FAST Track to FIT Announcement & Hot Pink Legging Giveaway!

Happy Friday everybody!  I don’t know about you, but I am so glad it’s the end of the week.  I mean I still have a lot of work to get done over this weekend, but there’s something about that Friday feeling that makes it all feel a little more stress free!

I have two very informative and important announcements to make about the FAST Track to Fit program!

1. We will be offering more frequent FTTF programs.

Instead of waiting to start a new program for all of you ladies every 6 weeks, we are now going to be starting a new program every 3-4 weeks.  This change happened due to us listening to all of your requests.  Once we got a new group started on our prep week & 6 week journey, we would have new ladies who would want to join in after prep week, but didn’t want to wait an entire 6 weeks to get started on a new round.  So Lindsay (my fitness coach and the founder of FTTF) and I had a brainstorming phone call about a week ago and decided to have 2 groups going at a given time, but those would be overlapping in time frame.  This way whenever someone signs up, the longest they will have to wait to start will be about 3 weeks!  Don’t worry, it won’t take anything away from the groups who are 3-4 weeks into their program.  Lindsay is having many veterans step up and take on responsibility roles to help keep our group engagement and check-ins going strong!  This is the part of the program that I feel is what truly allows women to stay committed and to see results!

With that being said, the next round of FAST Track to Fit will start closer to the beginning of August rather than the end.  Prep week will kick off on August 6 and the official start date of week 1 will be August 13!  You can get registered HERE or learn more about the program on Lindsay’s site HERE.  Remember I’ve written a lot of previous blog posts on this program, and you can find them HERE.

2. Early Bird Pricing will Stay the Same while Late Registrants will Have an Increased Price.

Another change that we will be implementing to FAST Track to Fit is the price will be raised the week before prep week kicks off.  So if you register for the next round before August 1, you will still get the $199 price for 7 weeks of nutritional strategy, written workouts and an online accountability group.  Those that wait until August 1 and sign up that last week will have to pay a new increased price of $249.  To be honest, so many women wait until the very last day and send us messages wanting to join in after we are full or already started.  This creates so much more work and more stress for us.  When prep week kicks off, we are ready to give our time and energy to the paid members and those that are starting prep week, continuing their FTTF journey, or even those who have advanced to the VIP program.  Trying to add people in to the email chains and facebook group at the last minute just isn’t ideal, so we had to do something to encourage our members to give us a little wiggle room and to not wait until the last week to register.  We will also be adding in a laser coaching session during each 6 week program and we are adding in a gym meet up as a group (where we will workout together, get to meet and greet and even enjoy breaking our fasts together) starting in August.  We are loving evolving for the betterment of the FTTF program and tribe!  We want to do all we can to continue to grow and manage the back end of the business while also helping to teach women the why behind what it takes to be healthy while getting in shape!

Below is a video I took of myself this week during one of my FAST Track to Fit VIP workouts!  Once you go through 2-3 rounds with Lindsay’s regular FAST Track to Fit, you then become eligible for VIP.  This is a monthly program that is under $100 and the workouts and nutritional strategies are more advanced.

I weighed myself today at Total Nutrition and found out I am down to 17.3% body fat!  My BMR is up to 1485, which means if I was to wake up and lay on the couch all day long, my body would burn 1485 calories! That is an all new goal for me and it’s allowing me to be able to eat and burn more calories each day!  Learn how you can get a FREE professional body composition analysis done at Total Nutrition HERE.  If you mention my name at checkout, you can get 30% off your purchase.  This is valid right now only in the College Station and Waco stores, but hopefully soon it will be valid at more of their 200 locations!  If you live out of town, you can call one of these stores and place your order over the phone and they will ship it to you for FREE!  I am working hard to build relationships with brands and businesses that I use to help me reach my fitness goals, so that I can share those with each of you for more encouragement and help!


Chance to win a pair of these Zyia Activewear Leggings in Hot Pink! ($59 Value!)  They are one of my favorite pair of leggings to work out in!

To enter:

  1. You must be following myself (@randacarrabba), my fitness coach (@lindsayrenefitness) and @fasttracktofit on instagram.  (We check!)
  2. You must like my instagram post that announced this blog post AND tag 2 friends in the comments.
  3. Screen shot ANY post from any of our instagram pages (@randacarrabba, @lindsayrenefitness or @fasttracktofit) and share in your instagram story.  You must tag us so we can see you did this step!


Winner will be announced Wednesday July 25 because on Wednesdays we work out in Pink!!!  You can purchase these leggings HERE and they also come in a bright turquoise! If I have you convinced to join us on the next round of FAST Track to Fit, you can get registered HERE. Prep week starts August 6 and if you register before August 1, you still get the $199 pricing!  After that, it will become $249!  If you’re currently in a FTTF round and will want to continue, you can register at whatever time you want, but you won’t start another round until your current round is complete.  Hope that makes sense to everyone!

Cheers to the weekend babes!














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    Kristin Northcutt

    July 20, 2018

    Hey Randa!! What an awesome giveaway ~ I love my pink leggings. I am currently enrolled in the FTTF Summer program going on right now and it is amazing!! Thank you for your positive posts, recommendations and helpful tips. Can’t wait for the next round of FTTF!!

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      July 20, 2018

      I am so glad you are loving the program! Cheers to a successful journey! I love this lifestyle so much better than any fad diet out there! xo

  2. Reply


    July 25, 2018

    Ahhh so excited!! I’ve been wanting this pair for soooo long!