Chocolate Lovers Protein Desserts!

Hey everyone!  I have been getting a lot more food requests, so I am excited to share this blog post.  It’s actually inspired by my husband (who loves chocolate) because I love finding new ways to create yummy chocolate desserts that are super high in protein!  This post is brought to you by Nutrient Foods with also some additional products from Total Nutrition and Kroger!

Y’all know I have blogged about Nutrient Foods once before!  I love how nutrient dense their products are!  I focus a lot on my macro nutrient intake, but it’s also important to get good micro nutrients in your diet too!  Nutrient Foods actually also have some yummy noodle flavors that Grant loves too, so I highly recommend those if you’re not a chocolate lover.  The chocolate cereal is one of my all time favorite products that they carry.  I have enjoyed the Granola flavored nutrient bar, but also decided to purchase chocolate chip and peanut butter!  Grant and I like both of these, but I probably lean more towards the peanut butter!

Here is an up close of the chocolate cereal.  I actually like to eat mine with the chocolate carb master Kroger Brand protein milk.  Grant and I use this in any of our chocolate flavored protein shakes now, too!  You’ll see a photo of it below!

Here are some fresh strawberries that I dipped in a chocolate protein paste.  Yup, just protein powder and a minimal amount of water mixed together into a paste-like form.  I then dip the strawberries and let them set in the fridge for 30 minutes or so.  These are probably Grant’s least favorite of the blog, but I personally love them!  You’ll see a photo of the protein powder I used below!

Here are some yummy chocolate protein pancakes.  You may remember my youtube video where I showed you how to make strawberry protein pancakes, well this is the same exact concept except with protein powder.

Here are all the ingredients I used to make these pancakes.  I use the same amount of pancake mix that I do with protein powder and just mix with water!

This is possibly one of my husband’s favorite chocolate protein desserts I make.  It’ just sugar free chocolate pudding mixed with the chocolate protein milk, and I also add one small scoop of collagen peptides.  You’ll want to be sure to stir a little longer than normal if you add the collagen.  I then just top it with sugar free cool whip and a few strawberries!

Here is the chocolate protein carb master milk I am always speaking of.  I also really love the vanilla flavor, too.  I’ve only been able to find it at Kroger.

Let’s talk about the Nutrient Brain Shake.  I am all about brain health (which is one of the reasons I work out so much), so I couldn’t wait to try this.  I just mix it in the blender with either water, the chocolate protein milk, or half and half.  I usually add in a little protein powder just to get more calories and protein in because I am currently eating around 2,000 calories a day!  I have gained so much lean muscle that my body is really a calorie fueled machine these days!  The next round officially starts next Monday, September 3.

Here’s what it looks like with a scoop of protein powder and a packet of the brain shake!  Again, I like to mix mine half with water and half with the chocolate carb master protein milk from Kroger!

Now let’s talk about this chocolate crepe!  A crepe is basically a really thin pancake, so I just make the batter far thinner with more water.  I then fill this with sugar free cool whip and strawberries.  Drizzled on top with sugar free syrup and more chocolate protein paste.  Decorated with more cream and strawberries – this is so yummy!  My chocolate protein powder is from Total Nutrition.

Here’s a spread of everything!  The chocolate chip and peanut butter protein power bars, the chocolate cereal, and brain shake all from Nutrient Foods.  Then I also added in chocolate putting, chocolate pancakes, chocolate cream and chocolate covered protein strawberries!

Nutrient Foods is allowing another 100 of my readers a free $25 snack pack!  You can get yours ordered HERE and be sure to use code “Randa” to get the $25 dedication (100% discount) at checkout.  You can also read more about the ingredients and nutritional content on all of their products on their website HERE.

Let me know if you want to see more food content blogs or videos so I can keep doing my best to serve each of you!

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