  There is a thing called life, and it happens a lot.  There is so much about my “life and style ie lifestyle” that I want to share.  I would never not want to share some of my most favorite memories or moments because it doesn’t “fit or match my feed.”  However, over time I have developed a very bright and airy look with a blush overlay.  Whites, neutrals and blushes are my favorite go-to colors to wear and style with, so this only made sense to fit my personal brand aesthetics.  Now I still post photos that have greens and blues and blacks, I just aim to make sure there is lots of light and white tones highlighted in every picture and then I add a blush colored filter to complete the cherry on top.

If a photo isn’t shot in natural day light, I like to run it through Adobe’s Lightroom editing software to try to make it look brighter.  My favorite photos to take are ones in the natural daylight right before sunset, but let’s be real and accept that I’m not instagram worthy every single day for the “perfect” photo to happen.  I also have really tried to give my husband a break and not do too many “photo shoots” during the golden hour sunlight, because again we do have a normal life to live.

Whenever I first downloaded A Color Story, I only used the filter packages that came free with the app.  These are titled Essentials and Good Vibes and they have some great preset filters to offer.  I did take the plunge and spent the extra $1.99 to buy the Blush Filter Presets and I currently use “Breezy” on all of my instagram photos.  Whenever you edit with A Color Story and apply a filter, it will automatically add that filter 100%, but I always drag the amount of filter down to about half way or so.  I also really like the “Film Camera” filtered overlay, but it’s just not quite as much of my personal style.

I will show you below the photo that my husband took before we left to devour some crawfish.  This was taken on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Here is during the editing process with color story.  I am drawing around the bar that allows you to add more of the filter or less of the filter, so you understand what I was previously talking about.  Again, I normally only apply half of it to my photos because I feel it keeps them looking just a little crisper.

Here is the final product that you will see this evening as my latest instagram post:

I truly believe you can blog without having to buy the top of the line camera equipment at the beginning.  I know lots of bloggers who primarily use their iPhone for their “instagram worthy” photos.  I do use a small digital camera and my big Canon Southern Jewlz camera for a lot of my blog content, but if you’re just getting started or want to freshen up your instagram, I suggest focusing on improving your editing skills.  Now you know the way that I edit mine!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and get ready for my Cabo overview blog post coming soon!




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    February 8, 2019

    Awesome website you got Randa. Just downloaded a color story and bought the same filter. Hope it makes my photos pop like yours.

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    ann maria

    June 4, 2019

    Thank you so much for posting this important information. This is great.



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