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Current Life Update – Managing Being a Wife, Bulldog Mom, Blogger & Boutique Owner

The picture above is from our trip we took in February to Cabo for our 1 year wedding anniversary.  You can see the blog overview blog here, which has this dress details listed!

Goodness, these past 2 weeks have been crazy busy!  Like way busier than normal!  So I figured I would give everyone just a life update blog to let you see a little more glimpse into my true life and lifestyle.  Sometimes all the beautiful pictures can make it look and seem so easy and glamorous.

So last Thursday was my first ever professional fitness photo shoot.  I worked with GT Studios and Versy Picone, and we all truly made the dream team.  However, leading up to this I was on a much stricter diet than usual for the 10 days before.  I was also working out 2x a day instead of just once a day, that way I could really push and have my best results for the shoot.  I have seen a few of the photos and they are absolutely incredible.  I am beyond pleased with the results I got from the fitness program.  I started this program 12 weeks before the photo shoot, and I know I could not have reached these results all on my own.  I felt so much support from my husband, my coach, everybody else in the fitness program, as well as all of my blog and social media followers.  For that I want to say a big Thank You!!!  We are actually going to try to get my transformation journey and this photo shoot published, so I won’t be sharing these pics for a little while.  We will have a better chance at getting published if these images are something new to release to the public, rather than something that has been floating around on the internet.  So fingers crossed I can write a really good story this weekend and we can make this happen.  The photographers, make up artist, and fitness program would all get wonderful recognition that they deserve!  Once I find out if this shoot and story will or will not be published, I can then post the photos!  They will be well worth the wait, I promise!

First thing I ate to break my 30 hour fast after the shoot was the California club flatbread pizza with extra ranch from BJ’s!

This past weekend after the fitness shoot, I cheated on my diet all weekend long.  I took Friday off from working out, but then I ran a 5k on Saturday and had a leg day on Sunday.  By the time Monday came, I was so full of sugar and ready to get going on my 3rd round of the program.  I have almost 30 friends/followers doing it with me, and after week 1 they are still super engaged and pushing right along!  I recently blogged my Top Reasons Why I Enjoy this Program, in case you missed that post.  The next 6 week round starts the middle of May!

I splurged at the cutest new candy store in CS! I will be sharing a full blog post over this place soon!

All of this was happening on top of running the Southern Jewlz online store and continuing to make my set up at The Beauty Market better and better.  the owner of The Beauty Market, Nikki Dawson, is so wonderful to work with.  We hosted our first event the week before my fitness shoot, so we have all been super busy.  I have a new employee named Christa and she is so sweet, selfless and great with customer service.  I’ve been at a growing pain stage with my company and needed some extra help to make the service better and faster for my customers.  I have been bringing in more high end swim wear to the Beauty Market and also lots of casual, solid and basics that can be super versatile for my client’s looks and lifestyles.  If you haven’t been by to see yet, The Beauty Market is located at 340 George Bush Drive in College Station.  I don’t have my sign outside just yet, but hopefully that will be a focus for next week!

My blog is continuing to grow and my followers/readers are becoming more engaged with me!  I am starting to even meet multiple followers in real life, which is equally as exciting.  I really do love sharing my life even though it does create a lot more work for me!   I still run my blog and all of my social media all by myself.  Grant (my wonderful husband) has really stepped up and has gotten a lot better and a lot more interested in photography, which helps me to be able to share more with each of you!  Grant came to my fitness shoot, then on Monday when I had a super busy day at work I came home to a healthy dinner and meal prep for the week done by Grant and he took my photos for my Shop Luba blog post!  He had a hockey game that Monday night at 9:45pm.  I wanted to go to bed early, especially since it was the beginning of the week, but Grant has been doing so much to support me in all of my endeavors, so I want to do the same for him.  I also went hunting with him Tuesday night after work and surprised him with Bucky at his softball game last night at 9:15 after a 12 hour day at work.  A great marriage takes a lot of work and sacrifices on both sides, and I’ve learned that means going to support my hubby’s activities when I would rather get caught up on work, bulldog cuddles or sleep.  On Wednesday, we went and were the Bride and Groom models at the last ever Life and Craft Workshop hosted by my dear friends and wedding photographers Luke and Cat Neumayr.  When we got asked, I said we may be a washed up bride and groom who is past our time, but we decided to give it another go.  I truly love photo shoots that Grant and I get to do together.  He is so sweet and good at them and has the sweetest little love smirk on his face.  Times like this really make us “stargaze” into each other’s eyes as I say and get away from the rest of the world.  I love photos (in case you couldn’t already tell) and I can’t wait to have so many to tell mine and Grant’s love story to relatives whenever we are an old couple.

Yesterday I went LIVE on KBTX news with Lina Lawson to help promote the Shop Luba Event I’m helping host at The George next Thursday.  You can see a video clip below:

This weekend is Parent’s Weekend in College Station, so I am busy with helping Southern Jewlz customers and I am so excited to say that I HAVE NO PLANS THIS EVENING AFTER WORK!!! I have to work tomorrow 10-2 and then go see my friend and SJ model Breanna Skhrhak get her Aggie Ring (Whoop!) and for the rest of the weekend Grant and I are going to have lazy time with Bucky!

Bucky has been super sore and slow lately because he had to get some warts cut off, which required stitches.  He also had his bunnies taken away because apparently dogs love to eat bunny poop, which isn’t good for them.  All 6 bunnies now have a wonderful new home and Grant and I have decided to get Bucky an outdoor pet to help give him more energy, playtime and to help extend his life since he is almost 12.  I can’t wait to get Bucky 2 Pygmy Goats!  We are going to build a pen and have a boy and a girl in the backyard for him.  We live on over an acre, so we are totally allowed to have this in our backyard.  I told Grant whenever I get time away from all the hustle and bustle or anytime that I feel stressed, he can find me disconnected playing in the backyard with Bucky and the Goats lol.  Of course I will let y’all help me name them once we actually get them.  Grant is already planning our Christmas card to include Bucky and the goats haha.

Anyways, there’s an update on our wild and crazy life.  It has been full forced, but all in good ways.  And now I’m so close to getting some R&R with my boys!  I am beyond exhausted and barely even had energy for the gym this morning, but I’m trucking along all the way to the finish line.  My email inbox is out of control as well as all of my phone notifications.  If I haven’t responded to one of your messages or requests, I should get all caught up and back to normal by next week!

Thank you all for being the best followers and readers around!  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!